Amanda Kloots gets 1st COVID vaccine dose, responds to online backlash

Amanda Kloots gets 1st COVID vaccine dose, responds to online backlash

2/20/2021 8:38:00 PM

Amanda Kloots gets 1st COVID vaccine dose, responds to online backlash

'Do not vaccine-shame me,' she said after an Instagram post of her getting the Pfizer shot prompted some backlash.

"So, sorry that I am getting a little emotional, but this was a very emotional experience for me. I was perfectly fine being turned away tonight if that was the case. I was actually prepared to be turned away. I was giving it a shot, and luckily the shot worked and they had availability and they were happy to have people there waiting with willing arms. And I was happy to be one of those willing arms," she said in an Instagram Story.

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"So please, please do not vaccine-shame me on my photo after this day where I am so grateful to have this first step in getting vaccinated against this virus." Read more: »

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Glad for you, it’s no different for you to wait than anyone else. Better than throwing it out. Happy that you got it❤️ We have a standby list in my city. You must add your name daily. If any doses left at the end of the day, names are randomly drawn. You have a set amt of time to get to the site. You can't just show up and hope they have extra doses. You have to register, hope your name is drawn.

Shouldn’t have bragged about it though. At least the vaccines weren’t wasted. She highlights a segment of society that should be prioritized ...single parents. Even with mild symptoms, they don’t have the option of isolation away from their kids. What happens if they fall ill? Who cares for the kids? Who is Amanda Cloots?

Ok, playing devils advocate here. Let us think about this. Our cases in my area were 2,500-3,000 a day now they are 100-300. Only medical workers and elderly are getting vaccinated. Are they the ones contaminating America or was this a political stunt from the Democrats?🤷🏼‍♀️ Good, I heard in some places they throw vaccines if the appointments do not show up. Better in the arms of anyone that in the trash.

Why not if there are left overs. Shame on people criticizing her! Amanda Kloots has EVERY right to stand in line for unclaimed COVID vaccine injections as the rest of us. Although, my age group 65+ qualifies, getting an appointment is another thing. Hence, I went the stand by route and received absolute last dose by doing so. Kudos to you!!

Good for her. If they have extra at the end of the day it's better to give them to people that are willing to wait rather than throw them away. This is a great idea. 💉 She’s a single mother. If she were to get Covid and it killed her she now leaves behind an orphaned baby. It’s all about common sense when it comes to vaccine distribution. It seems like there were “technically” extra doses at the end of the day.

Good for her she didn't do anything wrong, she waited to see if there were extras and she got lucky . I know people who waited and got lucky and some who weren't. How anyone could shame her is a mystery to me! Brava for our Amanda. Conscientious, integrity, social commitment; safety! She waited around for the left over at end of an emotional day with Elvis. She deserves every ounce of peace and health for herself and to protect her son as a single parent. A person of ❤️

It’s great that these vaccines are not being wasted at the end of the day 😄 Good for her! Yea that's nice & all but why are they only letting celebs get the vaccine? The general public can't even get an appt unless you're 75yrs old or obese, they're talking like April until they can even start with the general public only Martha Steward was in the age range!

Good for her. She has to step up now that she’s a single mom. Why do so many people think it’s okay to judge others!!!!! Congrats Amanda. Often there are extra COVID vaccines at the end of the day - sometimes people don’t show up for their appointments, and often 6 or 7 doses can be drawn from a vial instead of the 5 that is standard.... there is nothing wrong with waiting to see if xtra doses are available!

So happy you received yours. Still heartbroken about your husband. Stay strong! Just vaccinate people. Stop over thinking it.