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Australia's Melbourne to begin COVID-19 lockdown Friday night -ABC

Australia's Melbourne to begin COVID-19 lockdown Friday night -ABC

7/15/2021 10:35:00 AM

Australia's Melbourne to begin COVID -19 lockdown Friday night -ABC

Australia's second most populous city of Melbourne will enter a snap lockdown from midnight on Friday to rein in a growing outbreak of COVID -19 infections, the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC) said.

Melbourne is the capital of the southeastern state of Victoria, which is looking to stamp out new infections after an infectious team of furniture movers from Sydney, in New South Wales, visited both states for work.Reporting by Renju Jose; Editing by Clarence Fernandez

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Crippling Victoria to eradicate COVID. This is with us for life. MoveOn 😕

Are Latent Viruses Causing Long Covid-19 Symptoms? Patient Groups Push for TestingMore long Covid-19 patients are pushing to investigate what they believe is fueling some of their debilitating long-term symptoms: dormant viruses that have been reactivated by Covid-19. Yep. Clever design And for doggos as well 🇺🇲🇧🇷Trump and Bolsonaro are the best presidents in the world, both fighting for the freedom and democracy of their people. Electoral fraud took away Trump, here in Brazil the left set up the Judiciary (STF) and there is an electoral fraud ready for 2022.

The President Gets to Meet Olivia Rodrigocause all I ever wanted was *for you to get vaccinated* cause you said forever now I sniff alone past your feet

Covid-19 variant surges in NevadaNevada's Covid-19 test positivity rate nearly tripled in a month, the state's Dept. of Health and Human Services report.

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COVID-19 Case Counts Rising in 46 States COVID -19 case counts are rising in nearly all states, according to the latest estimates.

Coronavirus Today: Where are the COVID-19 treatments?Where are the medicines to make people with COVID -19 better? Its Simple IV Form Vitamins B, C & D mixed with Remdesivir . & Drink Ginger Root Teas . Clean out ur Toilets , Sinks Floors with Bleach Wear Ur Masks it Airborne God Bless & God Heal our Lands & Peoples