At Least 8 Secret Service Agents Stuck İn Phoenix With Coronavirus After Pence Trip - Cnnpolitics

At Least 8 Secret Service Agents Stuck İn Phoenix With Coronavirus After Pence Trip - Cnnpolitics

At least 8 Secret Service agents stuck in Phoenix with coronavirus after Pence trip

At least 8 Secret Service agents remain in Phoenix after coming down with coronavirus while preparing for a visit by VP Mike Pence, sources say

7/4/2020 1:33:00 AM

At least 8 Secret Service agents remain in Phoenix after coming down with coronavirus while preparing for a visit by VP Mike Pence, sources say

At least eight Secret Service agents are currently holed up in a hotel in Phoenix, some suffering the flu-like coronavirus symptoms after coming down with the disease while preparing for a visit by Vice President Mike Pence, two people familiar with the matter say.

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Gee.....I wonder if Trump needs 8 room mates for awhile. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Fuckinggggg liessssss VP Putz is now wearing a mask ... Mexico did put up a wall! Too funny. Fakedemic Amazing how massive often violent protests get 0 reporting, but a civilized event hosted by a truly decent man gets your typical nonsense.

Meanwhile, as CNN is obsessed with a Trump rally... we have thousands every night protesting... to bad those agents dont get the same protection and concideration when dealing with Covid 19 as there charges do , just shows how much trump cares for the real working man even when there job is protecting him !!!

And they’ll be fine. We’re going to reach herd immunity soon. Why do leftists squeal like pigs Killer Good Fake news CNN you’re the only cable news announcing ‘breaking stories’ of persons coming down w/coronavirus - Too little, too late ! How many lib protesters came down w covid? Like they’re in quarantine or something Damned if they leave, damned if they stay......

Coronavirus...same virus as the common cold. Okay Trump get a clue. . . Wearing masks should be mandated for all Americans. Stop the stupid campaigning. Show that you are more conerned for citizen's health then getting reelected! Ok CNN...only one had tested positive!! Get your shit right!!!! This administration is a fu****g disaster

AntiTrumpReport I'm so sad to hear this. Trump is putting good people into harm's way. TrumpResignNow Just spoke to covid-19 HQ. They don't give a rat's patoot about your constitution, its amendments, or your boredom. All troops mutating to 'G' serotype which is 3 to 9 times more infective. Good luck!!

And they will be just fine. Bla bla bla panic bla bla panic bla bla CNN PIECE OF SHIT DONALD TRUMP BEST PRESIDENT EVER WWG1WGA MAGA I still don’t know anyone that had it. My wife and son both been tested and came back negative How many have been tested from the riots? Asking for a friend. You people are pathetic.

Oh NOW this fool wants to wear a mask 🙄 The president should be in a hospital for mental people he is dangerous your letting him get away with murder and it seams like no one cares if you want to kill us start the furnace that what I feel like we are just a fucking vote to him Shameless hench man, you got the very oeople protecting you got infected and you do not have the decency to openly defy the sob in wh and suggest to WEAR THE DSMN MASK

Take them wth you! We don't want them! Hm I wonder how this will turn out Idiots, the lot of them kbohls Oh no. Sniffles for two days. GTFO And NONE of them will die of it. Who cares. It’s the flu Folks get ready for the shit to hit the fan. These people give zero shits about us, all they care about is the market which will adjust itself, and won't be good and getting re elected to have a great time at tax payers expense and disappear. Sad as Fk

We don’t want them in our state How’d they get a hoax I truly hope they recover. Pence should be held responsible. Don't worry, Pence has the cure You point is Your administration is to blame for the further spread of this virus Why do they even work for these morons? A new comedy coming from Fox - Stuck in Phoenix.

The lack of common sense is astounding in some American people. Science 🧬 is common sense applied. I am not sure of what is the greatest threat to the US and the world . Trump or the virus. Terrible Donnie and Mikey are out to annihilate us one happy trip at a time. One Secret Service member, staffer, supporter and every other American at a time. Bet they want the Rose Garden to themselves for a mutual admiration moment. No one else would attend.

The sad part is these agents risk their lives every day. And the thanks they get is a virus that 1) SUCKS and 2) endangers the lives of their family and friends. They getting paid to have it, so why should we care ?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!! I call BS! Where is the proof? People are also starting to show flu like symptoms from wearing masks for long periods of time.

And then they lied and said they were cancelling his two trips due to an abundance of caution. Liars about everything. Come out and celebrate the Forth of July and take the Coronavirus back home to your love ones! No social distancing! No mask required ! Come out hold hands, hug, kiss, talk to new friends closely! Then go home and spread the infection! Make America Great Again by killing off

Pence why are you putting your Secret Servicemen in more danger thanks needed. Wake the HELL up or that’s where you’re headed. Come on, pass it on to the big orange guy so he can be stifled!! So SAD 😭. The poor Secret Service. They are putting their lives on the line to, protect the V.P. in Phoenix prior to his arrival. Now they are left in Phoenix with a positive Covid tests. Remind you of anything else? Secret Service in Tulsa, for Trump rally, Covid positive.

America First... hahaha ! Mike. Pence. Sucks. VP Was this why Pence decided mask were necessary? Good job Arizona Tell pence I hope they have enough beds to treat those agents. Contact tracing could help. there are already 131000 deaths and you tell in the news it are 129.000 deaths ? This what you voted for.

POTUS and VP, the two Idiots in Chief, are sacrificing SS agents like there’s an infinite supply. It’s probably safer being Kim Jong Un’s taste tester. They should just go back to the trumpbunker and stay there. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... nobody coulda seen it coming? How many people at CNN have got it? Yeah you don't have the sack release that

Bet that Pency has 'rona now. I thought Covid was a liberal hoax?!? Why are we trusting anybody who works for trump..surgeon general want even say its unsafe to be in a large crowd without a mask for fear of being fired by his president..cant trust none of them..not fauci none of them.They all fear trump..

CNN HATES PRAYER Does anyone think Trump or Pence GAF about these great men stuck after being put in harms way by the asinine rally ? They spreading the virus and are pride about it The country needs 2 people to get sick. anyone guess which 2? Nine Secret Service men came down with STD's under Obama when they traveled to France & other European countries.

American President and Vice President of STUPIDITY! New norm for those white Americans who support Donald Trump. Attend The Coronavirus Death Rallies! Sponsored bye the Trump campaign! Well the 2nd biggest Jack Ass we have is now wearing a MASK. Only because HE'S just thinking of HIMSELF for MOTIVATION. He folks don't forget also said the TRUMP VIRUS was UNDER CONTROL. 129,000 dead over 2.7 million with the VIRUS. Horrible people just Horrible. Also FAKE VP

We don’t have leaders in this country, we have losers... wear a mask This is terrible. More lies. CoronavirusHoax There’s one thing about taking it for the team but another thing for stupid reasons As far as this administration goes, we are expendable ppl

Pence's Arizona Trip Was Delayed After Secret Service Agents Contracted Virus: ReportsThe vice president's visit was put off by a day when agents started displaying symptoms of COVID-19. The Huff Post Editorial Board Very Karen - ish Don't worry. Pence is OK. He did see the virgin mary mid-flight. Sorry, that's wrong. That was something to do about Bill Barr, Jeffery Epstein, and Alan Dershowitz.

Mike Pence delayed a campaign event in Arizona after at least 8 Secret Service agents tested positive for the coronavirus while preparing for the tripThe vice president was scheduled to fly to Arizona on Tuesday to speak with local officials, but the trip was pushed by a day. Yahoo let the lemmings die?

Justices keep hold on secret Russia investigation materialWASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is denying Congress access to secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation through the November election. The... The round table decides: 'Let's split it, we give you DACA and LGBTQ+ and you give us Mueller's finding and Trump's taxes.' So wait for Trump's taxes in favor of the GOP to be decided shortly. What did you expect the illigitimate Roberts court to do? Further evidence that the Russia investigation is not about a hoax.

Justices keep hold on secret Russia investigation materialSupreme Court agrees to hear arguments over secret grand jury testimony from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation, keeping documents out of congressional hands at least until case is resolved, which is not likely to happen before 2021. SCOTUS opts to punt. Translation: until Trump loses

Supreme Court to decide if Congress can get secret Russia grand jury materialsA House committee controlled by Democrats wants to see secret documents that it says could lead to another impeachment inquiry. You know the secret materials are absolutely devastating to Trump. Why else would Barr and Trump take this all the way to the SCOTUS Watch full video off black racist women harassing a white woman to a extent she had to take her gun out This is what BLM people are encouraging Now who's the racist Keeping my fingers crossed till they hurt that scotus will vote for the ppl and not agent orange!