Trump's Election Meddling İs Threatening Us Democracy - Cnnpolitics

Trump's Election Meddling İs Threatening Us Democracy - Cnnpolitics

Analysis: Trump's election meddling is threatening US democracy

Never mind meddling by Russia, China or Iran. The most dangerous threat to the integrity of November's election is coming from the man sworn to protect it, the President of the United States.

8/14/2020 1:45:00 PM

Never mind meddling by Russia, China or Iran. The most dangerous threat to the integrity of November's election is coming from the man sworn to protect it, the President of the United States | Analysis by StCollinson

Never mind meddling by Russia, China or Iran. The most dangerous threat to the integrity of November's election is coming from the man sworn to protect it, the President of the United States.

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StCollinson StCollinson Total bullshit by the liars at cnn again. StCollinson You people will literally do anything to remove this President including starting a worldwide pandemic. You can’t change the rules on voting with two months to the election. The Post Office themselves has announced they can’t handle. The dims are lumping in PO funding w/wish list

StCollinson You guys are crazy! What about the Russian collusion illegal crimes done with the bs investigation? That’s the real crime that already happened. StCollinson Fake news! StCollinson Social media psychological warfare. StCollinson Way to be unbiased and objective CNN... StCollinson My man Trump is 100x better than whatever trash your talking about him!

StCollinson Trump this is unreal of a United States president actions your priority is for the people Your doing the total opposite when people see this do u think you'll get lots of votes think again they won't trust you StCollinson So true. Madman in charge of US. StCollinson BS! Get your cheating asses to the poll if you want to vote! You're trying to use the China flu as a cover to commit mass fraud through mail-in voting!

StCollinson StCollinson YAWN. StCollinson 😈 StCollinson CNN is becoming a left wing nut media! StCollinson Report this story CNN. StCollinson EXACTLY! StCollinson Sorry we have ignorant news outlets like cnn who make shit up StCollinson CNN = COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK StCollinson JimAcostaJr StCollinson And our kids are watching and learning. They’re learning either how to 1. Fight for truth and democracy 2. Lie and cheat to win at all costs 3. Be apathetic and not care at all JoeBiden is right. This election is a fight for our Nations very soul and it’s future!

StCollinson This is pure treason. Impeach him now! StCollinson This idiot would do and say anything to win ,avoid going to jail StCollinson GFY clown news network. StCollinson Communist News Network StCollinson Heirarchy of meddling in the US election: Silicon Valley other telecom companies [both overlapping with DNC interests] China [a considerable chasm] Russia; maybe Trump

StCollinson CNN lot more dangerous spreading your propaganda StCollinson StCollinson This president is very strange with everything paranoia and pride StCollinson StCollinson StCollinson hey sheep - do not think , do not research... believe what mainstream media is saying ... repeat with us : Orange man bad , Orange man bad ...

Impeach this traitor again! My god, people, there are 200k dead Americans bc he refuses to do anything about the coronavirus. Now when everyone is supposed to stay inside and our very lives depend on usps, he’s destroying it? His “power” is imaginary. Stand up to this shit! StCollinson The economy failed. We put a business owner in a position of power to fix it and all you do is complain and try put it back into it's broken state.

StCollinson SafiyaAyana from the USArmy stole $4,821 that was sent to her for errands we need to find her USArmy USArmyReserve StCollinson You people make me want to vomit StCollinson Impeach Trump. StCollinson Analysis or Opinion? Is there a difference anymore? Is my analysis less credible than anyone else’s? If so, why? Is it because authority/institution didn’t give me a piece of paper declaring me sufficiently indoctrinated?

StCollinson Stop spewing lies of the deep state. Wait. They own CNN. Forever Propaganda News Network. StCollinson 💯 agree. He’s been destroying our country from the inside, for the last 3 years. The self-pronounced king must be dethroned. StCollinson Yes! Keep the facts running. StCollinson Fake News CNN

StCollinson That's true, America don't be fooled or clouded by what you hear about Russia, China .. Yes they to agree meddling but don't talk about it.. But look within your own country..Trump is too meddling and talk openly about it..Do something about it.. StCollinson StCollinson The biggest problem here is not Trump it’s all the Republicans senators who don’t stop him! One man alone can’t do so much damage if they would all stop him,but they don’t!😡our country will become a dictatorship and our democracy will not longer stand, if this continues!WATCH🤦‍♀️

StCollinson .'senior reporter' in other words lying sack if shit StCollinson Danger will Robinson!!! StCollinson EnemyOfThePeople CNN is unbelievable, and it’s only going to get worse StCollinson Your success story is waiting to be written, all you have to do is take a leap of faith in YOURSELF. Click Here To Learn More..

StCollinson He said I want a fair election. Mail in ballots have proven to be a disaster. There is a big difference in absentee ballots and mass mail out ballots. StCollinson Here we go. Making excuses for the next election they lose. StCollinson He'll do anything to try to win he's scared he'll loose. Once he looses there will be criminal charges

StCollinson He is a menace. The problem, though, is this: His core base don't believe any TV news, any papers, or any social media. They *only* believe what comes out of Donald 's mouth. He, literally, could say anything and they would believe it. That is the problem we are up against. StCollinson U guys have lust credibility all becos of ur bias news of trump is a big shame

StCollinson Democrats are the main threat to our state! Therefore, I cast my vote for the Republicans and Trump!🇺🇸 StCollinson CNN really pushing StCollinson StCollinson Baloney. CNN has no credibility. StCollinson I fear Trump won't handover after defeat. StCollinson TRUMP THE OUTGOING TENANT OF THE WH IS THREADING ON THIN ICE!!!

Analysis | Kamala Harris came out swinging for voters that Trump has been targeting hardestHarris used most of her time to focus on how the Trump administration has harmed Americans broadly, through his response to the coronavirus and matters of race.

Analysis | Trump questions the American-ness of another non-White candidateHe breathed life into the baseless theory that Harris cannot serve in the White House because her parents are immigrants. I'd question her credentials like Tulsi did, but that's just me. Did you guys actually watch the press conference? Trump said he didn’t know about it and moved on to the next question. You guys make a big deal about nothing. Why don’t you report the actual news stop acting like teenage gossip girls.

Trump says U.S. is nearing an end on pandemic.morningmika to President Trump on his comments saying that the coronavirus is “getting to an end” in the US: “The stupidity of the things that come out of your mouth are staggering and it is leading to the death of many Americans.” morningmika kinda is. Ps. How's the shaft grasping habit coming? morningmika 🤡🤡 The only stupidity I see comes from MSNBC and CNN!! morningmika Uhm. People actually think that about morningmika

Trump appointee deepens purge of U.S. global media agencyThe U.S. Agency for Global Media has removed a number of senior executives as the new CEO Michael Pack continues to dramatically reshape the government-run media group As the Germans were being beaten back to Berlin, a number of them realized that there would be prosecutions once the war was over, and started to act accordingly. These Vichy officials who are aiding and abetting Trump's criminal enterprise should keep Nuremberg in mind. Look what's happening here, this is criminal: brianstelter If you think this is bad, wait till Trump wins re-election.

Trump absurdly claims US will 'have to learn' Chinese if he losesDespite a breathtaking record, Trump has failed to learn a simple lesson: lies intended to scare people have to be realistic to have the intended effect. MaddowBlog He isn't wrong. Chinese world hegemony is right around the corner and only Trump is doing anything to keep US control. MaddowBlog Did he sell all of us to China? lol trump is such an idiot. Lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie. No one cares. MaddowBlog Donald Trump is right that once China overtakes and controls the United States, the CCP will demand that all Americans speak Chinese.

Rudy Giuliani: U.S. Would Become 'Banana Republic' If Biden DOJ Prosecuted TrumpThe president's personal lawyer has persistently pushed for charges against Obama administration figures. I am yet 2 see a lawer be given a real job! Yeah, because they broke the law and participated in a failed coup