Arizona Issues New Shutdown Order As Coronavirus Cases Spike

Arizona Issues New Shutdown Order As Coronavirus Cases Spike

6/30/2020 4:25:00 AM

Arizona Issues New Shutdown Order As Coronavirus Cases Spike

Gov. Doug Ducey, citing thousands of new cases in the state, issued an order shutting down bars, theaters, gyms and water parks for at least 30 days.

Michael Chow/APtoggle captionMichael Chow/APArizona Gov. Doug Ducey updates reporters on the coronavirus pandemic during a news conference in Phoenix on Monday.Michael Chow/APIn an about-face, Arizona's Gov. Doug Ducey has ordered the states bars, gyms, movie theaters and water parks to shut down for at least 30 days amid thousands of new coronavirus cases in the state.

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Ducey issued the order Monday to go into effect from 8 p.m. local time, citing concern over a recent spike in new cases – including a one-day record of more than 3,800 in the state on Sunday. It was the seventh time in the past ten days that new cases in Arizona exceeded 3,000. He also ordered public schools to delay the start of classes until Aug. 17.

"Our expectation is that our numbers next week will be worse," he said, describing the state's coronavirus data as"brutal."Most of the state's bars and nightclubs reopened after Ducey's stay-at-home orders expired in mid-May. The original order allowed bars with food service to reopen even earlier than White House guidelines recommended.

Under the latest order, the state's Department of Liquor Licenses and Control will suspend special event and festival licenses, although a city or county would be allowed to approve a large gathering, if social distancing and other safety guidelines are followed.

"Arizonans have been, by and large, terrific, fantastic and responsible," the Republican governor said at a news conference Monday afternoon.However, he noted"the photos and videos of some of the things that were happening around our state this weekend, and the result of that (type of activity) has been an increase in the spread."

Ducey called his new order a"targeted approach" intended to"pump the brakes" on the pandemic response.Arizona joins Florida and Texas in re-implementing stricter COVID-19 controls amid increasing numbers of cases.Vice President Pence is set to travel to Phoenix on Wednesday, where he will meet Ducey to discuss the state's coronavirus response, according to Pence's office.

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Things must be really bad if this Trump sycophant is doing this. Does he actually think his constituents are going to listen to him NOW that he’s suddenly taking COVID seriously? He's a little later to the party. At least he is acting now. How long before Trump drops the Ducey? First to reopen, first to shut back down. Fl, Tx, Az.

I hope Governor DeathSentence catches on soon. 😕 Wrong! No one is dying! hopefully this includes public beaches. (yes, AZ does have beaches!) Poor Arizona, paying the price for Gov Ducey's cult following of a conman over common sense. RepublicansAreKillingUs ArizonaMAGAMess Too late. Who didn't see this coming?!

Way too little and way WAY too late This is the same state who's GOP entourage boasted about 'whipping' the virus only a couple of weeks ago I wonder if Congress will extend the federal unemployment benefits 🧐 They should!!! Too little, too late? Why the fuck were those open? There is a global pandemic and we’re doing the worst out of the entire world

VoteBlueToSaveAmerica A little late sir. But something is better than nothing. But let’s open up for a maskless trump rally. He’s got blood on his hands. As someone originally from the Southwest (which I love), I’m glad to be in the Northeast during this pandemic. The governors here have listened to science, not politics. Most wear masks & we opened in slow phases. Trump & these GOP governors have killed thousands.TrumpCOVID

This is pointless. It won't stop the spread, including when people are 'allowed' to leave their homes again. Obviously dougducey never read “PANDEMICS FOR DUMMIES.” Zrkirsch Too late. Reality over politics. Duvet should be ashamed it took this long. I ambsure the Pop Tarts are notbdone with the fear mongering

This is what happens when you don’t listen to the experts and convince people that they need to listen do you. Damage done. Idiots. All of them. Ipix through Brilacidin is under the scrutiny of the US Government whether to provide GRANT money to further Brilacidin as a treatment for Covid-19. Probably the most important subject at the present time for the entire world population.

Better late than never I suppose. But what an embarrassing time to be American.... It was for two weeks, five months ago. Then another two. Then a month. Everything being done is arbitrary and by executive fiat. Weeks late, thousands of lives short. Corona tight now Get this *sshat out of office Make Arizona Great Again, governor Ducey

Insert whatever sarcastic line you would like to.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Can people be left to decide for themselves? Do we really need the government telling us what to do? Masks? My daughter lives there and it sounds like a virus Wild West. I’m terrified for her. I also live in a state (SC) with an incompetent, unprepared governor so I know what it’s like to be at the mercy of a runaway virus.

So one of the first states to open was doing fine as we all watched like an experiment. Cue the protest and riots and then surging numbers again. Now they’re forced back in lock down but general message is that the large protests contributed minimally to the rise? Okkkk at least TWO months too late ! No test, no case?!!🧐

Fucking amateur. thanks GOP To late dougducey ,,you lifted the stay at home mandate to early,, River communities prior to that had low numbers,, now with weekenders, bars and restaurants packed,, we are spiking at astronomical rates. La Paz county quadrupled in June. Bullhead, Havasu, spiking.. thanks gov.

This is simply not enough. He is only prolonging the pain. Please learn from New York, Italy and China... Stay safe This is COMMUNISM Mao ZheDUCEY I AM A SOVEREIGN CITIZEN REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE He should have shut down all non-essential businesses, like salons, tattoo parlors, etc.. Restaurant dining should have been stopped and mask wearing should be mandatory.

Oh. Ya think ?! How bout masks and social distancing ? Think ya waited long enough ?! Ouch. But, but,’s going away. Should have done this sooner🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 But but the curve has been flattened .. they said it.. started celebrating it .. that ugly big nastral blonde PressSec said it like a lottery win .. she kind a stripped dance with it.. so that’s all a lie .. oh the horror!

Don't believe the demonrats! Closing the gate after the horses are gone. JBooth42812200 Show you care. Wear a mask. I find it interesting that Ducey did a 180 right after a specific event. It’s almost like he held his breath until that mega church rally was over. I was wondering when Arizona was going to finally capitulate.

Caving to the fear mongering. Pathetic. Too little, too late. RonDeSantisFL sup bitch Ooooo noo who would have suspected this. Dam if only we knew about this? Where was the warning? /s ken and karen st louis | McCloskey St. Louis Couple Pull Guns on Protesters Little too late Douschey I swear Mikey just told us all we were doing great. While in Arizona.

Wonder if ole Mitch will tell these Red states they don’t deserve any federal dollars and to budget better Finally showing some responsibility Too little, too late Ducey. No one could ever accuse you of being a forward thinker. If the hospital are overwhelmed, they should postpone elective operations. I don’t think another shutdown is the answer. Masks and cutting capacity. Heard immunity is our best shot, half ass closures do nothing.

The old Duce...must have gotten the message that killing his own people at the behest of Old One Term Treason Trump isn't worth it. He could have listened to the doctors, instead he listened to Trump. But protests are still okay, right? There's no plan. He's just throwing crap at the wall. The virus is screaming through Arizona. If there was an actual plan, this wouldn't be it.

Not Arizona! But Ducey, your hero Trump *promised* you everything would be okay if only you abandoned your original plan to open according to guidelines. You should stick it out and have faith in his word. (He is heaven-sent ya know.) Now you're a BAD state & a STUPID governor. Would have been nice to have a Gov. that actually used science, commonsense, and concern for the health and welfare of the denizens to do the right thing. Opposed to exposing us to a deadly virus just to garner political capital by sucking the orange one's 🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄

Just mandate masks. The shutdown shit is not going to work Aren't all the missing kids much scarier than the virus? Why don't we stop society for a minute in an attempt to save them? SaveTheChildren Shut down everything that is a non essential business. It's the only way to combat this virus. Hard lockdown. Make sure people are stocked up and just do it. Look at what worked and stop the spread.

So what does this mean for businesses like Mountainside Fitness that has pointedly say they won’t comply? Just education dougducey Mountainside is setting example for other businesses to not comply? What repercussions? So bars can have liquor licenses suspended but gyms Gov. Ducey re-opened Arizona, with very few restrictions, on May 15. The number of new cases began increasing May 28. His ineptitude and craven catering to Trump's interests has led to 76,987 cases and 1,588 COVID-19 deaths. Today he walked back most what he opened on May 15.

Yeah - a lot too late - you are fucked AZ It's really too bad that only several thousand scientists told Arizona this was going to happen. You can have schools or nightclubs. Not both Oh now dougducey does it ... after killing thousands by having his nose up Trump’s ass for too long. Or could it be he figured out Trump is going down and decided to get his nose out of DT’s ass early before he goes down with the ship? 🤔

dougducey The mayor of Phoenix asked you to do these closings weeks ago. I guess you couldn’t hear her your head was so far up Donald Trump’s butt? DuceyFailedAZ Covid19 If this tragedy wouldn’t of affected/taken lives it be truly hilarious and point to the fact that the tRUMPERS are 🤡 I see you've morphed from the dreaded COVID 19 to the all inclusive coronavirus which includes the common cold. You are despicable for terrorizing people with a cold!

...but sincerely thanks Trump for his recent super spreading rally event. Should’ve never lifted them glad he finally took action but the human cost is beyond repair This is what happens if you don't listen to science You didn't believe Dr. Fauci, did ya? So bars closed, restaurants open. School delayed, kids activities open. Movie theaters closed, mega churches open. Water park shut, hair/nail salons and tattoos parlors open. It all makes total sense

Don't wait until it's out of control and you kill thousands, govabbott Do it now. He just got the memo? Chucks... Perfect pic of him too, nice job The mortality rate is dropping sharply based on more cases + increased testing. This is logical. One of the three stooges, along with his governor pals in TX and FL. Their collective delay has caused needless suffering.

How about churches? He should still be fired for his incompetence. This is what happens when you don’t listen to science and open up a state in the middle of a pandemic. 哈哈哈 Gonna take a bit more than that, bro. Negligent Arm-in-arm protest marches down the memory hole. And Ronnie Rona of Florida likes the tastes of self-tanner on his lips. GovRonDeSantis

“He also ordered public schools to delay the start of classes until Aug. 17.” Lets see the maga 'patriots' storm his office. He has killed so many people... A bit too late huh? You missed that common sense train. Well, well, well!! Now he decides to take action? Sheeple Conservatory Recording Arts & Sciences Trade School is still operating with on campus classes!A few students have tested positive. They should be required to follow the guidelines recommended for public schools. Someone needs to enforce this.safteyrblx ArizonaCovid

Anh! Too late! Dumb ass!

CEO of major hospital in epicenter of Texas' coronavirus surge issues a warning to young adults'We are definitely seeing this affect young people, and they're getting quite ill. So we really need everybody to do their part,' Houston Methodist CEO Dr. Marc Boom told CNBC on Monday. No risk for young adults unless you’re incredibly obese or have major pre-existing issues. You’re trying to create fear to support personal political agenda. 🥱🥱🥱🥱

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump, asks Interpol to helpIran has issued an arrest warrant and asked Interpol for help in detaining President Donald Trump and dozens of others it believes carried out the drone strike that killed a top Iranian general in Baghdad, a local prosecutor reportedly said Monday. While Trump faces no danger of arrest, the charges jokers Iran are mad New York is next. Hahahahaha fuk Iran

Iran issues arrest warrant on Trump for killing of Qassem Soleimani - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. haha

Iran issues arrest warrant for Trump over killing of top commander Qasem SoleimaniTehran is also reportedly asking Interpol for help, according to Fars. Lol Research shows during social upheavals voters send message to govt by showing support for rivals often that support evaporates on election day. We believe there us a 76% chance this is what is pushing Bidens numbers so high Lol!

'Dungeons & Dragons' Race Issues Have Deep Roots In The World Of FantasyWizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, vowed to revise the idea of inherently evil 'races' such as orcs in its popular fantasy game. Oh Puh-leeze ! Orc lives matter? That’s why players and DMs should ignore all that suggested lore shit and only pay attention to the gameplay mechanics. “Nah you can’t play as that race cuz theys evil” was always just so freakin lazy

'Dungeons & Dragons' Race Issues Have Deep Roots In The World Of FantasyWizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, vowed to revise the idea of inherently evil 'races' such as orcs in its popular fantasy game.