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Archeologist Discover Concession Stand At Colosseum That Gouged Ancient Romans 10 Denarii For Small Clay Cup Of Wine

Archeologist Discover Concession Stand At Colosseum That Gouged Ancient Romans 10 Denarii For Small Clay Cup Of Wine

9/15/2021 12:45:00 AM

Archeologist Discover Concession Stand At Colosseum That Gouged Ancient Romans 10 Denarii For Small Clay Cup Of Wine

ROME—Unearthing the earliest known instance of fans being completely fleeced, archeologists from the University of Milan announced Tuesday that they had discovered a buried concession stand at the colosseum that gouged ancient Romans 10 denarii for a small clay cup of wine. “There were prices well beyond what your…

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How much for a bag of Otter's Noses? richardluddite How much were the wolf nipples? Mmmmmm Nothing much has changed then! You could pay extra for the lead cups and the paper packets of lead-based sweetener. rdone Woodstock 300 AD. Quick question. Why would the concession stand be located under the ‘playing surface’. I think this picture is BS

Even worse, the wine was the salted pine resin Greek stuff lol Ok but they clearly didn’t price it that way for profit, they got full clay cups. Let alone what they charged for a Bloody Caesar. PattyArquette I love the Onion ...

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PattyArquette 10 DENARII! I never paid more than 5! at least the Patri Iohns Pizza served warm mini-pizzas for (checks the menu) WHAT THE HADES IT WENT FOR 150 DENARII! THAT'S AN OUTRAGE! PattyArquette But these fucking replies are killing me 💀 Clearly this is where pre-drinking before the party sprung from.

And the cost of parking your chariot. Don't get me started. 2 Denarii Christian Finger Night was always a sellout. 'Get your wine here! Only X denarii! Can't watch a fight to the death without your wine!' Canis Calidus - XV Denarii Visigoth & Vandal hordes saw their opportunity to sack Rome when they heard that Roman citizens were disaffected with price gouging.

Live Nation back in the day.

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Two drink min signed Nero The souvenir cups were 15 denarii Drink your wine outside first.

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