An Easy Crab Fried Rice Recipe From NYC Thai Restaurant Fish Cheeks

Give it a try the next time you have leftover rice

2/26/2021 12:15:00 AM

An easy crab fried rice recipe from NYC Thai restaurant Fish Cheeks

Give it a try the next time you have leftover rice

RelatedCOVID Doesn’t Discriminate. But People Do.Fish Cheeks is a seafood-focusedThai restaurant in New York’s NoHo. One of its most requested orders is crab meat-studded fried rice; made with dried-out jasmine rice, it has been on the menu since the restaurant opened. Below, Fish Cheeks co-owners Saesue and Ohm Suansilphong share its recipe in full. Give it a try for yourself at home the next time you have dried-out jasmine rice,; you’ll find that the recipe is uncomplicated, and will no doubt enjoy the extra layer of flavor added by the chicken powder.

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Fish Cheeks Crab Fried RiceIngredients:1 1/2 ounces canola oil2 eggs1 cup cooked jasmine rice that has been dried out over night1/4 tablespoon salt1/4 tablespoon chicken powder, preferably Knorr Read more: Eater »

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