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Australia's Victoria to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

Australia's Victoria to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions

7/27/2021 5:10:00 AM

Australia's Victoria to ease COVID -19 lockdown restrictions

Australia's Victoria state will begin easing its COVID -19 lockdown restrictions as planned from Tuesday night, Premier Daniel Andrews said, after the state reported fewer new cases.

Victoria detected 10 new local cases, down from 11 a day earlier, with all infections linked to the latest outbreak and in quarantine throughout their infectious period.Reporting by Renju Jose; Editing by Tom HogueOur Standards:More from ReutersSign up for our newsletter

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COVID-19 cases ease in Australia's Victoria as lockdown decisions loomAustralia's Victoria state looks set to come out of a hard COVID -19 lockdown as planned on Tuesday after reporting fewer new cases, while neighbouring New South Wales rushed to trace thousands after detecting fresh virus clusters. Fake virus You mean. As PCR tests are discontinued?

U.S. travel restrictions to stay in place, citizens advised to avoid trips to UKThe announcement that the U.S. will keep the restrictions in place coincides with rising cases in the U.S. caused by the COVID -19 Delta variant. The infection rate in the US is rocketing up (84k yesterday) while its dropping in the UK. Why are we letting travellers in from the US? The vaccine does not stop you from contracting the virus and carrying it. Same stupid mistakes over again.

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Masks Mandates Are Making a ComebackThe Delta variant is “one of the most aggressive and infectious respiratory diseases known,' one official said. Very good idea as long as the mandates are only for the unvaccinated Blah blah blah, I prefer the Lambda variant

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