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Apple removes police-tracking app used in Hong Kong protests from its app store

Apple Inc on Wednesday removed an app that protestors in Hong Kong have used to ...


Apple removes police-tracking app used in Hong Kong protests from its app store. More here: by StephenNellis

Apple Inc on Wednesday removed an app that protestors in Hong Kong have used to ...

Stephen Nellis 3 Min Read SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc on Wednesday removed an app that protestors in Hong Kong have used to track police movements, saying the app violated its rules because it was used to ambush police and by criminals who used it to victimize residents in areas with no law enforcement. Apple rejected the crowdsourcing app, HKmap.live, earlier this month but then reversed course last week, allowing the app to appear on its App Store. The approval drew a sharply worded commentary from the Chinese Communist Party’s official newspaper, the People’s Daily, on Tuesday with Apple criticized for allowing a “poisonous” app. Apple said in a statement that “many concerned customers in Hong Kong” contacted the company about the mapping app. Apple said it immediately began investigating the app’s use and found it “has been used in ways that endanger law enforcement and residents in Hong Kong.” “The app displays police locations and we have verified with the Hong Kong Cybersecurity and Technology Crime Bureau that the app has been used to target and ambush police, threaten public safety, and criminals have used it to victimize residents in areas where they know there is no law enforcement,” the statement said. Apple did not comment beyond its statement, and the app’s developer did not immediately have a comment on the removal. Under Apple’s rules and policies, apps that meet its standards to appear in the App Store have sometimes been removed after their release if they were found to facilitate illegal activity or threaten public safety. Slideshow (2 Images) In 2011, Apple modified its app store to remove apps that listed locations for drunken driving checkpoints not previously published by law enforcement officials. Asked for comment after the People’s Daily piece was published, HKmap.live’s developer, who has not revealed his or her identity, said the app merely consolidated information that was available in the public domain, such as groups on Telegram, another service protestors were using to communicate. “Protest is part of our freedom of speach (sic) and I don’t think the application is illegal in HK,” the developer told Reuters in a direct message on Tuesday. Reporting by Stephen Nellis; Additional reporting by Greg Mitchell in San Francisco; Editing by Edwina Gibbs Our Standards: Read more: Reuters Top News

StephenNellis I thought apple is not owned by the Chinese Communist Party? StephenNellis Money is more important than human lives.😢 StephenNellis RMB Conscience Shame on Apple !!!! StephenNellis The Hong Kong police ripe and kill teenage in HK. Thank you Apple for supporting a totalism government. If Hong Kong fall, the free world will be next. LiberateHongKong FreeHK Stand with Hong Kong standwithmorey Blizzardboycott

StephenNellis Most of the HKers afraid of the police and this app is helping us to avoid the danger place, cause they will attack us randomly! stephenloo1 StephenNellis The HongKongPolice always kill Hongkongers and pretend it as committing suicides StephenNellis apple newest product line: Human Trafficking Assistance kowtowchina

StephenNellis Apple kowtow to China's money BoycottChina StandWithHongKong StephenNellis After all the crazy things happened to HK, this is what you choose to do? Do you know ChinaziSupport911 ? Shame on you. StephenNellis It doesn’t make sense that Apple is doing self censorship! StandWithHongKong

TseHana StephenNellis Just after warning by CCP. antichinazi FightForFreedom

China state newspaper criticizes Apple for app use by Hong Kong protestersThe Chinese Communist Party's official newspaper, the People's Daily, ... When Nazi camps are invoked every other day...yet Israel, and China active participants in third word dictatorship hide&? policy! F¡ck the Chinese state newspaper. FreeHKNowwww Apple don’t give in, time to stand up, for Jobs sake.

StephenNellis It’s not only the popo-tracking app but also the breaking news of transportation! So how we can back home safely! Apple you really failed us! Apple FreeHK StephenNellis Hey Apple, are u going to design the iPhoneXi to please CCP next? Defend the liberty please. Don't just go for money OhSorryCCP

StephenNellis You spend sleepless months working on an app and everything's legal. Apple will take that down just to please China. StephenNellis Shame on Apple StephenNellis Without this app, protesters and civilians couldn’t get the first hand infomation about the police movement... As we all know, the violence, brutality, inhumanity acts are all caused by the Hong Kong Police but NOT the protesters. Please StandWithHongKong

StephenNellis APPLE PROFIT vs HUMAN LIVES StephenNellis Apple why are they so pro-communist? Very evil company now that Steve Jobs is dead. Maybe the communism that's rooted in his company is what really killed him. Sad neddy437 StephenNellis StephenNellis Shame on you Apple. And the kowtowing is not going to stop in China or HK. Very soon, it will harm everyone's rights. ShameOnApple chinazism antichinazi

StephenNellis Good app for citizens to protect themselves as Hong Kong Police is violet. Feel sad that Apple removed it. antichinazi

Apple pulls Taiwanese flag emoji from iPhones in Hong Kong Apple Inc. removed the Taiwanese flag emoji from some iPhones, underscoring the difficult balance the company must strike in supporting free speech while appeasing China. 🤮 It was a dumb decision to do manufacturing in the PRC. Anyone with half a brain educated in a fair market economy could have told you that back in 2010 🙄💸 🇭🇰🇹🇼

StephenNellis Those companies that are Chinese money are also full of blood. They turned a blind eye to the CCP’s killing of the people. Choosed blood and money Give up freedom and justice StephenNellis Money or justice StephenNellis Maldito APPLE!!! 😑😑😑 StephenNellis Now, Apple works w/ a thuggish police force and oppresses Hongkongers . W/ thousand of clips documented PoliceBrutalitiy , Apple still chooses to associate w/ such rotten government, I guess banding doesn’t matter anyway.🤑🤮🤢

StephenNellis Removes an app is easy, but many people will die because of this! Anyway, human life is just a number for the large enterprises right? Consume them 2 make more money! Apple Right? HongKong HK Murder HKPoliceTerrorism SOSHK Apple iPhone iPhone11 Technical Technology StephenNellis The app is for the general SAFETY of HongKong citizens. You don’t want to suddenly be arrested and beaten just because going out with friends, right? HKPoliceTerrorism

StephenNellis Creativity is long gone in Apple. Now there’s only obedience. HongKongProtest StephenNellis sorryccp ?! no! never!!! antichinazi is what we can do to fight for our freedom! StandWithHongKong Apple StephenNellis Hong Kong citizens need the app to avoid to meet the HKPoliceTerrorists . SOSHK

StephenNellis hkpolicebrutality HKPoliceTerrorism

Apple Angers China by Approving Cop-Tracking Map App for Hong Kong Apple is the latest American company to come under fire in China after the iPhone maker approved a map app that allows Hong Kong protesters to track police movements. It is unbelievable when global companies that stand for HumanRights bow to Chinese pressure... Apple you are better than this Have some spines!

StephenNellis Shame to apple, StephenNellis Another companies like Cathay Pacific antichinazi StandWithHongKong StephenNellis Apple why dont you name iPhone 11 as iPhone Xi then you can say WeGoodNowChina ? and spend less time kowtowing to Totalitarianism CommunistChina and create better products.

StephenNellis Is Apple start to help CCP to suppress the FreedomOfSpeech ? StephenNellis Apple, join your friends: JHarden13 HoustonRockets StephenCurry30 TiffanyAndCo sixers Blizzard_Ent to turn HumanRights and Justice into your pocket money! FightForFreedom StandWithHK ScrewAntiMaskLaw

StephenNellis The reason of developing this App is to protect HongKongers. It is because police randomly beat and arrest citizens, especially youngsters. They also arrest pregnant woman. We now live in police state and we need the App to protect ourselves. Shame on Apple LiberateHongKong StephenNellis Sympathise with you Apple Keep well you money and we will keep fighting till the end FreedomHK

StephenNellis cathaypacific you have a friend. StephenNellis StandWithHongKong SaveHongKong StephenNellis HKers are suppressed by the totalitarian gov ,we all know freedom are priceless,please walk with justice . antitotalitarianism StandWithHongKong Please click in to have a look :

Apple Denounced as ‘Reckless’ by China State-Run Media Over App for Tracking Hong Kong Police Apple approved an app that lets users track the location of police in Hong Kong — a move that China’s state-run newspaper criticized, saying it lets pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kon…

StephenNellis ShameOnApple kowtow to CCP for money China70yearsOfShame StephenNellis CCP has no diversity or variety, they speak only 1 language, adhere single value, uphold CCP and absolute obedience! Pls stand with HK to fight against CCP, otherwise, it will soon be your turn. antichinazi StandWithHongKong

StephenNellis This action really hurts Apple's fans. It surely would not happen during Jobs' eva. boycottchina HongKongProtest StephenNellis You will regret for sure Apple OhSorryCCP sorrynotsorry boycottchina StephenNellis A bited Apple is ugly StephenNellis So now ChiNazi exports its totalitarian regime to the free world. US companies bow to China on HongKongProtest. What’s the next? Territorial disputes in the South China Sea? ResistBeijing

StephenNellis ///Quartz Chief Executive Zach Seward told technology publication The Verge in a statement: “We abhor this kind of government censorship of the internet, and have great coverage of how to get around such bans around the world.”//// StephenNellis The obedient Apple got 2 red stars at the expense of freedom of speech by removing a map app, which allow ppl in HK to avoid police brutality, and freedom of press by removing a news app qz, which provides news coverages that angers CCP.

StephenNellis Apple you are no longer an innovator! You just stand with the dictator and abundant your free mind! StephenNellis People just trying to hide from the murderers. shameonapple

Apple Becomes Latest U.S. Company To Cross China Over Hong Kong Protests Apple is the latest U.S. company to enter China’s cross-hairs, making an app available in its App Store that is seen as aiding anti-government protesters in Hong Kong . People’s Daily Online, … Someone needs to tell China to knock it off.

StephenNellis StephenNellis Hey Apple, what are you doing here CCPChina HongKong Leo9274 StephenNellis Apple: Money is king! who cares about universal values~~ antichinazi StandWithHongKong HongKong StephenNellis PoliceBrutalitiy, breaking the rules of law, value of freedom, is nothing when facing CCP 💰 plz BoycottChina StandwithHonKong

StephenNellis Apple is a shame now. StephenNellis Apple? Chinese only use huawei. Huawei is the best StephenNellis American company are declining the freedom and human rights in the world. Who is the next company? StephenNellis The police even attacked the press. It is the reason why we don’t trust them and escape from them hongkongpolicebrutality

StephenNellis No one can get rid of CCP evil clutches if we let it grows. OhSorryCCP HongKong StephenNellis Could be abused, killed, dumped to the sea, by the police !

Apple removes police-tracking app used in Hong Kong protests from its app storeThe tech giant said the app violated its rules because it was used to ambush police and by criminals who used it to victimize residents in areas with no law enforcement. Corporate cowards All hail the PRC Apple did the right thing. The app Endangered the law enforcement and public safety.

StephenNellis another China step sorrynotsorry sorryccp StephenNellis Who will be the next? BoycottChina StephenNellis Money Universal value? US corporation traded freedom of speech for Chinese money is a worrying issue. southpark was right. StephenNellis StephenNellis I suggest Americans to careful on internet now. CCP is watching you If you don’t want to get troubled, just sing CCP praise. BoycottChina

StephenNellis Apple should stand firm for the US values which are democracy and freedom... StephenNellis Apple=class? No! Apple=kiss ass!! StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom StephenNellis For Liberty We All Fight. StandwithHK standwithmorey antitotalitarianism StephenNellis Hong Kong people need to monitor the police becoz they don’t follow the Law and General Police Order when they are on duty. Our life is threatened by Hong Kong police just like 831attack in Prince Edward station! policebruitality policestate PoliceTerrorism

StephenNellis The app is a neutral tool which provide useful information for HK citizens to stay away from danger. It provides real-time info for both police and protesters in HKprotests. Why denounce it and kowtow to China and hkpolicebrutality 😔

StephenNellis While HongKongPolice fire tear gas/bullets in every neighborhoods of HongKong nearly everyday, as well as execute unnecessary brutal violence in non-protest day...the App actually help HongKongers keep themselves safe StephenNellis The evil CCP should be condemned before it becomes a greeter threat to everyone's living BoycottBlizzard BoycottChina StandWithHongKong OhSorryCCP

StephenNellis Hongkongers know that hkpoliceforce is a state funded terrorist group. Why deprive the chance for HKer to stay safe from terrorism? StephenNellis shame on Apple, stop buying Apple products from now on! StephenNellis Shame & so disappointed at Apple. After all $$$$ speakers louder than freedom, right? FreeWorld cannot fall — please stand firm and fight against authoritarian. StandWithHongKong FightForFreedom HongKong

StephenNellis The app is used for protecting the citizens. The police are insane now. StephenNellis StephenNellis bloody apple is killing HKers' survival tool for money. this tool is too let people to avoid the police and avoid being torture StandWithHongKong standwithmorey HKprotesters hkpolicebrutality HKPoliceTerrorism HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct

StephenNellis 偽造事實,他們所作所為怎麼不拿出來報導,英雄化暴徒,一邊倒報導,噁心 StephenNellis Shameless Apple You have kowtow to remove flags of Taiwan for iPhone used in HongKong. No more self-censorship

StephenNellis Apple bowed down to CCPChina for RMB StephenNellis 他們拍攝的,暴徒永遠都是弱勢的 StephenNellis Disgusting. Even Apple kowtow to CCP. Who’s next? Google? Microsoft? The whole America? StandWithHongKong StephenNellis After Apple , who will say sorryccp next? FightForFreedom StandwithHK It's NOW or NEVER!

StephenNellis Tim cook :I dont want to stay hungry, stay foolish. I STAYWITHMONEY StephenNellis This app was literally lifesaving as it was widely used by general public in Hong Kong to protect themselves from police terrorism. Apple and Tim Cook should be ashamed of themselves. StephenNellis Apple's turn now...

StephenNellis It is not self protection purpose only. Technology is for better life quality and we fight for that. I didn’t see any risk of that app. StandWithHongKong 5DemandsNot1Less StephenNellis Money is my core belief! StephenNellis The biggest US enterprise kneel to CCP. What a shame...

StephenNellis Apple help these people to escape the hk police'arrest, so i think apple is the evil backstage manipulator. StephenNellis Apple needed to publish an app for terrorists around the world to track where American soldiers are. StephenNellis not protesters, they are rioters,terrorists。Supporting Hong Kong rioters = supporting Osama bin Laden

StephenNellis It's clear big tech will help ALL authoritarian regimes with subjugation of citizens. They will make even more money and remain above any government. Sergy, Mr Apple and weird robot Zukerborg are in for the long haul. Good luck! StephenNellis Boycot Apple StephenNellis StephenNellis I met a Chinese tourist in the UK who had left their phone behind in China so that they were not tracked whilst visiting other Chinese citizens.

StephenNellis appleischinasbitch StephenNellis Remember when Apple refused to unlock the San Bardino shooter's phone for the FBI? FUCK Apple. Really. FUCK Apple. StephenNellis Please Apple we need such an app in Nigeria to track Boko-Haram. Thank you

StephenNellis That is to except from a company who makes overpriced shit made in Chinese sweatshops StephenNellis kowtow StephenNellis Apple is now following in the footsteps of NBA pandering to the Chinese instead of supporting those yearning for FREEDOM. Its time to re-think if whether it is right to buy/support the company called Apple and its COMMUNIST products

StephenNellis So even Apple surrendered. Who's next? StephenNellis Fuck Apple. StephenNellis Still in Google play

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