Entertainment, 'Arthur' To End At Pbs Kids With Season 25 İn 2022 - Cnn

Entertainment, 'Arthur' To End At Pbs Kids With Season 25 İn 2022 - Cnn

'Arthur' to end at PBS Kids with Season 25 in 2022

'Arthur' is coming to an end after 25 years

7/31/2021 9:00:00 AM

'Arthur' is coming to an end after 25 years

'Arthur' is coming to an end after 25 years.

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Arthur got woke and the show became trash because of it. Since it's nearly-universally hated, they are being forced to end the series. I don’t understand ratings. Good shows get canceled and boring shows or shows I hate hang around forever. Anniewyattolyve Is this anime fun? TREAT YOURSELF TO A MAJOR FOODGASM WITH THIS SENSUAL CHOCOLATE DESSERT! Click the LINK BELOW for full recipe YouTuber SmallYouTuber YouTube foodgasm foodie

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With kids show 'Arthur' canceled after 25 years, fans want to know what happenedKathy Waugh, a creator of the beloved animated children's series 'Arthur,' says PBS made a mistake by canceling it after 25 years. itsjenbui SueTran horrible I think the memes killed it lol

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Iconic children's show 'Arthur' canceled after 25 seasonsThe show will continue to be available on PBS Kids and be shared on a variety of platforms going forward. Trying not to post the Arthur fist meme

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Awww. I went through a phase of really loving Arthur when I was about 42. (My daughter was 6...) The show that launched Steven Crowder's career.

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