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Andrew Yang, Andrew Yang Policy

Andrew Yang's 2020 Dark-Horse Presidential Platform

Andrew Yang Wants to Give Every American $1,000 Each Month


Andrew Yang Wants to Give Every American $1,000 Each Month

Can his out-there policies take him all the way to White House?

to the main debate stage, our Democratic candidates have made sure to use their time in the limelight to share what they hope to do if elected to the highest office in the land. Many of them are familiar faces with

Still, if you're tired of the same old, same old in Washington, there are a couple of key points about Yang's campaign that you might want to pay special attention to. Here's the breakdown of some of the most important policies that the New York businessman plans to execute if elected President of the United States.

the universal income would be a baseline number of $1,000 per month for every American between the ages of 18 and 64, regardless of the factors that usually effect one's income and overall quality of life such as economic class, profession, gender, and race. The freedom dividend, says Yang, will allow citizens to take care of their basic needs.

Like Sanders and Warren, Yang wholeheartedly supports the idea of

While some of his opponents and their supporters are outrightly rejecting the tenets of standard capitalism (feel the

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Note that the Freedom Dividend does not stop at 65 years of age, but rather is for anyone 18 or older. How

Andrew Yang: Everything you need to know about the 2020 presidential candidateEverything you need to know about Andrew Yang ahead of ABC News' DemDebate in Houston: Full coverage begins TOMORROW at 7pm ET on or on all your favorite streaming devices. founded a failed tech startup. So did me and a buddy in the 80s on an ole apple. we tried,man The only thing you need to know is that the Buccaneers and Panthers are playing Thursday night so no need to tune in to the circus of narcissistic incompetents spinning their lies and empty promises. You left out the part where the media have have completely left him out of graphics, articles, and coverage. Not to mention getting his name wrong. YangMediaBlackout is real!

Andrew Yang is the hottest 2020 candidate this side of Elizabeth Warren right nowThe current reality of the 2020 presidential race is this: Aside from Elizabeth Warren (and her surge into second place behind Joe Biden), there is no candidate with more momentum and buzz than Andrew Yang headed into tonight's third debate | Analysis Will cnn ever mention the momentum of Bernie Sanders? Who? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

An Interview With Andrew Yang, an Outsider at Tonight’s Democratic Debate Andrew Yang , a former tech executive, has qualified for a spot in tonight's Democratic debate when several better-known lawmakers did not. What has made his campaign so unexpectedly compelling? Listen to today's episode of 'The Daily.' He’s a businessman. He identified, communicated, and is beginning a dialogue on solutions to the inevitability of the upcoming mass unemployment crisis. He deserves to be there AndrewYang is a narcissistic goof who is worshiped by a bunch of soulless techie goofs. The YangGang makes the Berners look sane. Quite a feat.

Is Andrew Yang ready for prime time?Yang is one of the top six polling candidates in the Democratic primary field heading into Thursday's ABC debate. One of the lesser-known candidates, Yang still faces long odds. I personally would enjoy seeing him host 'Saturday Night Live.' Yang is a good man. But he is not fit to be president.

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