A+E Studios, Alyssa Milano

A+E Studios, Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Inks First-Look Deal With A+E Studios

Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano) is expanding her relationship with A+E Studios with a first-look production and writing deal

10/28/2021 8:36:00 PM

Alyssa Milano (Alyssa_Milano) is expanding her relationship with A+E Studios with a first-look production and writing deal

Alyssa Milano is expanding her relationship with A+E Studios with a first-look production and writing deal. Under the pact, Milano will write and produce projects for A+E Studios for sale on all gl…

The deal follows A+E Studios’ acquisition of her pilot scriptThings I’m Seeing Without You, which she adapted based on Peter Bognanni’s YA novel.Thingstells the story of a teenage girl reconnecting with her estranged father following the death of her boyfriend.

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“Alyssa Milano is a creative force-of-nature,” said Barry Jossen, President & Head of A+E Studios. “She has already achieved so much in her life as a performer, activist, author, podcaster and more. Alyssa’s tireless energy and brilliant creative instincts are certain to bolster her current and emerging career as a top producer in television. She is also an inspired writer, having written her first script based on

Things I am Seeing Without You. Tana Jamieson and I, along with Kiel Elliot and Tom Lerner—Alyssa’s creative team at A+E Studios—are very excited to begin our work together in bringing Alyssa’s vision to the screen. We know she will be a huge success, and we are happy to be a part of it.” headtopics.com

Related StoryAs an actor, Milano recently starred inInsatiblefor Netflix. Prior to that, she was seen in Netflix’s hit seriesWet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Lateropposite Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Ian Black. Later this year, Milano can be seen in the Farrelly Brothers’

The Nowfor Roku alongside Bill Murray, Dave Franco and Daryl Hannah. Milano also has the filmBrazendropping in 2022 for Netflix, a project based on the Nora Roberts novelBrazen Virtue.Milano served as both producer and lead actress for the project.Milano previously starred in and and produced the hit series

Charmedfor nine years. She also starred onMelrose Place,began her career on ABC’sWho’s the Boss,and starred in the ABC series,Mistresses,as well as serving as the host and a judge on Lifetime’sProject Runway All Stars.Milano’s latest book,Sorry Not Sorry

, is a collection of essays about her life, career, and the humanitarian work at the heart of it all.Sorry Not Sorryis also the name of her weekly podcast which tackles social, political and cultural issues, with guests that have included President Joe Biden, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain, among others. Milano also co-authored the New York Times bestselling headtopics.com

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Hopemiddle-grade series, published by Scholastic. She also penned the graphic novel cyber thrillerHacktivist,published by Boom! Comics.As an activist, Milano’s advancement of #MeToo sparked a viral movement of women fighting against sexual harassment and assault. She has also been involved in TimesUp since its inception.

“I am thrilled to be entering into this partnership with A+E Studios,” said Milano. “Having told stories as an actor and producer, it’s incredibly fulfilling to now expand my passion for writing as well as have a home for projects I am lucky enough to produce. A+E Studios has already been a wonderful partner and I’m excited for all that’s to come.”

Milano is repped by Range Media Partners and CAA.Must Read Stories Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

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Alyssa Milano Inks First-Look Deal at A+E StudiosThe actress and activist recently sold a pilot script to the studio. she aged so well Well now that's interesting Alyssa_Milano I... I don't care

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Alyssa Milano Gives Update on Relationship With Shannen Doherty'I think a lot of our struggle came from feeling that I was in competition rather than it being that sisterhood that the show was so much about.' Charmed

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Alyssa Milano Accepts Responsibility for Tension With Charmed Co-Star Shannen Doherty'I could take responsibility for a lot of our tension that we had.' TooFab Charmed was a great series .....Underated TooFab So are cherries TooFab Good, my hair was falling out from the stress...

Alyssa Milano on where she stands with former 'Charmed' co-star Shannen DohertyThe actors both starred in the TV drama from 1998 to 2001 until Doherty left the show after its third season.

Alyssa Milano shares update on ‘Who’s the Boss?’ reboot on TODAY: 'We're closer' Alyssa Milano talked to TODAY about the status of the 'Who's the Boss' reboot. That would be so great if this reboot will happen❤ ( i hope with all from the cast and who are no more here on earth look from heaven down) Alyssa_Milano TonyDanza JudithLight dannypintauro

Alyssa Milano Inks First-Look Deal at A+E StudiosThe actress and activist recently sold a pilot script to the studio. she aged so well Well now that's interesting Alyssa_Milano I... I don't care