At Least Someone Has Work-Life Balance

The prime minister of Finland missed a text telling her to quarantine because she was out clubbing

12/9/2021 3:49:00 AM

The prime minister of Finland missed a text telling her to quarantine because she was out clubbing

The prime minister of Finland missed a text telling her to quarantine because she was out clubbing.

After taking a COVID test the next morning, which came back negative, Marin told reporters that her secretary of state had let her know her foreign minister had COVID and said she didn’t need to quarantine because she was fully vaccinated — instructions that match Finland’s national COVID guidelines. Apparently, someone later sent a text to her work phone telling her she should actually avoid social contact, which she missed because she was at a club in Helsinki until 4 a.m. To which I say, respect.

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Marin immediately came under fire for the mishap and posted an apology on Facebook for “not understanding that I needed to do that.” But frankly, this seems like the result of some confusing COVID-19 guidance and her own healthy work-life boundaries. Who brings their work phone out clubbing?

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Finland is real? And they have a PM?! That’s a party animal?! This is literally like live action shriek lol tell me tht ain’t Fiona I’m sorry

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