America Protests

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BREAKING: Semitrailer drives through George Floyd protesters marching on interstate near downtown Minneapolis; injuries unclear. Find updates here:

May 31, 2020 GMTCurfew imposed after fatal shooting during Omaha protests.

May 31, 2020 GMTCurfew imposed after fatal shooting during Omaha protests


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Weird.... that driver was arrested without delay for a complete investigation. He needs to get some tips from George Floyd's killers, they still haven't been arrested.

As long as you disgraceful minions have the audacity to use a burning building as picture and still call it 'protest' and not riot, how can a solution be achieved? You created these tensions, Their blood is on the hands of Corrupt Media.

But nobody has an issue with 'Operation Gridlock' to protest wearing a mask in public?!?

Just unfollowed realDonaldTrump . He is supposed to lead a United States. Instead he's Dividing States! If he won't leave social media then we need to leave him with no followers so he can shout into nothingness.

In Martin Luther King there is the hope of one day changing the Check for the dignity of our Afro-descendants, even the Right to live in Peace has not materialized, Freedom and Equality of conditions is a principle to Life.

Drove through? More like stopped.

yashar Yeah!!!!

Don’t worry Hollywood is gonna pay his bail.

yashar Damn lies. The truck stopped, was attacked viciously. Looters climbed all over the FedEx truck to steal cargo and pull him from his cab. Slamed the windows with their fists and throwing objects at it. Rioters screamed, threatened. He honks many times til he started a slow roll.

Arriadna Why did you choose to repeat your showing of the picture with the building ablaze rather than the image of the Semitrailer driving into a group of human beings? This irresponsible use of images is why distorted storylines continue being spread. You know better so do better.

WLTX Please stop promoting violence with this photo.

So white people gather to force reopening it is fine. Black people protest white people talk about social distancing. Hypocrisy? Welcome to MAGA nation

AP still pretending that the rioters are doing this to 'protest' George Floyd instead of doing it for pure political reasons, cause they know the useful idiots are going to believe it anyway.

yashar Should have stayed off the freeway.

Every time you see a video or picture of people being brutally beaten or killed in these riots. Remember these celebrities encourage violence by offering to pay $millions to anyone arrested. SteveCarell JanelleMonae CynthiaNixon Sethrogen jtimberlake chrissyteigen

Play stupid games.......

White domestic terrorist CULT member of Trump's?


Is that what they are called? Semitrailers?

I hope the driver is okay.

The sad thing is those true racists that are causing the most harm to the society are hiding at home watching tv and calling those on cameras terrorists.

What was he arrested for? Trying to save himself from being beaten to a pulp! What was in the tanker? Was it loaded with fuel? God forbid!

According to Trump, if the driver was from out of state, and this was intentional, then he should be tried as a terrorist.

I GUESS Dems of US and Communists of CHINA made this!

Why are protesters on an interstate. Guess they are begging to be run down.

Americans going anywhere by vehicle: Don't slow down or stop. If they get you out of the car you're dead. See Reginald Denny

You don't drive on a sidewalk and u don't walk on an expressway.

In my opinion Left Techocrats paying Antifa. They want people to beg for facial recognition Digital ID's, Contact tracing To be safe. They want to take our rights away and track every move we make. Will they lock you away? Or Kill you because you are a burden. RT

Your rights end when you take someone else's rights. The truck driver's rights were violated. The government needs to stop taking the right to earn money from workers, ie closing interstate.

Nettaaaaaaaa What fresh hell is this

NEWS1130 Sounds about white

Same happened in Oklahoma. Another alt right hero terrorist.

SethAbramson Watch and RT please?!?

Why the fuck do you show this picture when it has nothing to do with the fucking headline. Get it together. Do better.

It's a semi-truck, or tractor-trailer. The trailer cant drive itself.

What a beautiful sight !

That man has been working his ass off through this pandemic and he ain’t taking there shit

Arrested really? People shouldn’t be on a highway.


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Good! Send more

This is such an irresponsible headline. He did an emergency stop to avoid hitting them.

He shouldn't have stopped

kfdmnews Zero Fks given

I hope to hear more of this happening to the rioters.

maggieNYT Domestic Terrorists !!!

So let me get this straight. Rioters standing in the middle of a highway impeding the freedoms of others and attacking vehicles and their drivers and you blame the driver

Reginald Denny 2020

Truckers for Trump......

maggieNYT Ask Kenan Advantage CEO, Bruce Blaise, why one of his drivers tried to run over protesters in Minneapolis.

The driver of a semitrailer that drove into Minneapolis highway march has been arrested. No protesters appear to have been hit.

Pls understand,trump has created this atmosphere of blk american killing,just to get wht christian votes,same he did before 2016 election.even a fool should understand the motive behind that wht police officer,As he knew, thst brutal act is being recorded.

People are not going to let themselves be dragged out of their trucks and beaten.

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