Antonio Brown says he will no longer play in the NFL

Antonio Brown says he will no longer play in the NFL.


Antonio Brown says he will no longer play in the NFL.

The star wide receiver was cut by the New England Patriots last week amid sexual assault allegations.

He called this woman"super broke" and threatened to"look up her background," according to her lawyers, who sent copies of the text messages to NFL offices and the Patriots on Thursday.

The league said that as Brown is currently an unrestricted free agent, and placement on the"Commissioner's exempt list" — in essence being placed on paid leave — was not appropriate at this time.

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Masky_Jay_Hoody I am no Antonio Brown fan but let's not act like he's completely crazy regarding his Belichick/Rothlesberger comments. Antonio & Kaepernick should start their own football league! I'm thinking he's the last one to realize this. This also opens a can of worms as to how NFL owner fulfill or not fulfill contracts with NFL player.

I think this is sad. 🤦🏽‍♂️ And in the same spirit I would like to announce I will no longer date super models Eh ...who cares Now he's paying the consequences of being young and stupid thinking he's the untouchable king of the world like many young people do. AB84

NFL Investigates New Misconduct Claim Against Antonio BrownThe NFL is investigating a new incident involving New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown in which he is accused of sending ‘intimidating and threatening‘ text messages to a second woman who says he acted inappropriately toward her. America's sports industry has become a gambling scene and all the criminals are able to as they please in these sports and the owners are even caught yep we have gone to the scene of 'The Boyscott| oh yeah let us not forget that recruiting high schoolers for fame and money is not the answer for them to advance they are not guaranty the job for life Nice to see Bob Kraft has learned from the Aaron Hernandez experience. Character should be something you look for in players; the Pats don't give a damn about it as long as the guy can play.

Kaepernick7 will. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Spoiler alert. Nobody’s asking! I will also no longer play in the NFL. Buh-bye That’s right you won’t. I don't care, I think a lot of people don't care.. He's a perfect example of why the NFL need's stricter helmet safety rules.! I would think that Antonio might rethink that choice, once he really considers what he'd be giving up. He should apologize, for any mistakes that he's made and get back on the field. Because that is what he does best.

BobbiResists Collective yawn. Bye!

NFL Star’s Implosion: Antonio Brown Released By New England PatriotsThe career implosion of NFL superstar Antonio Brown continued today as the league’s defending Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, jettisoned the mercurial athlete after sexual mis…

Good It's cute that he's acting like it's his decision. That is probably the most appropriate decision since they seem to be through with him too. Solutioneer72 You can’t break up with me cuz I broke up with you first. 😂😂😂 He could work for Trump seems like he has same set of morals Such a baby!!! Yah, screw the NFL with a big ole ‘72 Olympic Salute people! Kaepernick7 do you agree? GOOD

Good transientnumber Good riddance to that privileged little brat. So many young, talented, law abiding and upcoming players, that would kill for such an opportunity and actually deserve it more. “You didn’t fire me, I quit!”

Antonio Brown Looks Sad as He Lands in Miami Post-Patriots FiringAntonio Brown seemed down in the dumps touching down in Miami after leaving New England. Good asshole Messing with those broke chicken heads will do that to you

So what? Ok. Now report on all of the presidents crimes. Thanks. But is he guilty or not-- or we don't know yet? Ok riiight He'll be back in the NFL 🏈, trust me, someone will give him another chance, as long as he didn't kneel for the magic flag song he'll be back. You can do almost anything and get a second chance in the NFL as long as yo ass stand up for that magically flag song 😊😊

Yeah, the rest of us kinda picked up on that. So now Tonio can play dirty ...what the hell with career and lotsa $$$..!! Find his picture next to ass in the dictionary...oh well, maybe he'll get reparations..!! I’m crushed

Antonio Brown On The PatriotsAntonio Brown -- Back When He Was On The Pats It seemed like yesterday... It's okay, he'll have all those Championship rings to comfort him at night.

scadaman He can give up football but not social media and inappropriate texting? CurtiAntony everaldomarques pauloantunes I think he already is no longer playing. Ya think? Good. Now if the MSM can stop covering this rapist, all will be well. I seem to remember him specifically saying “I don’t need football”

like its his choice lol Waaaaahhhhh they're not letting me get away with sexual assault 😭😭😭 He means he ran the well dry! Um.. No shit! Who would want him playing for their time now? He is toxic.

Patriots release Antonio Brown amid rape allegationsThe New England Patriots have released wide receiver Antonio Brown amid sexual assault allegations. Best player Look Grandma I'm free again He isn’t the same person since Burfict’s hit.

To which the BFL spokesperson replied “No shit!”. And just like that, the NFL got better. He’s headed across the pond? Who cares? Ok cool. Now no need to further discuss him. Let it be over, no more air time for a crazy man. In other news... Three days ago, the NFL said Antonio Brown will no longer play in the NFL.

So does the NFL Good riddance Bye Felicia! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Bye

New England Patriots Release Antonio BrownThe New England Patriots have released Antonio Brown after the NFL began an investigation of the wide receiver. Never should have signed him in the first place. They finally saw the light but it took another inexcusable incident before they cut him loose. Antonio?

See ya! Alrighty then We already knew that! Go play catch with Colin Kaepernick I believe the NFL said it, not this fool. Good for him 😝. Next phone call... the CFL, they’ll take anyone. He left his stench with an owner, Coach and future HOF QB. Who cares?

Reminds me of Mark Twain's quote: 'I didn't go to the funeral, but I sent a nice note saying I approved of it.' Great, go get a job driving a truck then! Duh! Here comes the drama!!!my feet hurt my helmet has not my style!!!give him some cheese!! Good! Please move on to relevant stories.. Who cares, really? Great player, thinks he's above everyone else, I think this dose of reality is exactly what he needs. NOW, leave him out of the media, watch him waste away into oblivion. Let these children learn there are consequences for their childish antics.

What a brave choice... XFL Who cares?

Mm, bye. Like it's up to him.😂 Clearly. Uh, we know. Good Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Calvin Coolidge. Right. Nobody wants his antics. Good riddance

Total self destructive meltdown AB....this is one of the most rapid downturns of a life’s fortune that I have witnessed. Don't believe the CFL will harbour a fugitive either. Good. Hopefully he will be in jail No shit. He's taken himself out of the league. Sure crack head

Soap opera over had your chance goodbye Yah, but it’s not his choice. C-ya! Who? That former nfl player like 2 billion others ? Can't you just let this dude fade away? Who cares? Isn’t that because no one will hire him now? In other breaking news, water is found to be wet, fire is discovered to be hot and AB84 is still an A-hole! Film at 11!

Good news He's not well. And the NFL lets out a sigh of relief.

I don’t think that’s by choice!! Good! Consequences of your actions! Cry baby! longestyard Yeah, no kidding Why people make terrible mistakes. Look at are President and the past presidents. Nobody cares👎🖕 Like he’s really got a choice? Will he still opne himself up to sexual abuse charges? don.'t worry it is for my fantasy players league!

Bye, bye. Who is it that's going to cry? Yeah...Antonio Brown said it....LOL

C'est la vie Good His 15 minutes of fame has just expired. AB is the perfect example of what can happen to a 'Social Media Junkie' = $40 MILLION = POOF !!!! So talented! So messed up! CFL & NHL don't want him.... Try the wwe Pretty sure it’s the other way around... Duh......the NFL is done with him. Duh Duh

Because no one wants him

Right...because NO ONE WILL HAVE HIM. Well duh!?!?!! I'm good with that. Who gives a shit Who cares. He will be in prison soon. Allegations,allegations that's all it takes to ruin a career don't pay a penny especially when the accusers have't file a complaint with the police,one of them wanted two million dollars,get a job

If he doesn’t get his act together, his only option may be the prison exercise yard As if it's his choice.

No team will want him until he is cleared and probably needs some time to reflect. Big fan of Brown and I wish him the best. Sometimes you learn more when your down and out. Perhaps he can star in the new remake of the longest yard and lead his prison team to the convict bowl AB Bye bye You can’t sexually assault the same person 3x unless they tied up in your basement. No payment! Gold digger!

And I'd like to announce that I will no longer sleep with super models. The cancer is gone. Bye Felicia 👋

That’s probably a wise move. Therapy would be another one. Does anyone give a flying F? Seriously. Somewhere in Nevada 'I almost text Antonio a week ago, I wanted to give him a little advice that some of the greatest legal minds in America gave me..' 👋👋👋👋👍👍👍👍👍 Excellent Decision Kevin Spacey quit acting in his own accord without anyone or anything prompting him to do so. Wait...

Good. Now if the MSM will stop giving this rapist free press, all is well. I think that was decided for him. The NFL doesn't want you, so...🤷

Buh Bye..... “ you can’t fire me, I quit” Don't nobody want him. He’s correct Good riddance. Are we suppose to feel bad...cry? Asking for a friend... Isn’t it the owners, players, and fans that are really saying that? “You can’t fire me, I quit!” Does this guy have a lawyer? Is it RudyGiuliani ? Good riddance

Who can blame him... every accusation must be met with a supremely thorough investigation. If it is found that the accuser is lying then they should be met with a very lengthy prison term and crippling restitution payments. Yea. He's correct Works for me Bummer! NFL espn AntonioBrown Has No SelfControl .His Tongue is Obvious BlackAmericaWeb Go sit Down Be Quiet. U scared?🥴

I think the NFL collectively said Antonio Brown will no longer play in the NFL first. That’s like me saying I will never walk in the Victoria Secret show.... Hope he invested that money wisely or got a good degree in college...

EXACTLY........cause no one wants that nut job..... He’s going to be tough for the guards to defend when suiting up for the inmates... rapist Bye, Felicia! I think its more the NFL deciding you wont play in it. Thoughts and prayers Colin Kaepernick is still in denial.

Yeah that’s fine with us. Oh no! No, the NFL said he would be out. Nice try though. Robert Kraft should’ve been fired too! He was caught on camera! NFL is still racist! I bet he stays true to his word on this one. No matter how much the NFL begs him... Always somebody else’s fault. Ah, who gives a shit. I thought it was the Patriots that said this, but whatevs

its cuz he's Brown isn't it?

Good riddance! bye rapist Good decision 'You can't fire me (again) because I quit!' No one cares. Are there enough cut players to form a team yet ? We already knew that.

xfl2020 Did he just get the memo..... Best decision you have made in years ... Good riddance. Hmmm, which was it - rape, domestic violence, theft or all of the above? Freedom In Soviet America, NFL no longer play you. I think that was an unspoken thing anyway. Be careful what you wish for. Consequences of your actions! What a true dummy!!!

Aww poor baby Good riddance to a huge cry baby. I hope he saved his money. Can someone please show him how to use a period. Yeah he is going to play for the Albany Empire next season! In solidarity with Antonio Brown, I too announce that I will never play in the NFL. Is anyone asking him to play in the NFL? 🤣

He is right. The NFL is probably going to Ban him. Bye.

Threw away millions. A criminal with no cred. What a loser! Good. AB84 can stop playing and start working. Yes we know I'm sure this was all his decision, along with 32 NFL teams. Lol of course he won’t . Nobody will hire him Unless someone asks. ByeFelicia Bye bye rapist

I bet he won't. Good! Bye. Hope you’ve been investing your money wisely or you got a useful college degree. That makes a lot of sense now that he's looking to play for the Federal Prison League, And? Good! Good-Bye! He's a rapist who enjoys farting in front of people. There's really no place for him in a civilized society.

He's perfect for the XFL. Don't care.

Really!!!! Duh Stupid 🤡 NFL receives major shade from the grandest player of all time. NFL will definately regret dissing the GOAT. Good! He thinks he made that decision? I do believe the NFL made that decision. They finally got something right. In solidarity, I will no longer have sex with any super models, or movie stars.

I wish I can express how much I give a $&? Is that a promise?!?’ 😃 GOOD Maybe Nike will sign him to advertise their new line of rape shoes... say it ain't so antonio Who sexually assaulted him? Who? No longer will or no longer can?

That's cuz nobody wants him I think the NFL already made that decision for you booboo. 🧐 I thought they told him that 🤷🏽‍♂️ Who cares... it’s everyone’s fault but himself... BYE BYE AB... don’t let the door hit you in the ass I had the same thought, AB. Good. Good Bye 👋 Clearly he has a future as a detective. No &$it Sherlock.

... because he’s likely going to jail for sexual assault.

Good.. Uh that decision is as already made for you buddy 😂 Good, the man may be a great athlete but he’s an embarrassment otherwise. When will the NFL stop hiring thugs? NFL says that is true. WSMV Who caresnext we will see he’s in massive debt! Gd riddance! Good see ya wouldn’t want to be ya 🤪🤡💩🤢🤮 days are done Foolio

Bring back Kaepernick7 Well Antonio you put your own foot in that mouth of yours. Like they say loose lips sinks ships. Spend your $$ wisely so you don’t get broke quickly. Good luck Bye Felicia! Okay RAPIST🙄.. you don’t have a choice. Seems obvious Good He said that 😂😂😂😂🤣 He didn’t made that decision

Go play in Canada. Make money elsewhere.

All of the talent, and none of the brains. NBC Socialist=Dem=Liberal hate propaganda. Maybe the Socialist=Dem=Liberal mafia has offered a job as enforcer. Still confused with the rape allegations. How can you assault someone at your home on 3 occasions. First assault you drive home and don’t tell anyone-drive over again, same thing-then drive over again to his house-surely does not seem scare of another attack

Zenyattaforever xfl2020 Just stay away from the CFL aight! BAHAHA And he believes it's his Choice.....Wrong your a Cancer and No one wants anything to do with you! Go play catch with Kaepernick! ok, bye Great, happy trails. Bye. ...who...?

Of course ... you are heading to jail AntonioBrown MeeToo RespectWomen Me thinks he’s right. Good Let's not put AB in the same sentence as Kaepernick. AB is a spoiled brat who only cares about AB. Chances are he'll be broke and/or dead in 5 years. Whether you agree or not, Kap was kneeling for what he believed.

Whelp. Me neither!! “I decide to leave the bar as they were kicking me out.” Hard to play football behind bars.

WSMV So what’s he gonna do? Sell cars? That would require a personality... XFL? Nobody to blame except his own stupidity Until any team offers him a contract My son looked up to him. These entitled athletes Need to do better. Bye 👋 I think we knew that already! WSMV I think that was kinda decided for him...

Kind of hard to play for the NFL while in jail. 🤷🏽‍♂️ He’s right about that.

First thing he got right in 3 months Best decision he’s made yet! 😮 What does NFL stand for? Not of his own volition. I’d rather hear him say he won’t sexually assault anyone ever again. Good. If Kaepernick gets tossed for supporting BLM, players like this need to be expunged immediately. Great

And to think, all this started over a disagreement between you and BigBen. Yes, we know already. I think the nfl will be ok without him. Oh no, such a tremendous loss, what are we to do? How will we go on? But Robert Kraft did nothing wrong or Big Ben or Ezekiel Elliott troll ass and they got caught and charged but still involved with this pos organization nfl 😂😂😂😂

Man has had a full mental breakdown

The NFL is done with you, don’t flatter yourself And.... Well, not really his choice..... But still don’t think it’s right to end a career from an accusation. Should be tried and proven first. Glad we agree Was there not a morals clause in his contract 🤣🤣🤣 N.E. got a lot of shady players. Who picked these player?

The CTE is real. Thoughts and prayers. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 XFL all like.

Watch those allegations be false. He should sue the girl back for the sum of his contract. Ya! Freedom of choice!!!😂😂😂😂clown!!🤡 LOL...Until he runs out of money...Which will be next week! WSMV Welcome to the xfl2020! XFL2020 Did he say that? Or the impending rape trial say that? Does he have a choice?

Like it's his choice

whyfund When the Eagles took Michael Vick, I tried to explain that they'd have taken Satan himself if he could drop one on the numbers. Even Philly has no interest in AB. He's right - he's done in the NFL. This was WAY overdue! Like he has a choice anyway...... Bye Felicia! XFL starts back next year. Wow, gee I wonder how he came to that decision? Hope he does prison time, you know there are many women this PoS assaulted. They must report!

XFL here he comes lol Good! Now do sexual assault. Haha try jack in the box they might be hiring

Could it be because no team would want him Good riddance Fired his choice, definitely I would never give anyone an excuse to abuse anyone else. Food for thought: And the Patriot's owner, despite his criminal behavior, is still the Patriot's owner. Damn shame😩 Good! Bye bye and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

He's going to go sign with that other league.. wait a minute... and matt lauer said he would no longer work for NBC Good.

So long, Quitter Boy. I hope you never return to the NFL ever again. Why don’t you go to the xfl2020 and see if VinceMcMahon will put up with your shit? WSMV That sucks. ...and the NFL rejoiced... So sad, he should have been less rapey Sounds like a pity plea attempt. All he had to do was not threaten someone and he’d have $9 million dollars.

Actually he has no say at this time? I would say that’s a given!! erm, duh Bye fool WSMV Well, there's a very good chance no team in the NFL wants him. This is what happens when people think their shit doesn't stink. XFL, Arena ball, skid row. Chances are not when u have 3 team jerseys on the clearance rack at the same time.

I think the NFL told him that he wasnt playing in the NFL anymore...maybe lol He would to spend more time with his family...beating them.

Not by his choosing.. Awesome He is right, but it certainly wasn't his decision Nobody is gonna touch him anyway. For someone of your talent, I'd say what a waste. lol when someone breaks up w u and u tell ur friends u were just tryin to wait til after their birthday er somethin

Yeah no shit. Nobody wants him. Pretty sure it’s not his decision. I would sure hope not

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