As 18- to 29-year-olds move back in with family during the pandemic, America is experiencing a profound sociological and economic shift

'I had two roommates. Now, I still have two roommates — they're just my parents.'

9/17/2020 6:20:00 AM

52% of people ages 18-29 are now living with their parents due to the pandemic, according to Pew.

'I had two roommates. Now, I still have two roommates — they're just my parents.'

"He has stayed home and away from his friends this whole time, while she continues to sneak out of the house to have coffee and play cards with her friends," his mother said.But while Collins and his mother have delicately navigated his grandmother's politics, their relationship blossomed in other ways. The grandmother and grandson bonded over"The Great British Baking Show" on Netflix, baking cakes for the family, and she even tasted his oat milk, a beverage she had never come across before.

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Aug. 4, 202006:27While Collins experienced growing pains, other adult children who have moved home, like Leah Gay, 28, found the transition home remarkably smooth.In March, when the coronavirus shut down New York City, Gay was"getting very little social interaction" and"feeling isolated" by social distancing. So she left her Manhattan apartment and returned home to Blacksburg, Virginia. It was her first time living at home in 10 years.

"I get my meals cooked for me. I have people to hang out with every night, so that's awesome," said Gay, who works as a senior social media coordinator for a nonprofit.The pandemic has brought the family closer together.Before the pandemic, Gay said,"I was coming home two to three times a year for a long weekend, so I see it as a blessing to be able to be with them for so long, when I don't know when or if that would ever happen, because I never lived close by."

Last month, she terminated her $1,410-a-month Manhattan lease."Paying New York rent when I don't need to physically go into an office made no sense," she said.Gay may have had the luxury of a choice to continue her lease or to let that expense go. Others have been forced to make that decision as the pandemic has aggravated economic problems for many in the demographic.

"One of the responses" for younger adults"is to move home in order to minimize the loss of lifetime earnings and opportunities," said Bill Rodgers, an economist at Rutgers University. Parents"act as insurance for those who can support it."

Jack Fitzpatrick, 26, a social media consultant, moved home from Minneapolis to save money and to be closer to his family in Marriottsville, Maryland."I had two roommates. Now, I still have two roommates — they're just my parents," he said.

But like Gay's, his family has experienced minimal conflicts since he left his apartment at the end of August, Fitzpatrick said.Sometimes the calculation is simply to get parents used to the idea that a visit home isn't a vacation but a new workspace.

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Kyra Littlejohn, 27, works in public relations. In June, she left New York, where she had been living in Astoria, Queens, for Southfield, Michigan, to be with her mom, her stepdad and a grandmother. Recently, she had to ask her family to keep the noise down when she was on a work call.

Moving back was an adjustment for everyone, said Littlejohn, who moved out five years ago. But she"wouldn't have changed my decision at all to come back."Kyra Littlejohn, 27, with mom Andrea Johnson-Smith, 59, and grandmother Ruth Love, 80.

Courtesy Kyra LittlejohnSometimes it's just, well, awkward. Gay has taken up TikTok since moving back home, and her parents have walked in on her recording skits in her old prom dress, she said."I heard my mom upstairs talking to my dad and saying, 'Leah's filming some kind of video in her old prom dress?' But they supported it and asked to see the TikTok when I was done," she said.

Back in Oklahoma Collins, the former bartender, is taking prerequisite nursing classes online and in person, but he misses his Chicago friends and some aspects of his old life."It's a big change. It's a big difference," he said."Being with my family 24/7 has been a big transition."

Janning, the Whitman College sociologist, said perceptions of adulthood could shift as a result of the transitions."I think there is going to be a context of forgiveness," she said,"of acceptance of this weird new version of transition to adulthood that doesn't have to include financial independence as much as it used to."

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Is bc they can not afford new place? 'No they don't. Everything is great.' Trump has not said yet, but will, in response to this article. Haha due to the pandemic? Nah, it’s liberal families not challenging their kids to become something meaningful with a trade or a degree that will actually do something beneficial

So, up what? Like 5% from before the pandemic? I noticed you left that out of the article. Due to globalism Good, those parents can make sure they exercise their civil duty and VOTE! From what I’ve read of Covid rates at colleges there’s going to be a lot of sick parents Since so many colleges were shut down this survey would be more meaningful if it looked at 22 - 29 year olds. This is pretty meaningless since young people were tossed off their campuses

Stay safe and well. Enjoy your parents While They Are Still Alive Make America Great Again just like the Waltons during the Great Depression with 3 generation living under the same roof. Going to get worse if Trump elected or steals the election in November and Social Security and Medicare abolished. TrumpWantsToInfectUs

What the MSM glosses over is that pro-population growth policies increase demand for housing in cities, making it unaffordable to younger generations. In addition, other policies increase competition for jobs while lowering wages. You may now resume your regular programming. In Asia this is normal. The proof is in my house right now

Interesting. 99% of that 52% are Democrats, and make no mistake, they’d be living in their mom’s basement whether there was a virus or not. Bubble wrap parenting is why they live at home can't let them be even slightly uncomfortable Yes! The family unit is back. This will strengthen America and conservative values. Since Clinton was POTUS, Dems have tried to undermine family; abortion, limiting access to church, easing divorce laws etc... Vote Republican 🇺🇸

Cool - anyone notice how most kids these days are tots upgrades? 1❤️ Trump’s “booming” economy at work. The nuclear family was a failed US sociological exercise anyway. Families *should* stay together. Everyone benefits! And yes, I live on my own. In fact I help care for my aunt with MS. She raised me from 12 on. It's the least I could do.

I guess their gender studies professors didn’t tell them what to expect. Then they will go out partying all night long and bring back death to their parents. Yeah convinet ! Just the hardcore video gamers, vaping, drug heads... iffycanfly And this will set back their parents in their retirement plans. My millennial kid was mostly unemployed for 3 years during the Great Recession. I couldn’t save that entire time. She recovered, only to be laid off again during the Trump Depression. Republicans are killing us.

And 99.999999% of the 52% are weak arse liberals. And it suuuucks They were before they are the losers rioting now Yesss This is not accurate. The 52% of people, ages 18-29, that are now living with their parents is not due to the pandemic. It is due to shutting down the economy - an effort that did little to curb the spread of the Wuhan virus.

Ugh. Up from 51.99% previously. LoL - no, because they weren’t is prepared properly. Spending 1 hour’s salary on a mocha latte for example or a month’s on an iPhone 12 The same demo that has never heard of the Holocaust. Wow. Educate yourselves quickly, as Trump is employing the same tactics as Hitler did to control his base (army), incite them, and if you knew history, you would know what comes next. Spoiler: 6 million people executed.

That’s BS most of them were living at home prior to the pandemic. Return to the NuclearFamily. It was happening way before pandemic, the numbers have just slightly went up since covid. Pandemic is bad but good for what is called FAMILY. Admissions into Sr. Citizen Homes will drop & the young who left home and have now returned will get to compare the pros & cons.

And 85 % of parents are not happy right now... Rioiiiight I’m sure it’s cuz the pandemic and not cuz crab fishing in Alaska never panned out Most are protesters. At least they have an excuse. The pandemic. Their parents, the gen-xers, the biggest losers ever, just never left home until they absolutely had to. Living in Mom's basement until 35 or 40 was perfectly acceptable. Now they vote for Trump.

I would also say this is one fallout for embracing regressive cultural politics Hey they gotta do what they gotta do I've seen people moving back right on my block. Government crippling businesses and the workers does come with a heavy price. 🖕 Protesting pays poorly

As 18-29 year olds move back in with family during the pandemic America is experiencing a profound sociological and economic shift52% of people ages 18-29 are now living with their parents due to the pandemic, according to Pew. Looks very good. I’ve been living with my parents for the past two years. But from now on I’m blaming it on the pandemic

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As 18-29 year olds move back in with family during the pandemic America is experiencing a profound sociological and economic shift52% of people ages 18-29 are now living with their parents due to the pandemic, according to Pew. Looks very good. I’ve been living with my parents for the past two years. But from now on I’m blaming it on the pandemic