America's Russia Nightmare Is Back - Cnnpolitics

America's Russia Nightmare Is Back - Cnnpolitics

America's Russia nightmare is back

America is blundering into a new Russia election-meddling hall of mirrors that's already doing Moscow's work | Analysis by @stcollinson

2/21/2020 9:35:00 AM

America is blundering into a new Russia election-meddling hall of mirrors that's already doing Moscow's work | Analysis by stcollinson

It's happening again. America is blundering into a new Russia election-meddling hall of mirrors that's already doing Moscow's work: tearing fresh political divides and threatening to again tarnish democracy's most sacred moment, a national election.

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StCollinson Russia is in control now ....? With the acquiescence of the White House? StCollinson You need to talk to Bernie StCollinson Grow UP; when are you going to stop with the BS of the Russia hoax? StCollinson There was never an old Russia meddling how can there be a new one. ExposeCNN StCollinson Oof this is embarrassing for you guys. The only russia you have to worry about is currently trying to annex more of the old bloc.

StCollinson When was the last time Russia DIDN'T try to interfere in our elections? ClownShow StCollinson Seems like DNC tried a little so far with Iowa and we’ll see tomorrow about Nevada StCollinson Cnn is fake news again StCollinson Trump doesn't need Russia's help to win re-election. The crazy Dem party is more than enough help.

StCollinson Because you were talking about it. StCollinson Info from same intelligence agencies that: Weapons of mass destruction Didn’t stop 9/11 Didn’t stop Boston bomber Said it was a video-Benghazi And now the Russians want Trump, who sanctioned them, over Comrade Sanders. You people are fools. StCollinson lol..the only Russia influence is that their acolyte Bernie Sanders the Communist is going to be the nominee of that party...whatever it is.

StCollinson Russian disinformation campaigns? It's almost like you're going to want a Democratic nominee with a passionate online supporter base that will aggressively defend their candidate and try to set the record straight. StCollinson Ridiculousness from the radical left that most of Americans are sick and tired of the { BS } that they are attempting to spread like this ridiculous story!😝

StCollinson GOPSenate What's up with this? Are you going to step in and protect our elections? Are you going to leave that election security bill sit on McConnell's desk until after the 2020 election? Asking for Approximately 360 million friends. We want a fair election. No cheating! StCollinson Absurd BS.

StCollinson Lol. Poor cnn StCollinson Oh boy..... what a variet of topics StCollinson Rubbish StCollinson Less than 24 hours after that hilarious but disastrous debate what's the DNC 's strategy? The Russians are back 😂😂😂 StCollinson Meddling sounds so child like. Trump wise (grr..never wise)..he already quotes false figures/stats Faking poll percentages Sacking all the honest people/hero's He murders He aldulteties He bribes He pathologically lies. So....Russia helping...its their goal to disrupt our freedom

StCollinson Another day another bulls** conspiracy. StCollinson StCollinson It effected nothing last time, it will do the same this time. StCollinson So they’re meddling to keep a capitalist in place, while a declared socialist who praises the former Soviet Union is running in opposition. Makes sense.

StCollinson StCollinson Wouldn't Russia be pushing Bernie? StCollinson Straight from the horses mouth StCollinson A Russia hiax worked for Democrats in 2018 but Americans have wised up and learn that MSM, the Deep State and the power hungry Democrat will lie, lie, & lie again to bamboozle voters. No more. OANN FoxNews seanhannity TuckerCarlson Liz_Wheeler LouDobbs JudgeJeanine MAGA

StCollinson Translation: Holy crap! The Dems are going to lose! We gotta do something! I know! RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA!!! StCollinson Russia hoax part deux... StCollinson Meanwhile at the DNC...Mike Bloomfi StCollinson StCollinson It never left 🤦🏼‍♀️ StCollinson Just put Mr. Putin on the ticket and be done with it. Amerika.

StCollinson How news outlets are always so one sided, I’ll never understand. The media is a major part of America’s Problem.When you can’t find facts, you speculate & then base your programs off personal opinions. There’s more going on the world than your insane, biased deliberate attacks StCollinson Fake news

StCollinson Says the company that prints what china tells them lmfao. Muh russians! Next will be hitler from the grave!!! StCollinson Putin has hacked liberals brains. StCollinson Back? America’s Russian nightmare never left StCollinson Here we go again? StCollinson 1:17 PM · 21 февр. 2020 г.·SocialFlow

StCollinson This is getting to be a bit of a problem for the Democrats and their media allies. FakeNews StCollinson The Russian narrative isn’t working. How about reporting real news instead of this obsessive Trump porn. I don’t care about Trumps tweets, I just want informative news about policy or the budget or something that is actually important.

StCollinson That’s almost like if Russia was decided to attack usa Trump wouldn’t want that information out, as long as him and Ivanka make it out the USA safe he is all right. That’s what you dumb trump voters have as a president. God bless America! StCollinson We clearly do not need this. Makes people lose trust in their voting rights.

StCollinson The last election the Russians were all in for Hillary just like FAKE NEWS CNN and what good did that do? StCollinson Democrats paid Russia for dirt on Trump in 2016 election, we have to make sure they don’t cheat again. Candidate Clinton and the DNC , paid millions, to Russia. StCollinson CNN false propaganda

StCollinson Republicans are traitors. StCollinson The Fake News that Cried Wolf. StCollinson Duh they have troll farm factories set up to just trigger everyone StCollinson Its all FAKE NEWS. StCollinson Yeah rite Fake News!!! StCollinson Russia does not need to intervene in the 2020 election. Only what they need to do is to pray that DNC denies BernieSanders the nomination after pooling the highest number of vote cast and pledged delegates. realDonaldTrump will smile and coast with 4 plus 4.

StCollinson Sure ok StCollinson StCollinson OMG HERE WE GO AGAIN THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING StCollinson CNN may not mention Russia. StCollinson StCollinson There’s nothing Russia can do to change our elections. Had no effect last election either. It’s the crooked Democrats, the American people have to worry about.

StCollinson StCollinson StCollinson StCollinson Fake news StCollinson StCollinson If Russia was trying to help a democrat win Traitor Trump would be livid. He would call it un-American, treasonous and say whoever it was helping ought to go to jail. And probably for the 1st time ever he would even criticize Putin. This hypocrisy of course won't bother Trump.

StCollinson Lol. You think we're falling for your fake news again? StCollinson It's not surprising that Traitor Trump doesn't want the public to know that his pal Putin is trying to help him win the election (again). Traitor Trump doesn't see what's wrong with having other countries help him win. Which is treasonous.

StCollinson So we should require strict voter ID laws to prevent foreign interference. Right? StCollinson i'm still waiting for 1 democrat voter to say they voted for Trump because a russian ad told them to vote for him...i really want to find these idiots what vote for someone because an ad told them to..

StCollinson StCollinson Today, the New York Times: Published an opinion column by a wanted leader of the Taliban Re-ignited the Russian Collusion Hoax with an unconfirmed report in an attempt to frame the president as a Russian asset...again How much lower can the media go to destroy this president?

StCollinson Don't believe these lies. TheDemocrats had to change the subject after such a horrendous debate last night. Russia my ass. StCollinson Most white women voted for Trump Most white men voted for Trump Most white Christians voted for Trump Millions of Democrats switched over and voted Trump But the media and the Democrats want you to OVERLOOK all of that and blame Russia for Hillary Clinton losing

StCollinson The Democrats are getting their EXCUSE in place in case Trump beat them again The Democrats are SORE LOSER Every time the Democrats lose an election they always look for something or somebody else to blame StCollinson Let the Lord make bare His holy arm, and let my nation see the salvation of the Lord. - Isaiah 52.10

StCollinson Let the wicked be rooted out of our land. - Proverbs 2.22 StCollinson how does the Traitor get away with everything, there's something missing i don't no what, but Trump's a Cancer... StCollinson StCollinson ewarren tweeted this BS out, now CNN is pushing it too.... Can you guys attract the crowd realDonaldTrump does at his rallies? Did RUSSIA coerce Americans to attend? Stop the freaking RUSSIA BS! GO VOTE!

StCollinson Hope the next president is a worthy opponent that doesn't leave his ppl behind enemy lines to be slaughtered like pigs 🤦🏽‍♂️ But that would make taking down the USA that much easier 🤷🏽‍♂️ NWO 🤴🏽 StCollinson We aren't 'blundering into an Russian election meddling nightmare' its being orchestrated by Trump and the complicit GOP. They wont pass election security bills and Trump-Pro Russian sycophants run all our agencies. Traitors one and all.

StCollinson TheGreatHoax WitchHunt StCollinson America is blundering into a lot more than that StCollinson Seriously !Back to that Russia Russia when all else failings !! CNN Losers StCollinson BS ! StCollinson It’s all comrad trump and Moscow Mitch. StCollinson From Russia with love... StCollinson Lurn 2 kode

StCollinson Who on Washington Hill is giving Russians access and permission to do it? StCollinson CNN a the big looser of America news 😂😂 StCollinson The corrupt GOP is complicit! These crooks are working for the old KGB thug Putin. When this storm is over, we need a commission to investigate this criminal cabal masquerading as a political party. We may have to ban them from our system of government. VoteBlueToSaveAmerica

StCollinson Rest of the world. We know the weakness StCollinson Trump is doing well in the polls and the democrats are in disarray: time to push the russia! russia! russia! angle again. 🥱 StCollinson Think sword tip ..daleth daleth ..double delta then the crucifix as sword then the secret five of islam. You should let me teach in the right circles not over the wide web ..i can easily get the intelligence through this but you have to let me in ..or Hollywood

StCollinson no one believes this with an ounce of common-sense StCollinson Impeach 🍑TRUMP 🤡 StCollinson You keeping up with this crap? You haven’t lost enough viewership already? You should change your name to the Titanic News Network. StCollinson Russia Russia Russia StCollinson You folks aren't terribly imaginative. By all means keep it up. You red pill more ppl that fox or Limbaugh.

StCollinson LOL. Guys go back and think of a new scandal this Russia thing isn’t working. StCollinson You're so delusional StCollinson Already making excuses for your 2020 election loss I see... what a surprise. StCollinson Protection to are elections! StCollinson StCollinson How did you not learn from the first time around? Do you ever stop to think you’re losing because you have horrible ideas and America just doesn’t like you? 🤷🏼‍♀️ try some self reflection.

StCollinson CNN is the real election interference

What's at stake for U.S., Turkey, Russia and Iran as tensions rise in war-torn SyriaThe insurgent-held province of Idlib is witnessing a surge in violence involving factions in the country's civil war and the international powers backing them. I’m sure so many people trust your organization’s analysis 🙄 I’m the only person commenting on this ...the once mighty Newsweek, now seeing less interaction than Vox or Slate 😂😂

Why did Russia-Turkey talks over Idlib fail?Ankara and Damascus appear to be heading towards a military confrontation as Russia, the main backer of the Assad regime, fails to stick to its word on Idlib. Russia is two faced, no good, not an ally, do not trust russia. Russia, esad, iran and ypg working together Turkey should send all the refugees to Russia. Pressure tactics are useless with occasional artillery movements, military obs posts and use of mercenaries. If it's serious, use its own force, it can open all fronts, roll tanks furiously and fast and strike Assad in Damascus.

Trump adviser Stone sentenced to 3-1/3 years in prison for lying in Russia probeTrump’s former adviser Roger Stone sentenced to three years and four months in prison Bet he gets a nice pad tho haha people have done more time for shoplifting lol not long enough

Trump Berated Intelligence Chief Over Report Russia Wants Him Re-ElectedThe president rebuked his acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, earlier this month after learning that an election-security official briefed House lawmakers about Moscow’s apparent desire that he win a second term. Russian : The official language of the republican party! Putin loves the criminal trump. Cmonn...How exactly?

NYT Report: Russia is interfering in the 2020 election, Putin still favors Trump'The intelligence community told the House Intelligence Committee... that Russia was most certainly interfering in the 2020 election, in the Democratic primaries, trying to sow chaos. And in fact Putin still favors Trump.' - NYT's Adam Goldman RUSSIA WINS AGAIN! So the Russians are making the democratic candidates say dumb and crazy things in the debates? of course he does!

Lawmakers were briefed that Russia is looking to help Trump win in 2020The intelligence community's top election security official delivered a briefing to lawmakers last week warning them that the intelligence community believes Russia is already taking steps to interfere in the 2020 election with the goal of helping President Donald Trump win, three sources familiar with the matter tell CNN. 😂😂😂😂 if at first you dont succeed - try try again. Imagine that.