Kay Ivey, Alabama Republican Governor, Says 'Start Blaming The Unvaccinated Folks' For Rise İn Covid Cases - Cnnpolitics

Kay Ivey, Alabama Republican Governor

Alabama GOP governor says 'start blaming the unvaccinated folks' for rise in Covid cases

'Start blaming the unvaccinated': Alabama GOP Gov. Kay Ivey calls out people refusing Covid vaccines in a remarkable plea to her state, which is the least vaccinated in the US

7/24/2021 3:00:00 PM

'Start blaming the unvaccinated': Alabama GOP Gov. Kay Ivey calls out people refusing Covid vaccines in a remarkable plea to her state, which is the least vaccinated in the US

Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey on Thursday called out 'the unvaccinated folks' for the rise in Covid-19 cases in her state, a remarkable plea at a time when many GOP leaders are refusing to urge people to get vaccinated even as Covid-19 cases surge in many parts of the country.

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Next she will blame blacks and Hispanics. 🤡🤦‍♂️😂 I get the feeling Ivey is going to get voted out in the primary for this. Even if everybody gets vaccinated, people are still going to get it, because vaccines aren’t 100% effective right? So now it’s ok to be asymptomatic as long as you’re vaccinated?

The only thing achieve by not getting vaccinated is death ☠️. You guys are killing each other. Is that what you want why blame them? Just let them go, even to hell I cannot believe this far into a global pandemic there are ao many ppl with such little actual information on the virus, variants and what the consequences are of not getting the jab. Yes, disinformation on crap stations but how do you not read about it and make a basic decision?

Alabama GOP Governor Ivey is responsible for the success or failure of her state’s COVID vaccination campaign, but instead of leading it, she blames and shames the citizens of her state. Alabama, you deserve a governor who will fight for you. You deserve a Democratic governor! I’m ok with taking a chance of getting Covid while liberals play Ginny pigs with an experimental vaccine pushed through by a man they loathe. GL with the long term side effects. I heard it makes your offsprings turn conservative in the womb. Great Propaganda CCP..I mean CNN.

Everyone one in politics is the problem with this. cnn FoxNews CBSNews NBCNews and every politician despite association caused this on purpose! Stop blaming people for shit you caused! It’s simple cause and effect. You know, science! Is that supposed to be convincing? What a joke. Its time for all red state Governors to get their constituents to take the shot. Otherwise we will go in lockdown again. Covid19 coronavirus covid

Alabama governor says ‘it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ for new Covid casesAlabama Gov. Ivey: 'It's time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It's the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.' No shit, Sherlock. Insurance companies should drop coverage for the unvaccinated. VaccinesSaveLives kayiveyforgov No, it's time to blame the republican party. The ones that fought mask mandates. The ones that pushed economy over health. The ones that cry my body my choice unless it's your uterus. The ones that fought for in person church services. You. You did this.

kayiveyforgov Ha!!! How about we “blame” the fact that Covid cases among the illegals in rio grand have jumped 900% They are much more threatening than my unvaxed friends!! Hey Gov Where have you been for the last 4 months. You are part of the problem And stop shaming the vaccinated. Start telling them they're not ALLOWED to have a vaccine... they will DEMAND it!

Amazing - a GOP Gov. with truthful talk! I hope it catches on. Ivey is the Pro Death Governor /// Republicans use Covid to Kill GOP is killing their base off To late 'The Horse as bulleted'. Silly girl. Oh and most people survive That’s clearly not true. Vaccinated are spreading it too.

Alabama’s Governor Is Latest GOP Leader to Implore Residents to Get Covid-19 ShotRepublican Gov. Kay Ivey made an urgent plea for Alabama residents to get vaccinated to slow a surge in Covid-19 cases, becoming the latest top GOP official to step up calls for inoculations in the face of vaccine hesitancy among conservative voters. Top GOP official might be a little bit of a stretch.. why? getting vaxxed doesn’t stop transmission. if she really wants to stop the spread they need to urge everyone to stay home again and not be around others. good

Is Alabama Governor Ivey being disingenuous in blaming others for vaccination hesitancy in her State? Contrast her public statements from the early days of the pandemic with her epiphany of today. She towed the Trump Party line. Is this Leadership? Vote My, my, my….aren’t we singing a different tune now. C’mon, those folks over there in AL are patriots. They got this! 🙄🤡

covid goal is segregation If the vaccinated continue to do this they will begin a new Civil War of values wherein the unvaccinated will begin to hope that the vaccinated begin to die. And if it happens that they do then the unvaccinated will do to the vaccinated what the vaccinated have done to them. GovHowardDean The last question in that interview was whether a councilman who use the n word in a hearing this week should step down and she didn’t know that answer. She sees her state as ungovernable and so she won’t govern. Unvaccinated folks are the regular folks. 39% v 61% uv

But, but she takes no blame after downplaying Covid for a year. Five people in my family have had COVID. None of them were vaccinated. None of them were hospitalized. They are all fine now. Many who have got the vaccine are still getting covid or getting side effects from the vaccine. Also not to mention the long-term effects are unknown… People will say they did their research….but they are the research😅

Maybe what they need is a blue state governor. When vaccinated persons are getting infected and also transmitting it to others, why blame unvaccinated? You can't force anyone to get vaccinated. Persuade them. GOPLeader GOP RandPaul tedcruz CDCgov

When vaccinated people should still get tested for COVID-19 amid breakthrough casesIt's rare for a person who's vaccinated against COVID-19 to contract the virus, and the vaccines are known to reduce the risk of someone spreading it or getting seriously ill. Despite that, there are instances when a vaccinated person should get tested Interesting stuff, next you should do an article about when governments should provide financial aid and Healthcare during a pandemic. Well,that is definitely not a true statement. Tut Tut. Stop feeding the lies. If you're in a nursing home.... 19 of an entire unit who were vaccinated 7 months previously all contracted Covid 19 around the same time.

No we start blaming the GOP For listening to the idiot former guy 45 nothing to do with the unvaccinated. He created this mess. Offer free dental care and make the mullet the official State haircut and I’m sure that would help boost their numbers. Tell people to think of the virus as an intruder wanting to kill you and the vaccine as their weapon. Use the vaccine as your weapon against the intruder and stop it before it gets in. Use your weapon for good, save yourself and others.

She knows. She doesn’t want the people in her state to due due to q’anon and right-wing media lies. A So we gonna blame children under 12? And I really dont like anti vaxxers “Ronald Gilbert, 60, said he did not really believe in the vaccines and has never been a fan of needles, but with an uptick in cases he reasoned that it was “better to be safe than sorry.” A free COVID vaccination is waiting for you.

COVID-19 Cases Surging in Tokyo Ahead of OlympicsNew cases in the host city are at their highest since January.

As Florida cases surge, DeSantis stays the course on CovidCoronavirus rates are climbing in Florida, with the latest data showing Florida's current seven-day average of new daily Covid-19 cases is by far the highest in the nation. Fake news lies Its actually the opposite of 'laissez-faire'. It's a tactical, targeted, strategic, intellectual response Freedom, It is the bases of USA State.

Dr. Osterholm: 'Seeing very, very sick' young to middle age adults as Covid cases surge'We are surely in a summer surge,' Dr. Osterholm says on the rise in Covid cases. 'We're seeing very, very, very sick people in those young adult into middle age adult populations. WEAR A MASK. KEEP A HEALTHY DISTANCE FROM OTHERS. GET VACCINATED. WASH HANDS. REPEAT.