Texas Mask Mandate: An Exhausted Icu Nurse Says She's Scared About The State Lifting Covid Restrict

Texas Mask Mandate: An Exhausted Icu Nurse Says She's Scared About The State Lifting Covid Restrict

An exhausted Texas ICU nurse says she's scared about an end to the state's mask mandate

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3/3/2021 5:36:00 PM

'I'm scared of what this is going to look like.' A Texas ICU nurse said health care workers were seeing light at the end of the tunnel, but that was 'shut down' when Gov. Abbott said he was lifting the state's mask mandate and businesses' capacity limits.

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Please look at Halabja Couldn't find a Dr.? Bet there is no surge and a miracle is upon us Work harder and faster Fear not, that vindictive governor will be charged for the lives loss in the coming days. Overwhelming the healthcare system is the major issue along with the casualties. TimOBrien Other states need nurses.

Texas is an ignorant state apparently.. One hasnt learned from the first time around for opening up too early when the pandemic isnt over Meanwhile in Texas... Illegals are bringing in the Virus in Texas.. There you go liberals.. YOU ARE FEAR PORN, NOT JOURNALISTS. VoteOutGOPTraitorsToDemocracy Nurses have been elevated to diety status and their egos have grown with it. Shut up and your job

We will be just fine here in Texas without masks and anyone who wants to can still wear one but those that choose not too! do not have too anymore Quit voting for him then...He's getting ELECTED by the SAME people criticizing him...Proof is in the voting. Yes its MAINLY White people. Especially in Texas. GEORGIA got flipped by HEAVY Black vote. SAME has to be done by BROWN people in Texas. VOTEBLUE2022.

He’s rushing people back to activity! And back to the hospital!!! Because he knows everything ChristineVSmith Hey GregAbbott_TX says he’ll start sending a new infection in to the hospital to kill more people The only way to combat this reckless decision is for MORE and BETTER testing. This will drive the numbers up and force Abbott to close back down. The new anal swab tests are available. We should be using them on all young women in this nurse’s position.

When numbers soar, let’s just hope ppl see the connection between “shut down” and “wide open”and vote accordingly. Politicians who don’t protect the public need to go! I am so sorry! I HOPE SHE KEEPS HER JOB, BECAUSE SHE'S RIGHT. Stay strong and safe. So scary for you. Look to God! Yup and immigrants on the way!! God Bless our Healthcare professionals wherever they maybe!!🇺🇸❤🙏

wow she can see future too!?! Surprisingly, getting elected to be a law maker in the US is too easy. China News Network BS. Idiots keep ruining everything. JoeBiden better take control ChrisCuomo This move to ease mask wearing in red states should show all republican voters that the republican governors and senators could careless if they live or die!! They are responsible for the deaths of 520,000 Americans!!!

Your not the only one who is scared! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The same health care workers that find time to choreograph and post TikTok videos in the hospitals because they are so overrun. Save it. Ask her, she knows, ❤️💙 jaketapper He’s their Governor and knows what’s best for his state and Party. 😂🤪😂🤪😂🤪 Nobody is stopping anyone from wearing a mask.

brianrayguitar It is scary for exhausted HCW’s to face premature reopening, just when vaccine availability is ramping up. “ you guessed it! We haven’t learned. Not to be fuel for the fire to burn” see Chaz Fritz video “ Fuel for the Fire” on You Tube! If it were up to CNN, Democrats and you, people would be having face masks surgically implanted in their faces to wear them forever. ENOUGH!

We don’t care... Go away little girl grow up little girl you don't like it leave the state little girl jaketapper Unconscionable action by Abbott. jaketapper If things go to hell in Texas in a few weeks it will certainly be big news. If things go well in a few weeks it SHOULD be even bigger news. But it won’t.

jaketapper Maybe all the nurses and ER docs and caregivers need to take a Greg Abbott Relief Day! He doesn't seem to care about patients why must they bear all the burden. Oh right, they are trained professionals, they have ethics and integrity! jaketapper Neanderthals would know better. jaketapper Thanks GregAbbott_TX for your deadly decision.

jaketapper ChrisCuomo She can always quit her job and get a job making solar panels jaketapper Good weed out the herd. ChrisCuomo God bless! We are praying for you! ❤️🙏🏻💙🇺🇸 Republicans are now actively trying to drive up Covid 19 deaths under Joe Biden. Republicans are an existential threat to the republic.

Ppl that have been wearing masks will continue to do so. Ppl that have not been wearing masks, wont b wearing one. GOP is a party that ignored the pandemic and has been immune to mounting deaths. Seems like they could care less about the people of America! They only listen to a few who are loudest extremist!

Were all tired of Gov. ABBOTT.. It's time to vote 🗳 him out.. He's trying to get the black ⚫out blame off his butt.. and please Trump at the same time.. He needs to go... BETO.. where r u... Gotta keep the fear alive and move these vaccines for our big pharma sponsors and our stocks to go up This is one of those cases where federal government should be able to enforce certain state rules. Respect state laws but enforce pandemic emergency laws.

Shame on you PHD 💀 Texas governor seems to be as idiot as Trump. Masks save lives. He still think that covid is a hoax? How many Republicans in all US had contracted Covid and how many died? I wish that in the next election, people from Texas remember an choose an intelligent person for office. Texas nurses and doctors should find a new state, one where the governor cares. I feel so bad for what's coming at them.

What about the illegals crossing the border? They all have to be negative for Texas to lift the ban....Right🤷🏻‍♂️ Bla bla bla Wear your mask According to Fauci, light at the end of the tunnel is two years from now even with three vaccines. ChrisCuomo Andy would love to have masks taken off this way he can kiss all the lovely young ladies. Anymore of his daughter’s teammates that he was smitten w

someone pull a Baby Jane and push him down the stairs... Stupid stupid stupid move 🤬 Hey no one is stopping you from wearing a mask. My freedom doesn’t stop when people’s emotions get in the way Remember this at election time. Texas has a lot of politicians to clean out. They deserve better but it’s up to them.

ChrisCuomo She's safer in Texas than she is ANYWHERE near soon to be former governor Cuomo. And let's go back to the Tapanzee! As the rest of US in America, GOP glutens of power. It's time for them all to go. ChrisCuomo Texas Governor: Stop Greg Abbott from eliminating the mask mandate & opening TX at 100% - Sign the Petition! via Change

PattyArquette Move out of that backwards assed redneck state. Why would you subject yourself to constant misery. Your state is dopey enough to send Raphael Cruz back to the Senate, so you kinda get what you deserve You can still wear a mask ya dummy!! JulianCastro From the Texas power grid failure, to contaminated drinking water, to lifting the mask mandate, our Governor GregAbbott_TX continues to demonstrate a level of incompetence rarely seen. Even worse than his inept predecessors, George Bush and Rick Perry. Texas

ChrisCuomo Yeap did they Mr. Lemon and Mr. Cuomo? Churches, statues, poor people's business were looted, vandalized and burn down to the ground By BLM and Antifa you supported. Tell us Mr. Lemon and Mr. Cuomo? How peaceful were BLM and Antifa protests? ChrisCuomo Wear a mask anyway. Until Americans stop dying

Get out of texas. Isolate it. Nothing allowed in or out. Yes otherwise it could be a disaster ChrisCuomo BetoORourke JulianCastro Maybe she can make solar panels... ChrisCuomo Hey Fredo, your brother is a star I see him all over the news snivelling whining and lying just like you LOL As Covid gets worse again in Texas, which it will, the Governor should have to work in the ICU with Covid patients until the surge goes down again. I feel so sorry for all the front line workers.

ChrisCuomo He should be charged with murder They should be more afraid of the illegal immigrants who are covid positive coming across the board. ChrisCuomo Ok now do your brother NYGovCuomo POTUS Texas should stop receiving vaccines. ChrisCuomo We have come way to far to start again, we lost too many Americans that should have NEVER been lost...where is the common sense, how dare they!

Nothing Nurses should strike and refuse to treat new cases. You won't see what Texas will look like, the governor will turn off the lights. She should be more worried about the influx of illegal immigrants being allowed into the country that are Covid positive. Super Spreaders. JulianCastro Stop voting for republicans.

Wearing a mask😷in public places until the pandemic is over should be a federal mandate for the safety of all Americans! It shouldn’t be a partisan issue. StopTheSpread POTUS VP Stay home, dont go out and wait for stimulus $ Still trying to stir division cnn And not a single comment about how hot she is... what’s this world coming to

ChrisCuomo The Texas governor only cares about the economy not about the people in my opinion JulianCastro Trust that Texans will look out for one another and wear masks and social distance, so that one day we may freely co-mingle once again. We must be diligent!!! WEAR THE MASK! CNN IS SO DESPERATE TO KEEP THE BIG LIE - SCAMDEMIC GOING

JulianCastro Well, don’t worry, Gov. Abbott, Ted Cruz, their families and friends are all vaccinated! Isn’t that nice? 😡 When you see nurses working hard to stop the spread and you have a rogue Trump ally who's governor of a big state lift restrictions on his own accord, it breaks your heart and you know America is in need of reform.

ChrisCuomo The governor of Texas is being smart you cannot keep the states lock down and restricted forever it is a virus that is not going away will never disappear just like any other virus JulianCastro Stop! I know the dirty secret...idk how any of leave there work place and night feel the slightest bit guilty...Not buying it!

ChrisCuomo I love reading comments, it’s amazing to me how stupid people really are, People here think that governor's decision regarding Covid-19 are taken by himself alone. 🤔Not so fast because it is 100% not true. There are doctors that supported that decision; and of course economical interests.

Costello was the smart one! They should have elected him! JulianCastro You'll be fine. CNN again brings in a random nurse... ChrisCuomo Every person who loses a loved one in the next 2 or 3 weeks in the state of Texas should sue Gov Abbott for murder . 1000s of deaths are unnecessarily going to happen. God save us all .

ChrisCuomo I feel sorry for the healthcare workers and first responders. I will keep you in my prayers! Smart nurse GOP and GregAbbott_TX once again proving they are anything but pro-life. All that talk about every life matters is just their way of controlling women’s body, once she gives birth repugs will do everything to kill that life GOPDomesticTerrorists

ChrisCuomo Just walk off let them cope with it Boy, these governors get away with too much. How irresponsible and wreakless States run themselves. Sack the Governor! has a face like she could be in porn, idk about the body That's putting more people at risk ChrisCuomo amazing America The body count will increase

1. Whenever they bring a low-level person like this, it’s always a reasonably attractive woman 2. Such a person can only appeal to emotions ‘cause their “expertise” always proves to be anecdotal rendering their take fluff. Any factual statements she makes could b made by a laymen Why Republicans want people dead? What is wrong with them. They want as many people as possible infected. I know it has to do with 💰 why don’t they fear God what’s wrong with them.

ChrisCuomo I really felt for this woman. She & her coworkers r working their ass off, & the good ‘ol boy just ups & undoes all their hard work. She was desperately trying to keep from breaking down. All because a jackass trying 2 regain support from a dismal handling of a recent disaster Every health care professional in Texas would be welcomed with open arms in any “blue” state.

JulianCastro All these Healthcare Heroes can do is resign since continuing to work will only impact their health, since their now-doubled workload is going to get much worse !! It didnt have to be this way !!!!!!! 💔 He needs to be sued from here to eternity. 😡 ChrisCuomo this poor young woman could barely keep her eyes open while talking to you. what a monster abbott is for putting her thru more of this. god bless her.

Especially since the Biden administration is allowing positive Covid illegal aliens into the United States. I mean at least the Biden administration is being smart and following the constitution. Right? ChrisCuomo How can u blame her! ChrisCuomo OSHA regulations prevent an employer “knowingly endangering a worker” yet a Governor can do it to a whole State? Can someone explain that pls? HumanityFirst BBCWorld LastWeekTonight

ChrisCuomo GregAbbott_TX Governor Abbott is miserable, understandably. But that's no reason to make everyone around you miserable too. Go to church. Do something productive. Serve some dinners to your fellow Texans. Stop being bitter, shit happens. Retire and get a life. It will be nice if millions of people sue Abbott and all of the organizations, companies, etc that will endanger life and health. Abbott need some major Karma.

Parents had NO problem AT ALL engaging in the evil of procreation and FORCING another entity to be subjected to any and all hunger, fear, & suffering that life has to offer, followed by a guaranteed death. If you're a parent, you need to S... T... F... U... and sit down. Real couple of stooges aren’t they, Neanderthal Abbott and Cancun Teddy? Abbott putting lives in danger as he tries to deflect the blame he deserves for energy failure! You give cockroaches more respect than that!

ChrisCuomo I don’t know how they do it. After Abbott gave the order for COVID open season, I’d quit my job as a doctor/nurse and go offer my expertise in a state that cares about people’s lives. ChrisCuomo The Evangelicals must be dancing in the streets. The apocalyptic end of the world plague has finally come to Texas, courtesy of Republicans. 😼

Welcome in Paris on manque des bras Plandemic for sure This is what I said earlier. Frontline Medical Workers are left out ON THEIR OWN without any support from any government! WTF! PattyArquette Gregg Abbott...a Republican lost cause. Finished & Done. JulianCastro Greg Abbott's reckless & absurd reopening will overwhelm our fragile medical workers ... again. Puts our teachers & childcare workers at grave risk. WHY? AbbottFailedTexasAgain AbbottHasTexasBloodOnHisHands

This is a very brave and honest woman!! The world is curious We have to wait and see, sure she feels that way but she doesn’t know if things will get worse or if things will remain the same. I think that Abbott is trying to shift the attention away from total failure of the running of the power grid. He doesn't really care about the people anyway.

Yeah. Dumb ass move not wearing a mask Is she one of those terrorists that want to take away our freedom... forcing us to wear a mask? This just might be his way to win over his community due to lack of aid, support, and concern regarding unusual weather and home devastation. Many people desire to be liked more than doing what is right, but I don’t...

mspeggy50 The GQP and its members have devolved into a cult. And though it may be considered intemperate to characterize them as such, we fail to do so at our peril. The GQP descent into authoritarianism must be called out in real time. The is not a game; the stakes could not be higher. 💔💔 Especially when Houston is the 1st place to record all 5 new covid variants. Abbott is 12 yrs short of a medical degree. Lord help us.🤦🏽‍♀️

PattyArquette Apparently the GOP hates healthcare workers. Maybe they should consider never voting for them until they value reality? This is so wrong. Bad bad timing. 😢 👿 Media need to take part in educating people even when vaccinated the only way to kill virus is to prevent spreading in wearing mask we all need to care for each other be socially responsible.

With hardworking nurses and doctors working around the clock, sacrificing sleep and placing their own health at risk to save COVID19 patients, GregAbbott_TX's recent announcement is not only ignoring the healthcare system but placing millions of vulnerable individuals at risk!! Isn't it strange how this happened days after the Cpac Lie festival , Trump told his Govonor's as he thinks of them to go against everything the Dem's are trying to get done . It's why Abbott and Reeves made those terrible decision's about Mask's to stop Biden's plans regardless

JulianCastro Abbott is making a new mistake. He is being negligent & irresponsible for lifting mandate; but it can be a distraction strategy to appease the Texas Grid investigation. He does not care about the Texas people; he cares about his political credibility. Now that I have read the opinion from a nurse's interview at a Motel 8, I have decided that personal liberty is not so important. Thank you CNN.

Seen her on tick-tock the other day. A donny🐑Is a dangerous thing Imagine being so proud of being wrong that you just sacrifice the health of the people of an entire state, but that's obviously what their people want, these are their elected officials! The fact is that many health care workers are seeing the truth daily that people are still ill and dying. To lift the mask mandates so soon would hinder the progress made by wearing them. It would eventually lead to having to go back to mask wearing, more people sick, and more.

🤦‍♂️ Liberal propaganda. So sad how disrespectful to those frontline healthcare hero’s! I feel their pain🙏🏻 ABBOTT IS WORKING FOR TRUMP AND THE DEVIL. ABBOTT IS RACISR COVID19 MURDERER. PEOPLE OF TEXAS USE YOUR BRAIN THINK FOR YOURSELF LIFE NOT DEATH. PLEASE WEAR MASK PLEASE DrKhan/Lazarus Gov has no Authority to put restrictions on our rights to begin with .

That’s it I’m moving to Texas !! It’s going to be fine. Truthfully. You just can't fix stupid, can you? A nurse is not an epidemiologist. I would be the first out of Texas It’s been a year . Your mind games are up Seams like all nurses aren't real patriots, REKTfromBSV! It will be fine Advance Audience Segmentation Custom Campaigns Setup for events like, Black-Friday, Thanksgiving, Holidays etc. Optin Form Setup. Or Third-party Optin Integration Funnel Set Up Advance Flows as per brand. High Converting Templates

victim mentality. I promise you we chillin More good news please((( Oh bullshit. Y’all will be fine. Stop labeling everyone sick or dead Covid related Who cares she needs to quit and go home where its safe the rest of us will manage LETS START ORGANIZING PROTESTS AROUND FKN ABBOTT!AbbottResign AbbottFailedTexas 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

Move to Cali. it just seems like a government official should be prosecuted for intentionally disabling as many people as possible before they can get fully vaccinated. christmasali The governor should be jailed. Just to piss off the liberals, follow me for conservative content 💜💜💜💜 Thank you for your service.

If they are going to open everything up to 100% then why not keep masks on for a couple more months? I can’t believe how many stupid people are in politics 🤬 Just like Cruz’s getaway to Cancun during a crisis Abbott would be blamed for 72 hours and then its all the Democrat and Biden fault Change career to tunnel worker. See light at end of the tunnel daily. Problem solved

Dont help them. Dont accept them in the hospitals This is so predictable by a fake news operation like cnn. Hunt for a useful idiot to be a prop for their narrative. Facts, data, science be damned. This is why you have clearly earned the EnemyOfThePeople moniker. Get the hell out of Texas!!!😩 Florida... doing fine.

At what point when does the incredibly brave and dedicated medical community say to those people who deliberately sabatoge their lives and those around them ... we just can't do this anymore? Free campaigning for democrats? What they should be worried about is the tens of thousands of Central and South American, and Mexican people flooding into the USA with no COVID screening or vaccinations. Seems to me that is a bigger issue than Americans going about there normal days not using a mask.

Fear never pans out the way we think it will.... lovable_ish Maybe they should focus on those 2 states for vaccines. If the governors are irresponsible that could hurt the rest of us. Doing that would at least minimize the risk. Not really super fair, but what are you gonna do? 🧢 🧢 CNN spreading fear...

This Texans could and should sue. She lies The sheep keep following the Shepherd CDC But she’s not scared of open borders? Not scared of Rapists, Murderers, gang members? Didn’t 108 illegals test positive at the border? TEXAS HAS A HISTORY OF EMBRACING TREASON There should be a law that permit citizens to sue government officials that put Americans lives at risk that result in death or cause permanent disabilities due to their negligence. Class action lawsuits. Just saying. .

Of course. Oh please. plandemic Let’s make sure only to interview people who align with the story we want to support. Let’s not let the other side have a voice. Typical cnn reporting. You guys ever report on the bright side of anything? On a hopeful outcome? Fear mongering, left wing propaganda that average citizens don’t have the skills to see through. It’s a crime what you do.

Go make another dance video then Most of the country agrees. Republican politicians don’t care, though, because they’re determined to perpetuate devastation Many of the GOP governors want to create an impressive image of their state disregarding reality. If they are so confident that masks are not required why do they not go into the epicentre of the virus and take take the places of those unselfish angels to whom U.S. owes its life?

I never would have imagined that Governor Abbott would have made such a huge mistake. People are going to die unnecessarily because of his decision. Lack of government mandate does not mean you can not choose to wear a mask, how about give the new situation a chance before your propaganda machine strikes.

Health care workers should refuse to work until the lunatic reverses his stupid decision. I know they are too caring to do it, but I’d be tempted. Have heard thg r Gov's ruling, but haven't heard the bases of this decision, particularly given the current variants. Here is a state still recovery from a total disaster because of poor planning, forecasting, and implementing an electrical energy plan during a snow storm...and now, on a whim, it’s going to abandon all pandemic safeguards...what can go wrong?

Dont treat the RedNecks! Send them to the Governor for him to handle them I don’t give a shit what nurses say. pray for us here in texas Texas need a new Governor 🥺 she’s a nurse imagine listening to anything she has to say lol Texas icu docs and nurses should walk off the job. It’s obvious GregAbbott_TX could care less about you or the work you’ve been doing to keep folks alive.

A disturbing man. Smh And how long do you have to wear them? When will the old life come back without these stupid masks? Are we concerned that we can’t do anything without govt. oversight? GovAbbott response? Politicians are not scientists. Listen to the science Texas. Masks save lives. I feel for the healthcare staff as they may have to brace for an onslaught of COVID cases.

I hope she is wrong. Personally I'd open up all businesses but still have masks and social distancing. It’s about time for all those who can to honor Texas wish in leaving them behind. Let’s see how well they do against facts and common sense. davidfrum MaxBoot JoeNBC morningmika AnaCabrera JohnAvlon JohnJHarwood jaketapper

CNN: 'Here is one person who supports our agenda, which means all [nurses] support our agenda.' My wife is a nurse in a major hospital. My sister is a nurse in an even bigger hospital. Both support lifting mask restrictions. Wanna interview them? Didn't think so. It’s a well known fact that Texans don’t like regulations and are ultra conservative Abbott is showing his ignorance I hope that the citizens of Texas will continue to adhere to the restrictions for their own health and safety

Poor thing won’t have time to make tik tok dance videos. Adults can decide if they want to still wear a mask or not. If people are still worried, don’t go to the pub or restaurant or any crowded places. Then both sides are happy. It amazes me that politicians think they know more than the medical professionals at the coalface

Abbott has his vaccine so he does not care! Look at the power grid . If the Republican Morons had done simple precautions then no problems now. But they do not care about Texans and the results of their callous disregard for Texans resulted in death and billions in damages. Unbelievable that masks aren’t compulsory

I thought I read that they will be allowing refugees in via texas boarder.. if so bad combination. I am a Physician and my Nurse wife had similar concerns as this story state Investing in cryptocurrencies is great,I have been dealing and transacting with Arthurfx08 for quite sometime and it's been wow, having steady profit from it.

LiberalNavySeal Texas is open! This will kill people - he should be held personally, legally accountable. In all opinions, CNN always chose what CNN needs I love how some of yall exhausted workers get in front of a camera and start dancing or pretending you are so over worked but you have time to get attention on film?

Why are they lifting it when we're still in the midst of the pandemic This is ALL political garbage from a dictator that expects to be worshipped. Sham on you and anyone you think this gov So happy I got out. Omg this is just awful Hi, I work as a teacher in the State of Sudan for more than 8 years. I feel desperate because I do not have money to establish the simplest elements of life. I need help to establish a normal life that enjoys stability. My PayPal account has $ 0 ' ramieltayebgmail.com'

Unfortunately your governor doesn't care about you. Um sorry for that Abbott is deflecting his incompetence and ERCOT's failures by going against CDC recommendations! He is also fighting president Biden! Abbott must be removed from office! Abbott is not a doctor! Greg is countering all of Biden's gains! WAKE UP TEXAS!

How many dead does it take GregAbbott_TX Thought: Are we sure we can relate one to the other? No one can even accurately display a death rate let alone figure out where the problem is? I'm thankful for her work & hate that she's is scared, but this decision isn't changing how people act in TX. The maj. of businesses are running close to 100%. Bars/clubs & restaurants full without masks. People who prefer masks will cont. to wear them & those who don't, won't.

LaMonicaBuzz Its too quick. An overreaction. Should be phased in The front line workers have the power to do anything if united. Just casually walk out of the hospital for 24h and let that abbot dude deal with it. My gf is a nurse and I don’t recognize her anymore. I feel and pray for all the front line heroes

Why didn't you cover Cuomocide as it was happening and actually killing thousands? But you find time to cover this? Please protect your nurses What a slap in the face it is to POTUS who just bailed GovAbbott out. He is going completely against what the President is pleading with ppl to do. Texas TexasMaskMandate GovAbbott

Wondering if the nurses union could flex some muscle here. Apparently enough people haven't died in the past year (including the deep freeze)... let's ramp this up people! We’re still in a pandemic 😷 wearing masks saves lives covid 19 doesn’t care about your rights to wear a mask or not it’s just that simple!!

So the question is what percentage of Texans have been vaccinated (in most cases that would be 2 doses) such that there would he herd immunity? What is the capacity of hospitals and morgues in Texas if the population has not been vaccinated? This is gonna help 🤦but it won’t be the reason numbers go up now will it

florida and georgia have no mask mandates and rates are comparable to texas and california. masks do teetee. Send the stupid republicans their to work since their brave and immune to Covid . Them people are immune to brains . Texas governor is a trumper and cares more about his own political future than the people of Texas

Abbott is playing a con game here. 100% open, if the cases surge he’ll blame it on Biden Administration’s “slow” rollout of the vaccine. Book it A lot of people just want to live free without any precautionary measure GOOD LUCK TEXAS !!!! It will be end of March the HELL in Texas !!!!! She is correct.. Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic is both an IQ test (understanding and taking precautions) and a human resiliency test (maintaining those precautions for a long time). Until the population is adequately vaccinated, survival depends on passing both of those tests.

Here goes with their daily dose of bullshit... alancoxshow Stop electing him then. And stop re-electing Cruz. I completely understand the frustration and complete exhaustion but vote these people out. Yeah, sorry. That light was a republican train, headed your way. certainly there are who like to take to the extreme, and, that make you remain in the darkness for ever. Like the rugby players with 5 teams on someone.

lol she can always make a tik tok dancing video. She is the one of the puppets of globalists like Greta Abbott 👇 I am scared too here in Houston GovAbbott When Texas Republicans called for secession, they should have clarified that it was from reality. Let's not force anyone to wear or remove it should be allowed whoever wish to continue because not all have same immunity and comfort level . It's best that it should be left optional and let each individual decide what's best for them instead of government telling them 🙏

Burma has been turned into a slaughter ground (not a war zone or battle ground) as BBC stated today as The deadliest day of protest. Military and police slaughtered the civilians, and arrested the peaceful protesters brutally and mercilessly. The world needs to stop watching Let’s have them all back on apologising in a couple of months

Might be time to move. Nurses should man up or quit. tx, listen to this nurse. This is clearly a step in the wrong direction if anything we should learn it was 1 person that infected the entire world - caution is always a good thing never a bad option Why should she get a full salary while business owners or their employees earn less? Suck it up and do your job or take a hike.

Go to Texas at your own risk. Covid Paradise. If a mutation develops in Texas because of this, call it the AbbottVariant. Be ready to work more OT 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyone else think she kind of looks like AngelinaJolie?