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Arkansas home shot at after father thew out boys hiding in daughter's bedroom

Arkansas home shot at after father thew out boys hiding in daughter's bedroom

11/24/2020 4:45:00 PM

Arkansas home shot at after father thew out boys hiding in daughter's bedroom

The shooting took place shortly after a man woke up and found two teenage boys in his daughter's room in Little Rock, Arkansas .

The girls told police that the father had shot at the boys before forcing them out of the house that morning. One told officers that she was afraid her father would punish her for making the claim.The father denies those allegations and said he did not know why the boys would have returned to the house.

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One of the girls said they had snuck the boys into the home in order to have sex, the police report stated.All four of the teenagers attend Southwest High School in Little Rock, according to KATV, but the girls reportedly said they did not know the names of the boys.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. The Little Rock Police Department and the Little Rock School District have been contacted for comment.According to Everytown for Gun Safety, an organization dedicated to understanding and reducing gun violence, more than 100 Americans are killed and 200 more wounded by guns every day.

But the organization says the effects of gun violence extend"far beyond these casualties" as gun violence"shapes the lives of millions of Americans who witness it, know someone who was shot, or live in fear of the next shooting."Stock pic: Weapons are seen on display at the K&W Gunworks store in Delray Beach, Florida, on January 5, 201.

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But did the daughter receive punishment? Cause she's the one who had the 2 boys over...... How did those kids manage to carry all those weapons to that house? Please hire a sub editor.