Airline passenger films man punching her economy seat after she reclines

'Here’s a great jackhole! He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times — HARD,' the passenger wrote on Twitter.


An airline passenger's video of a man punching the back of her seat sparked an online debate: Is it OK to recline when sitting in economy?

'Here’s a great jackhole! He was angry that I reclined my seat and punched it about 9 times — HARD,' the passenger wrote on Twitter.

flight attendant who reprimanded me and offered him rum!" Williams added. American Airlines responded to Williams on Twitter by asking her to direct message the company. Williams responded that she had tried to reach out to the airline."You clearly want me to do this quietly through a DM," she said."I’m done being quiet! I’ve had extensive neck surgeries - my cervical spine is completely fused ... I’ve lost time at work, had to visit a doctor, got x-rays, and have (had) horrible headaches for a week," Williams wrote. In a statement obtained by NBC News, American Airlines said a team was"looking into the issue.” "The safety and comfort of our customers and team members is our top priority," the statement said. A picture of Williams' ticket that she posted indicated she was sitting in economy class. Some Twitter users chided her for reclining her seat in such tight quarters. "Reclining your seat when you are flying coach is literally the most selfish inconsiderate thing a person can do. It literally ruins the travel experience of the person sitting behind you. You are just as bad if not worse than him," one person wrote. Others stuck up for Williams."It's ridiculous for ppl to say you shouldn't recline your seat. It's an option for a reason. You're fully within your right. If he needs more room, he should have gotten a seat that accommodated that. Why should you be inconvenienced? You paid for your seat," a Twitter user responded to her. Still others said the fault lies with airlines."Amazing all the haters; its the airlines' fault for putting in Too many seats! Especially American Airlines!" a Twitter user said. Elisha Fieldstadt Read more: NBC News

I'd have hit that call button the second time he hit my seat and had him ejected from the plane the seat has a recline feature therefore you can recline argument over. Large infant needs his own row. That’s not right. If the seat reclines then she (anyone) is lawfully permitted to lay it back! No! Blaming everyone but the greedy airlines, did you know that not long ago they reduced the space between seats again.

He’s just pissed that he thought he was smart sitting against the wall but ha! You can’t recline ( Jealous much) your behavior is that of a ridiculous 3 year old. He’s in the wrong, he shouldn’t be the chair reclining czar. Use the call button and make a formal complaint. He clearly didn’t punch the chair in this short video. He bounced it and was intentionally annoying the camera person. Camera person was smiling cause she got him.

If not they should weld it in a fixed position Neither reacted well. Just because you CAN recline, have just a modicum of consideration for the person behind you. Punching the seat in response is infantile. Did he ask her if she would move her seat back up And, sick of the cheap airlines cramming us on

Why not just I don't know... discuss it with the person behind you as it's going to be reducing their personal space? This lady didn't care about anybody around her, then acted like he had no right to be bothered. She could've asked him & maybe worked something out.

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I don’t recline because I was raised to consider how my actions effect other people. Dope Yes, you have the option to recline but know how cramped it is, why would you do that to the person behind you? You wouldn’t want it done to you. Not to mention the flight was what, an hour long? The lady was selfish.

No it’s not ok to recline, there’s not enough space as it is. Respect people’s space. Is it ok to have one shred of comfort in your miserable life if you’re not a millionaire? If it can be done, people gonna do it. That’s on the airlines not us. Ask them. He couldn’t recline. Like it or not, the seats recline. We pay big $$$ for our seats, & should be able to recline. Not always comfortable for me when a person reclines, but they bought the seat & can do whatever. Airlines created the issue. They can fix it.

The fact is seats can recline. Instead of punching the seat he could have said something to the woman. Use your words dude. However, I never recline because I hate it when people do it to me. So the woman should’ve beenmore considerate too. The question should be is it OK to punch the back of a someone's seat. The answer is no & that guy is a jackass.

I never recline on airline seat, but would love to.

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This hitting of the seat in front logically follows the airline’s putting the passengers in each others’ personal space. It is a miracle to me that fist fights do not break out on every flight. How do they expect us to remain calm? Yes it's ok, otherwise the seat would not be capable of reclining. NO! Did he ask her if she would put her seat back up?

my best advice - no reclining seats - it just pisses everyone off - space is WAY too small and the 'concept of reclining' needs to be retired - after taking away the space between seats, the airlines should have ALSO removed the recline feature JustGetRidOfRecline I hope one of them had to move. If the woman had to move, then I hope she got a first class seat. And for the punching jack hole, I hope he got one right next to the latrines

Two problems here; first the greedy airlines who have crammed more seats into a confined space; and then there’s the entitled angry male who, instead if asking her to upright her seat, acts like a 2 year old. Solution: remove the recline option. Question is should a grown man punch the back of a woman's seat?

Its rude, its wrong, its not ok...and yet this man somehow made himself into the asshole of a situation. I don’t fly coach so I cannot give my opinion 🤪

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The way planes are getting smaller,this reaction was inevitable.Going to be more of it too. I once was on a seat that reclined. It could not due to a child car seat behind me. The guy in front of me reclined all the way back and would not budge when asked to move up a little. So while this guy is an ass, screw this lady also.

I have a question... “Would he have done this to a man”? What airline is this? AmericanAir ? Well they should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happened. AmericanAir should remove the last seat and give the rest more room. Or reserve that seat for the flight attendants. We live in a very selfish, narcissistic time. Common curtousy and respect for others is gone. No seat in economy should recline. Problem solved.

THEY SHOULD HAVE KICKED HIM OUT THE PLANE DOOR WITH NO PARACHUTE !! If you invade my personal space I will you know. So dont!!!!! Back of the seat is designed for. THATS THE WRONG QUESTION A million dollar question 😜

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and in legal terms --he committed assaults really ? he should have paid the extra fee & flown business class if he has a tall issue -- If u've ever flown b4 ya know the lack of leg room ***had that been a male passenger in that seat? a fist fight ? that guy has a problem respecting females -- gawd how Juvenile

How is this a debate? The seats are able to recline for a reason. Dumbest shit ever. If the seat reclines, it is OK to recline it. The person in front of you is likely reclining their seat into your lap. Reclining is the only way to get some space. The real problem is the airline putting too many seats too close together.

Obviously if they recline, you can recline. No debate. If your chair is made to recline you are allowed to utilize that option whenever you’d like. The man isn’t just wrong but he’s an immature ass hat. You don’t like the reclining feature, raise the issue with the airline. Anyone calling this a “debate” is dumb.

What airline was this? American Airlines? Well it should be ashamed of itself for letting get to this. It should really remove the last seat. He should have been removed. I think this is kind of BS. Airlines have smaller and smaller seats now. They want to make money, they couldn’t care less about who will be mad w/ front passenger who recline his/her seat. Buses may be more comfortable than planes now!

Yes, and if you punch the seat in front of you you're a child.

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We’re apparently at the stage of darkness where we need to ask if violence is wrong... Nope I can tell the folks that simply do not fly or do not fly often. As long as one is able to recline, then it is okay. Why. Why is there a debate about this? This is a grown ass man acting like a toddler after he likely chose to pay $50 on Expedia for that seat on a flight that probably cost everybody else $200

It’s ok...Another stupid question is: do people pay for recline seats tickets or not? Space is tight because airlines increased the number of rows to make more money. Why customers should be aggravated from greedy companies? Why. Is. This. A. Debate? I am a multi million miler and if you paid for the seat, it is yours to use. The only caveat is during meal service. All seats should be upright. The idiot behind the lady needs to learn how to pick better sears!!

The airlines set people up for confrontations with their overpacking of planes. All part of overpopulation which is the root cause of most present day problems. 100% wouldn’t have behaved this way if the person reclining were a man.

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He's a jerk. She's not doing anything wrong. She's using the seat how it was intended and designed to. She's not allowed to recline because he can't? So should she tell the person in front of her they can't recline bc she can't? Where does it end? His seat is cheaper for a reason. Yes it is! If you don't want someone to recline, fly an airline that doesn't have reclining seats! This man is just a a--hole and deserves to be removed from this flight and never allowed to fly one them again.

grandoftwo AmericanAir should be ashamed, to allow continual assault on a passenger because she used one of the few amenities left in Economy. This guy should have been arrested upon landing. This pussy of a man was hitting / punching the back of a woman’s seat ! 🧐🤨 Cause that’s what he is! You know if it was a man sitting in front of him ,he wouldn’t do it 😏

That’s not the point- his behavior is unacceptable regardless. If he had been a black man he would have been kicked off the flight and charged with assault! Airline sets up a bad situation and you two take it out on each other? Didn't your mom teach you to share? Next time, take turns, work it out, talk to each other.

I'm 6'4. I stretch my legs out in the aisle. Don't like it, fix it. How can any person sit in a cramp seat for hours with tge seat in front of you 3 inches from your face? The airlines needs to pay him $$$$$. The passenger in from is a real bitch. If you possess common sense then being courteous is second nature. Being self aware comes into play. Yes this women was rude &ignorant knowing the man behind her could not recline BUT he has zero business punching her seat like this making him equally ignorant,rude& quasi violent

I swear, they’re probably both inconsiderate/rude. Enough running the same stupid article for months too. Seriously what passes for news these days is pretty lame. It’s more like 10 opinion pieces or clickbait BS to 1 actual relevant, bias free article He should’ve reclined his seat. Problem solved I have flown on many planes and most of the time the seat does NOT recline enough to bother me.. I'm 5'9' ... The guy was upset because a woman got a better seat then him and he felt he could get away with the harassment. I can bet anything if it was a big man he would not have

On short flights, I always ask the person behind me if they mind me reclining my seat. On long flights I usually recline slowly to make sure I don’t bang into someone’s knee. No way to treat a woman Nice 'news' here. Literally just rip off a tweet. If “reclining” was a no-no the seats would be stationary. And if he was opposed to having the seat in front of him reclined (the 3”) he should have booked a seat in a different section. AA should compensate the woman for her discomfort since they failed to deal with the issue.

Agreed!!!! Yes, it’s fine. It doesn’t transform into a bed...What’s rude is that idiot kicking the seat. Hell yeah he right! She should’ve helped a homie out with more space.

Only during the night. the Me era... because... who cares about anyone else around them? Of course it’s ok, but be sure to be aware of who’s behind you! Heaven forbid you either just recline slightly OR ask the person behind you if they I’m 6’4” so I always try to be mindful of who’s behind and in front of me

I wander if the guy would be acting the same way if it was a 6'6 boxer sitting in front of him? There are many ways to deal with the situation and hitting someone's seat to intimidate them is not one. She deserved it I mean how are you gonna be so dingy and just recline on a complete stranger Common Curtesy

It's not ok for one 'adult' to poke the chair of another in order to make a point. My guess is that if the man was harassing someone more physically able to defend herself he would have chosen to discuss the issue or asked to be reseated. civility Airlines are the ones that are responsible for customers getting angry do to wanting to make more money off of our discomfort. We pay hundreds of dollars for a very little uncomfortable seat and for long flights it is unfair!

Sue the airlines for a billion dollars. It's their fault for packing people in like sardines! Recliners are rude. Airlines have sardine seating. Yes it was an inappropriate response but I understand where he was coming from. I won't fly because of their sardine can seating. Stupid question America ..🙄

This is basically the fault of the airlines for putting the seats so close together. They want to make money, but they are putting the passengers at risk. I couldn't sit there because of my claustrophobia. The seat is recline-able therefore she is entitled to recline it. He is NOT entitled to express his displeasure in her choice in that manner. Maybe report to an F/A, maybe switch seats if possible. Maybe don’t cheap out and sit in the last unrecline-able row next time!

That is assault and he should have been charged when the plane landed. Your pic was blurry.... No it’s not, but that’s no excuse to punch like that. The seats should not recline if it is such a ghastly issue. I'm with him. Don't need obstreperous, inconsiderate and selfish passengers. Don't know how often my, back of the seat, table moved unceremoniously with no warning.

A more reasonable question to ask is, is it okay to punch someone’s seat in economy if they recline? Cuz that’s what happened here 🙄 They rewarded that man with a free alcoholic beverage. How fucked up is that? It was not right to punch the seat, but none of those seats should recline, just not enough space.

How is this a debate? What's next, is it ok to get to use the restroom if you're not in an aisle seat? The REAL problem in all of this are the airline industry. We pay more and more we pay an arm and a leg on surcharges and airport charges and we get less in comfort and the industry only cares about packing planes, not comfort. It’s the industry that needs to change!

He didn't have to be a dick about it. That guy has anger management issues and is a threat to others. he wasn't punching it hard, more like punching it so to shook her. people get roughed up more by a mall masage chair than what happened here, get a grip lady, your flying in economy because you do shit like this.

Is this really what we’re debating these days? THAT’S the debate? Reclining one’s seat? Why isn’t the debate about punching the back of the seat? All seats should be fixed Typical NBC News story. Blown way out of proportion. Punching the back of the seat Maybe tapping it would be the word. Just like everything else they cover..lite on facts, heavy on BS. That woman must have been whiny Nancy Pelosi.

You are all small people if you think you aren't affecting the other person's space they paid for. I already have little room when flying, when you put your seat back, you will have knees in the back of your seat the whole time. I have no where else to put them. It needs removing

The age old debate between those that give a shit about other people and those who don't. Think about it why would they recline if it wasn't allowed to. Anyone that questions it is kind of stupid You’re asking the wrong question. How about this, “Is it okay to assault someone because you don’t like your seat assignment?”

The seats recline. It’s okay to recline. I’ve flown many times and managed not to have a temper tantrum because the person in front of me reclined. You suck it up and get to your destination like a grown up. The airline should permanently ban him from ever flying that airline again it's time to take action.

I do because I am 6' 5' JoshMankiewicz NO. But assaulting people who do isn’t ok either. It’s not ok to be violent unless your life is in danger. How is that not the question you’re asking? People have absolutely no tolerance towards each other. It seems like they need an excuse to act hostile and then complain that the other person provoked them. It’s no one’s fault (except the airline’s) that he is in the last seat and it doesn’t recline.

Reclining seats are meant to be reclined.

He should have been arrested. JoshMankiewicz I would have accidentally spilled piping hot coffee on him on my way back to the lavatory. oops. bumpy flight. Okay apparently the seat reclines. So if this is a problem the Airline needs to make more room or put in seats that don't recline. Or perhaps he might have tried to be polite and ask instead of acting like a spoiled brat.

Yes!! Not okay - kicking seats, not teaching your children to be courteous, losing your temper, bringing your own booze on a plane, putting bare feet on a seat, touching your bare feet, putting your stuff in the middle seat hoping no one sits there... Stop blaming either one of the passengers like a common trump and blame the airline for their seat configuration squeezing people like toothpaste, at any price range. Get it together, people, & complain to the FAA & to the airlines. Blame the squeezers, not the squeezees!

If it's not acceptable to recline your seat then why do they recline in the first place? Me? 1st ask nicely to stop, 2nd call flight attendant. 3rd Still continue? wait til plane lands and closed fist to his face.😀... grammar school report card...”he don’t play nice w/others”. actually I really do, I give very long leashes, once it’s at the end it’s awful😢

A stranger wants something from a woman and she refuses, so he ASSAULTS her. This is not OK. And, this type of predator will ESCALATE. Wrong goddamn question Seats recline for a reason people! If you don’t like it, pay more for first class.

What an immature little man. JoshMankiewicz Hell no! The person behind you goes from very little space to absolutely no space! The question is...would he have done the same thing to another male? Mad man. Why don’t you cover the hater that ran down trump registration tent in FL? I wonder why. You ppl have no credibility 👎

Childish on his part. If it isn’t ok, there should be an option.🤷‍♀️ He should’ve chosen a seat that could recline. His behavior is dispicable. The flight attendant should’ve made him stop instead of giving him a free drink. Way to reward abusive behavior The guys an asshole. Shes being inconsiderate. And the airline is just as guilty for putting recline features on seats that close together.

She was 'man spreading' Yes it’s okay to recline stop asking stupid questions to justify this entitled brat’s behavior. I would’ve given him hell. What a bully Airlines have made it so it's actually uncomfortable and often painful -- not to mention claustrophobic -- to fly. I wonder what the free market/libertarian argument for this would be.

Just because airlines add more seat, narrow room, airline get more weight. Don't understand why FAA approved. No this is what pepperspray is for .... AmericanAir that’s what you get for putting profits before people’s comfort. Taking all the room between seats is a selfish move just to make a profit! I avoid your airline at all costs because of all your fees and lack of human personal space during flight! Shame on you!!

That couldn’t have been him hitting my wife seat totally unacceptable I don't get why this is a big story. I've been in the back row where your seat doesn't recline. Oh well. The person in front of me has every right to recline theirs. Seriously.... let it go... let it go..... Yes. If your seat reclines you can recline. This isn’t difficult

Should you be able to punch a passenger hitting your seat because he was too cheap to pay for the upgrade should be the question. BizNasty2point0 Yes it is. If you don’t think it’s okay to recline you are trash . Ride the bus Due to airline consolidation they believe (know) that we have no choice & have to accept their decisions on space. Break them up & bring competition back.

You are asking the wrong question. Ask if it is ok to harass someone on the plane. Hopefully he'll be banned from air travel as he does not know what is acceptable behavior in enclosed close spaces, with other actual human beings. Childish behavior to say least No...its rude...years ago when first designed there was room to with the airlines packing ppl. In like sardines there is no room...and the Airlines saying that passenger comfort is thier 1 concern...well thats Bullshit...Money is thier 1concern...

Why is pixelating his face now? His visual image has been out there for the last day and a half. How is it ever ok to act like him

Yes it is because the seat declines. Nice fellow. 👎 100% wrong in doing this! I have a bad back and neck so sitting long on a plane I need to recline for a bit and if he would punch my seat it would just increase my pain!! Yes. Stop blaming her for doing what her eat is designed to do. If I saw that, I'd spill my drink on him on 'accident'. I'd order Bloody Mary mix so he looked like Carrie.

If people are that rude to each other on a plane, then I don't ever want to be in one, ever. The man was wrong, the lady was inconsiderate....but, his is on the airliner's for not giving a shit how uncomfortable people are on their flights...if you don't pay top-dollar for first-class. It reclines 3 inches. It’s annoying, but not worth this attack on her. He’s in the wrong.

If the airline does not want passengers to recline, then make seats that do not recline He doesn’t do that if the passenger in front of him isn’t a woman . . .

You're asking the wrong question She did what he asked her. He needs too grow TF up! I bet he wouldn't do that to a man sitting in front of him. Coward mf NBC actually thinks it's ok for this man to commit assault!! They actually believe this to even make this a question. Pathetic Would be ok to punch him in the face?

yes it is okay....if they recline.....he could have reclined his just as easily. Don’t let him fly. everyone is miserable in economy ... as a general rule ... reclining your seat is not going to make you more comfortable ... just endure the flight like the rest of us ... punching the seat does not solve anything either ...

Even with economy seats you can do early checkin. NBC News () poses an incorrect question. Here’s the CORRECT query: Is it OK for a grown man to behave like an entitled, petulant, spoiled child? No charge NBC News. NBC change your headline: Is it appropriate for a grown man to act like a 3 year old and punch a woman’s seat instead of speaking like human beings!?!

What would’ve happened if this man was a POC? Would he have gotten an apology and a free cocktail from the airline? Everybody loves a white man in distress 🙄🙄🙄 Who thinks he would have acted like this if the reclining passenger was a man? Regardless of whether you think reclining is OK or not, what this guy did was insane, rude and horrible. Also, if the airlines do not want you reclining in those seats they should remove that feature. The end.

How dare people flying economy think they have the luxury of reclining. I don’t know why they even give them the option. 🙄💀(sarcasm) LoL Is the dress White and gold or blue and purple The reclining debate can’t be solved. There really is no right or wrong. All we can do is expect the all parties, will behave like a human being and always exercise as much civility. That’s the hope.

You don't have a right to the space in front of me. I think a better question is Do you have the right to retaliate like this when someone inconveniences you He is wrong. Period. If my seat reclines and I want to recline, I’m reclining. He acted like an as*hole...she should have told him what’s what. Too bad this inconsiderate prick couldn't just be tossed out.

The seats recline for a reason... You can be polite about how far but if you shouldn't recline in economy, the seats shouldn't. Pretty simple.

ANSWER THIS: The meal is being served, I am napping and the stewardess shakes me, wakes me, & wants me to raise my seat back up. Do you do it or go back to sleep? If the seat reclines, it’s ok to recline it. I never do. I make myself as small as possible, don’t recline, don’t use the arm rests, etc. Common courtesy is a dying art.

Why is this a debate? Narcissistic Mean Girl and Passive-Aggressive Manchild. Humans are devolving. If someone in front of me reclines, putting them in my lap, I’ll be hacking, coughing, and sneezing the whole flight. KrisKetzKMBC Cup of hot coffee would have found its way to his face. 34MarkG TonySnow410

I'd never recline my seat they already pack you in like sardines I think its rude unless you ask first. Otherwise get your self a first class ticket and spread em elsewhere. I think ppl need to have common decency recline but not so much so ur in the other person's lap it's not fucking rocket science Point blank the guy is a total Dbag.

I fly often. I’m a big guy 6 ft 250 lbs. I take premium economy seats to have more space and sleep on long flight. But sometimes the seat behind me is cheaper with less space. Not my fault, so if your to tight do like me and get premium or just live with it. This entire thing is a symptom of the type backwards social engineering social media has caused. Two people failed to communicate. She can’t be that bothered if she recorded and posted it to social media where she can get recognition for her “suffering.”

I’m curious about the people sitting next to these two. I probably wouldn’t be able to stand it and have to try to negotiate this situation. I hate it when ppl recline into my personal space. Most children know better. Both are wrong. Airlines should stop making reclining seats. Problem solved. If the person in front of me redlines I have to. Otherwise I can’t even read as there is no room for me tohold my iPad or book in front of me. The issue is the lack of space.

If she didn't minimize how much she reclined her seat after he asked her, then she is just as much at fault. His behavior is unacceptable. But if you've ever sat in those last seats that don't recline, you have no room when the seat in front of you fully reclines. Is it ok to throw hot coffee in the face of an a- hole

put one of these on as soon as the seatbelt sign is off.

What a trash headline. How about 'Is it OK for a man to aggressively punch the seat of the woman in front of him who is using the functionality of the airplane seat she purchased?' He should have asked her to please shift her seat to the upright position. Choosing to punch the back of her seat as his only response shows that he is a brutish POS.

I once sat in the last row and I politely discussed my situation with the person in front of me who reclined her seat. She was understanding, not happy about it but nevertheless understanding of the situation and got her chair back up How about: Is it OK to act like a petulant child throwing a tantrum when you’re a fully grown man? That should be the debate.

I find it inconsiderate that airlines pack us in confined spaces, and even offer seats that dont recline. And it’s trending worse. No If you want to recline, stay home. Airlines gotta get with the program and stop making seats recline if the space in between rows are gonna be so damn tight. Is it ok for the airlines to make the seats so close that reclining inconveniences others: if so, they need to keep the seats from reclining!

Whether it is ok or not, that guy should have been arrested when they landed

Yes .. if I can recline and he can to if my recline bothers him No. Do not recline. Is this really an argument? Everyone has the right to recline their seat. Don't blur that bald bearded douchebag's face! He felt cool being abusive and making crazy faces while doing it, let him live with the shame. The airlines need to take responsibility for cramming seats too close together. I would happily pay more for the leg room, yours at 6’8”.

He could have reclines his seat too. His behavior is not acceptable Do they still teach The Golden Rule in kindergarten - treat others the way you want to be treated?” If they had both done that, there wouldn’t be a story. goldenrule Let’s fix your question.....Is it ok for a passenger to harass another passenger?

My husband is 6’ 7” & my son is 6’ 8” & they can barely fit as it is. If someone reclines, it’s right into their knees. We avoid flying now. My dad was 6’ 8” & flew all the time for business, no issue. The airlines are the problem. Cutting seats to cram people in like sardines There’s no debate. He’s a toddler. If he wanted more leg room he should have paid for a better seat.

It is not okay to recline all the way! Inconvenient and inconsiderate. i was pregnant flying economy long flight Europea-USA and i didnt punch the damn reclined seat in front of me As long as the seats recline, you should be able to recline them. However, this mans actions are so inappropriate and AmericanAir should have taken better action

No, it is impossible for people of height and corpulence to sit with a seat reclined in front of them and you are no more comfortable for it. The solution is less greedy airlines which give more legroom. But we have accepted to pay to be sardines. You have the right to recline but think of the other passenger instead of yourself. I see people reclined even while snacks are served.

Remember the man's face. The seats recline for a reason. Lol The seat is made to recline. Simple. Oh, meathead would not have punched the back of that seat if there were a guy in it. If my seat has a recline button, I’m using it. Punch the airline’s decision of reducing seat space.

I believe easyJet and others have fixed seat backs throughout (except overwing exits - seats there can break forward but they shouldn't recline in any case). If a recline facility is avail (and there is a domino recline going on) then it is OK. They’re both wrong for flying and killing the environment. I hope they both get a bad rash.

Why do you block out the guts face? Only idiots book the last row of seats. If the second to last row shouldn't recline to be courteous to the people in the last row, than no one can. It's a domino effect. So it's everyone (except for the last row) is comfortable, or no one is. Comparing passenger leg room/seat areas to prior flying there is a drastic difference.The airlines in an effort to squeeze extra billions out of flights are torturing Economy passengers. These altercations are the fault of the airlines pure &simple UnitedAirlines_ Airlines

Simple solutions available: If you don’t like seat backs in your face, Don’t fly Use 1st class Fly JetBlue Chose an airline that has non-recliner seats. If you pay for a recliner seat, you certainly have the right to use it. The question shouldnt be 'is it OK to recline', the question should be 'Is it OK for airlines to take advantage of people and add extra rows of seating so that people have less personal space and are then prompted angrily to punch seats as they travel for 9 hours'

Airlines need to provide more room Considerate people don’t put their seat back. Somewhat considerate people ask the person behind them if they mind or not. Inconsiderate people just put their seat back. Self-centered inconsiderate people post a silly dispute like this on social media, desperate for attention.

It's the airlines fault for packing people in like that. The man was wrong as 2 left feet...

There was a time when flying commercial was enjoyable. Those days are gone. It's a shame two 'adults' couldn't work out a compromise here but, this event is a microcosm of society today where we are too busy staring at our phones to have productive face to face interactions You pay for the ticket, the seat can with it snowflakes.

“A video of a man sexually assaulting a woman has prompted the debate: is it okay for women to wear provocative clothing?” COME ON NBC We should spark an online debate on how many times we should repost the same article. You have the right to recline your seat. 90% of the flights I have been on the person in front of me reclines and I deal with it. That being said I never recline my seat. Being taller I realize how uncomfortable that is to me and I choose not to do it to the person behind me.

You should be consider of who is behind you. Especially when the airlines pack us in so tight. Inconsiderate of both but this is the way our world is now Here we go blaming the consumer. When it is the airlines fault for creating a hostile environment. Dollars signs over quality of the product. Maybe airline could give us our space back

The guy is an ass. The airline is worse for forcing this on us. Rid the recline! Tighten the screws!! Weld em shut just like the ashtrays!!! norecline

'How to handle violent behavior in flight' is the issue. Don't pretend punching someone else's seat repeatedly, with force, is okay. An adult who hits things instead of talking is dangerously out of control. Ignoring that to focus on manners normalizes and approves violence. It’s the airline for packing us in like sardines while they make record breaking profits

He is 100% in the wrong. No. It is not OK to recline when sitting in economy. Treat others the way you want to be treated. I wouldn't something to someone that I wouldn't want done to me. The puncher should be penalized. The punchee should be compensated. And the airline should grow a pair and train staff to tell people to keep their hands to themselves bc reclining is 100% the prerogative of every passenger who pays for a seat that’s designed to recline!

It's my seat I paid for it. I'll use it how I please or we can take it from there. I'm pretty sure no one is going to make me do anything. He starts in on my seat I'm starting in on his head. Simple this guy was picking on a woman, he's a coward too. NOT OK to punch the seat regardless of how you feel about reclining the seat. This is absolutely ridiculous.

Why isn't the discussion about men being allowed to throw dangerous tantrums when they don't get their way, then act like victims in our society? If someone punched my seat I would defend myself. It is. Of course it is. Or seats wouldn’t recline. If it’s that big an issue for you, you too can recline YOUR seat to increase your personal space, or pay for an exit row seat. Punching / pushing / kicking someone else’s seat & or bullying is unacceptable.

Yes it is he could recline his seat and have the same amount of room. Oh and I would whoop his ass as soon as we got off the plane

I think a better question is why do airlines think it's okay to set us up for conflict by jamming the seats like this? It's not safe. FAA americanairlines UnitedAirlines frontier Delta RightsForUsinNC The seats are made to recline. If he was doing that to me, I’d have accidentally spilt my drink behind me on him.

Somebody should have put him to 😴 sleep. If there isn’t room to recline then the seat should not have a recline option. The problem is stuffing too many humans in for financial reasons. “Economy” should mirror first class and everyone would have enough room. No, it’s rude to the person behind you. Just like when you take your child to a restaurant, don’t allow them to kick the booth because it’s rude to the person behind you!!! Some people just have zero courtesy.

Why would anyone fly anymore? Besides TSA being awful, and the cramped flights I’d rather spend more time on a train. We could have high speed rail and have the benefits of both worlds but...we’re too busy bombing 15 countries If something does something .. it’s meant to be used. Recognising that airlines will do nothing to rectify this, I think that people who fly Economy Class should refrain from reclining their seats as the pitch between seats is not enough to allow the people behind to have a comfortable experience when the person in front reclines.

I'm on his side. These people are rude. There's literally no room for this BS on economy flights.

Yes, if the seat is able to recline. Runaway capitalism and greed doing wonders here theoretically, if you have a seat that reclines you s/b able to recline it. on the other hand, what space does the person behind you own or 'has rented' w his ticket? a court may need to decide. i once reclined my seat on a (Greek) flight. dude behind (barbarian) went ballistic.

I don't like it when someone (adding very rarely) reclines into my very limited space so I don't do it to others. Yes He shouldn’t of punch her seat but it’s inconsiderate to recline in such tight spaces. 1. Let’s start blaming the airlines for charging us more and making seats smaller and 2. Of the seat reclines, she should be allowed to recline. Otherwise make them non reclining seats. But also, back to 1.

only an ignoramus would recline in an already cramped setting like an airplane. short answer: no If it is NOT ACCEPTABLE, remove the recline seat. They were both in the wrong

She made his flight uncomfortable, so he made her flight uncomfortable too. Sounds about even. they shouldn't do that to the back row. They're BOTH jerks.... I usually look to see if the person behind me is reclined. That way the can’t criticize. If they’re not reclined, I usually ask if they mind. Makes for a friendlier trip.

This is the dickhead. Very immature! How embarrassing for both of them! It does not recline that much so yes it should be okay that guy was just being obnoxious If I were her, I’d have spilled my drink on that a-hole. Or punched him. I never fly American because passengers are too crowded. JetBlue is much better. The fault is with the airlines.

Bad take

Airlines’ responsibility... and some people you just can’t reach! Yikes Both rude people . If it wasn’t why is there an option Some companies should stop making seats that recline. Then people can boycott airlines that make reclining seats. But punching someone who is following the rules, get that asshole off the plane

Can't punch the seats with two broken arms. Id rather that than a crying baby any day There is no debate... his actions are illegal... make sure federal prosecutors don’t bury the case by giving nutcase a “slap on the wrist...” AOC that means probation 🆚 a conviction She put in a lot of nonsense just to hide the fact that she has no common courtesy. The dude had the right to get angry.

If you're an inconsiderate jerk then sure, recline. If you actually think about other people beyond yourself, you leave it upright.

I'm with him The question isn’t “is it ok to recline your recliner seat on a plane?”It’s “is it acceptable to continuously punch the headrest of a person in front of you?”This is a nonissue that should’ve been solved then and there with simple communication not just recorded for net rage l8er While I can understand his frustration as this has happened to me, I think punching the seat was over the top. Obviously she didn’t give a damn either way so it’s on her.

The debate should be about filming others without consent Yes It's excruciating travelling like that. It's most uncomfortable for both passengers. She has the right to accommodate on her seat. She paied for it. Doesn't he have his right too? He bought his ticket with the same rights. The problem lasts on the Airline Co. and the entity who does the Airline's Surveillance.

There, I fixed it. If he's white and she's black, Hispanic or Arab, surely he can ask her to recline. In opposite he maybe accused of public disorder, or even air terrorism. Very common in Iberia ALSA_Autobuses and many others which I witnessed myself! Perfect metaphor for our life in these times. Airlines cram us in and we fight with each other rather than them for treating us like a commodity.

He was smiling! This is a stunt. Geez, people, really? Yes Space behind reclined seats remain relatively the same by design of the 'erring' chairs so I'm miffed when people get aggravated. Claustrophobic? Then you probably shouldn't even be on a plane in the 1st place! At the very least be civil with your plea.

If the seats are made to recline and everyone knows they recline.... deal with it. Is it ok to harass a woman just bc airlines cram all passengers into tiny spaces? His behaviour is appalling. Reclining in economy class is impolite and unnecessary also, as the level of comfort goes from 0 to 0. No winners in this video, just two self obsessed people

That's how wars are started Is economy inhumane? Yes If the seats 💺 recline then yes, it’s fine.

Why not just leave it to the two passengers to work it out? Act civil and with respect and remember the golden rule. There are more important problems to solve don’t you think? blame the airlines for trying to make more money by cramming people in to such an extent they are miserable. she's miserable so she's trying to get some relief. and he's miserable because the space was already so tight.

It's not OK for airlines to cram people in so tightly that they can't recline (in reclining seats) without making the person behind them miserable. Neither of those people are at fault, it's the airline industry. (Tho the guy is a bit of a douche.) If the seat reclines then you can most assuredly recline. If airlines don not want them to recline then make them into a permanent position

It is ok to have manners. Look, ask, respect. One doesn't have to recline all the way back. What is wrong with having a bit of respect for one another. The question of whether you can recline or not is so not the point here. That guy had a tantrum and got physical over a minor inconvenience. Fly delta and buy the Comfort Seats. Plenty of room. Airlines should remove at least two rows and raise prices. Either that or don’t let anyone recline. There is not enough room for it.

The seats are designed to recline for a reason: So the paying passenger can recline. Of course it is. Had he objected, he could have asked her politely to compromise. She could have accommodated him, within reason. That's how adults handle conflict. Their behaviour was boorish entitled belligerence & shameless self-centredness; nothing short of 'presidential'.

Not okay.

If you are not supposed to recline the seat then why do they make it to be able to recline, hey Boeing If it reclines then it's ok. Unless you're taking off or landing. Violence like that on a plane can get you arrested and he's an idiot. There's definitely more to this story. airtravel airlines Yup.

Yes, it is okay to recline when sitting in any seat that Is capable of reclining (and you’ve paid for it). Also, that guy sucks. Just read that she got in trouble, so as I said in my earlier tweet, she did in fact turn innocent when she started rolling her camera. She could have been respectful of other peoples personal space and not reclined all the way back. Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD.

If he needs extra space then he should have paid extra for it, this is possible. I feel angry for the woman trying to recline and angry that the airline allowed her to be assaulted this way. Men think they can do whatever they want these days. Obviously, nobody stopped him. No. Neither is seat punching.

Yes‼️‼️‼️Recline. Yes..Seats provide a is not ok for deregulation and the airline industry to be so greedy to place people to tightly. It is 100% wrong of this man yet we are discussing the womans doing nothing but sitting in her chair. Should not need her medical excuse to recline.

If it wasn’t why making the seats reclinable, what an utterly stupid question. Only illegal aliens should be forced to ride in the very last seat. I feel like we need more info. Did he ask her to move up before she decided to record him? Usually the person who starts recording turns innocent when the cameras rolling. Id like to know why she insisted on getting in his space? Did he pay less for his seat? Questions!

Yes, just not on Spirit! .... That's not what the debate was about, last row of the plane, he cannot recline, dude is a douche but the woman is also petty. End of argument If it's there then why not use it! How big was the guy behind? The bigger question: why do the airlines think it's OK to cram us in there like sardines.

Days of a recliner airlines seat will be over except First Class in this decade,planes are already,the Small House & the Small House will be next Home Buyers,some seats on airlines don't recline already, its to make you think it's broken Probably not, if you want to keep the peace. I believe Miss Manners actually considers reclining in Economy Seating to be impolite.

Of course! Otherwise don’t make them to recline! I would have punched that guy in the head!

Maybe he was a little claustrophobic? Poor people problems. Why not make seats that don't recline? Problem solved! I would have kicked his ass! It’s not like he could move to retaliate. Traveling on plane now is the equivilant of riding a city bus or Greyhound. “A video of a person sleeping on a bed has sparked an online debate. Is it okay to fall asleep on a bed?”

Oh, I already commented, but let me say that everything does NOT need to be recorded and sent out on social media. This us one of those events. I don't care! Move on to the next thing that doesn't need to be debated on social media. All we do is whine. can't really blame him What he did is called battery. He is forcibly touching her via the pounding of the seat back with the intention of causing her distress or loss of dignity.

Show the asshole’s face Not very far. That behavior of his is just weird. She paid for the seat and has a right to recline it. The airline should have offered to let her sit in first class and he should have been arrested the second he stepped off the plane. It is aggravating being held prisoner by a reclined seat. There’s no actual room now and to have someone’s seat in your face adds up to “road rage”

While it is never ok to punch a seat; your own, sm1 else’s or an empty one, when flying economy it is good form to ask the person behind you if you can recline an inch or so. Her seat seemed to be on top of his tray. Telltale sign of an A-hole is anyone who reclines or thinks it’s okay to recline in economy. You are awful people.

No! Never recline! It’s just rude. I've never heard of anyone in any other situation expect others *not* to use the amenities provided them because of their own hang ups. It's unreasonable and entitled af He wouldn’t have pulled that shit if he had a dude sitting in front of him. Fk that guy.

It shouldn't be allowed. And airlines shouldn't offer such space also. It is very inconvenient for a fellow passenger sitting. Let that decency prevail among all. That's so bad economy seat too small & not too comfortable. That's why I never fly at all. I like to drive more fun & some many beautiful landscapes, towns & historics. I don't care about many hours to drive. Enjoy & relax for travelling.

Only selfish people recline. Don’t me. But seriously, airlines should put all those who love reclining & don’t mind having someone else recline into their laps in their own section. Leave the non-recliners happily upright in their own section. Problem solved. Gap kept between the seats, in economy class (all airlines) is inhumane & lacks basic personal necessary aura that a normal person needs. Surprisingly, no govt., no NGO, no human rights forum, no one, has so far, even thought about it. Airlines HumanRights FAA

StopPrecarité Sometimes I wonder how we ever got this far. Look, you should ask the person behind you if they mind. It's that simple. In the scheme of things, it's a very minor issue. I wish this was the worst problem I had. It's just 2 egocentric dummies who refuse to give an inch. Silly. No! Maybe a little ways but not all the way- Those seats were made to be farther apart not so close

I try to get seat with more leg more but you pay for that. It still is not enough. If your tall, your Screwed. If it isn’t ok then why do the seats actually recline? Is it okay for Airlines to pack people in like animals ?

The fact that this is an issue just shows how f**ked we are. We can’t even agree on RECLINING SEATS IN AN AIRPLANE! America, I’m disappointed ☹️ Here come the non-reclining seats throughout the aircraft (except in First Class), because half of people can't be considerate of other passengers and the other half can't be tolerant of inconveniences.

Take a couple rows out and raise the prices. Works for me. Only selfish people recline. Don’t me. But seriously, airlines should put all those who love reclining & don’t mind having someone else recline into their laps in their own section. Leave the rest of us non-recliners alone. Problem solved. recliner

If the planes in flight you can recline all you want he has no option but to suck it up Corporation cuts passenger space to squeeze a few more dollars. Passenger A gets uncomfortable. Passenger B gets aggressive. Twitter: which passenger is to blame? Who said the person in front of her didn’t recline first?

You guys should tweet this more times This is a stupid discussion.

Drunk guy Who pulled my hair every time he got up and he got up like 800 times As you on air and others mentioned, she edited it to just his behaviour... but just going on it, it leads me to believe both are wrong. She should've asked first and he should've politely tried to say something then got a flight attendant.

not on a short domestic flight of 2 hrs This is crazy. People on here are acting like everyone flying has agreed to this unwritten code that you don't recline your seat in economy. WTF? The seat reclines. If I am somehow inconvenienced by someone doing it in front of me, I deal with it, because that's what I paid for

Rude, I think he was jelly as his seat couldn't recline with the wall thing behind him. Again another rude moron! How about asking if it’s okay for the airlines to pack us on like this in economy, ffs!! I think it’s okay as long as there’s is no water or coffee on the little table. If you pay for a seat and it reclines, you get to recline. Complain to the airline. Notice the thumper is in a non reclining seat. Choices

The airlines shouldn't pack passengers in like sardines, and no one should harrass another passenger for reclining her seat as long as the recline function is operative. If a seat reclines, a passenger is within her rights to recline it. If it's not ok to recline... why make the seats able to recline?

If the seats recline, then it’s ok. I’m just gonna assume all the reclining people here take their shoes off and bring leftovers in tupper ware on the plane too. Animals. I heard trump reclines on Air Force one. If it has a button to recline!!! Then recline!! If it wasn’t ok then it wouldn’t have it. First, this is not a new debate. Second, no. Never. Why not also ask the question: when in an elevator with other people is it ok to fart?

Parasite 2 Short answer: no. Best thing you can do, if you really need to lean back those 3', is be courteous and ask the person behind you. If they're asleep, game on. Otherwise it's kind of a dick move. All that said, raging out and punching someone's seat back is unacceptable. He should have booked a better seat. If a seat reclines, it's a passengers right to use as desired. insecure arrogant immature abusive

The seats are made to recline. So yes, it's ok. Also, shouldn't the question be, is this appropriate behavior for a grown man because he's frustrated with his seat assignment? This isn't ok. *THINK THIS THROUGH* If the second to last row cannot recline because the last row can’t recline, then the third to last row cannot recline because of the second. The logical conclusion of the defense of this man’s actions preclude reclining for the entire plane. Preposterous.

If you can do it, it doesnt mean you SHOULD do it. Its just rude. Theyre both rude an deserve eachother. Flying within the USA sucks !!! If I pay for my seat, then I can recline it. How about the airlines stop making the seats so small and damn close to each other so we aren’t so uncomfortable. The courteous thing to do as ask the passenger behind you if it's OK to reliance your sear a bit. There isn't much room is economy and being polite never hurts.

Let’s re-frame the question: is it OK to pummel the seat in front of you (and the human occupying that seat) because you don’t like whatever it is about your life you don’t like. BTW - the answer is no. I got hit across the chest by the guy sitting next to me for moving. I had my eyes closed and earphones. Nothing was done by steward. Was told we could both get arrested when we landed.

I can tell by the replies who is over 5'10' and who isn't. My takeaway from this is he shouldn’t be punching the back of her chair. As long as it's not during takeoff, landing and food service I dont care.

Lack of respect and consideration. Just because you’re allowed to recline doesn’t mean you can do it if it hurts someone. Called FA 'cause idiot humanoid would not stop his kid from delivering kicks to my chair back--slow & not in rhythm so I had no if or when the next kick would land (about 5-20 secs).Ten minutes later had to call FA AGAIN, same reason. Gave FA the EYE 'til he moved me to 1st class

No. Its selfish and should not be allowed. How about “is it okay to punch someone’s seat?” NO! If a recliner comes with your seat you have every right to use it yes or no? If last seat passenger not happy is that not the airlines problem not the customer? Yeah u can ask however if the answer is no then does that mean your still right?

Dont know why she wanted the FBI involved in it too If it reclines then yes, I bet you anything that asshole would not have done that if it was a man reclining the seat. Respect the Bubble. You can have a little recline. ...but when using a laptop it’s almost impossible if the seat is reckoned fully in front, then I would politely ask the person if they could half recline. There is a word for all this, manners.

There is not enough space for such a luxury, and I often wonder why we Americans haven’t gotten angry enough to take on these sleazy greedy airlines. We pay enough money to have enough space to recline comfortably, but that’s not the case. JetBlue AmericanAir UnitedAirlines

What if this is actually a ploy to get passengers to buy up the empty, higher priced seats? For me, if in the recliner I always ask the person behind if it’s ok to recline. If I’m in the seat behind, I love it when the person asks if it’s ok, and if they don’t I just suck it in a bit and remember that I am getting a cheaper seat for the inconvenience....more

Open your air vent full blast & point it at the person's head The seats go back. I'm not sure what's so hard to understand about this. Blame the airlines for cramming ever-increasing numbers of people into a tiny tube. Reclining? Wtf wants some rando man behind them nonstop punching in this day and age.

100% okay to recline! What this situation should have sparked was a conversation between the two passengers. That it went viral with no real conversation between the two says nothing good about our society. No and the airlines have to make the seats without reclining in economy I think is very inconvenient. I never out my back...

If the seat reclines it is permissible to recline it. I personally find it super annoying but it's still ok to do it. I also hate stinky food but...

If you recline a seat on an airplane, you are an a-hole. You think 'well, i'm entitled to'... but what you don't realize is that reclining the seat presses on the knees of tall people sitting behind you because the length from the back of your seat to theirs is small IS IT OK TO PUNCH A SEAT? I don’t know ... is there a reclining button? If so I’d say yes.

It’s ok if the seat reclines....blame the airline. Yes. I’ve flown hundreds of times and never thought it was rude when someone reclined back toward me. My comfort level went from bad to still bad. Still, much better than driving for two days. FirstWorldProblems If it wasn’t okay, then it wouldn’t be available!

Increasingly it’s not ok. People are saying she paid for her seat so she can do whatever. But, it's not even about that. Just be a decent human being and not recline your seat when you know you are in the second to last row..... Jerk There, I fixed it

Why have reclining chairs if you can't and/or shouldn't recline? The seat reclines for a reason. The dude is is an idiot, he 100 percent wouldn’t have done that if it were a guy sitting there. As a claustrophobe, I'd like to say's not. Reclining in economy is fucking RUDE. Was she on his legs If you're selfish and think only about yourself, yes. If you are considerate, you don't recline or ask first

I’m a very short person so obviously I don’t need as much legroom as the average person. The airlines need to consider the overall room 4 safety reasons. Im still bothered when the person in front reclines but I believe it’s their right & not their fault for the lack of space Both parties are turds unfortunately.

The seats don't recline that far back. If it were an upset woman punching at a man’s chair, Twitter would be 95% on his side. This dude is violent and privileged. She’s simply inconsiderate. Some airlines to Europe ask you not to recline during dinner service. It’s a Good idea.

If the seat reclines, you must opine. What an immature a-hole I’d file a police report that might be assault just like if you throw something & hit someone. I’d put up that for abt 2 milliseconds & demand the captain make him change seats with me. She lucky it wasn’t me! 🤦🏼‍♀️ omg that’s so inconsiderate feeling entitled asf!

The seats recline. That’s the deal. Get over it. This guy is a total jerk. I think I’m on team punching guy tbh If someone behind me did that, I would shoot a load in his face. I’d get all animal like. Should’ve bought a knee defender... His behaviour is NOT acceptable. Reclining a seat is not a problem. When I adjust my seat for a perfect nap, I would recline and tell the guy behind me at the same time. We could make it easy. I don't know what happened before this video started, but I think they need to talk and both show respect to each other

Yes, so! You recline 👏I recline👏everybody reclines👏we’re all happy

Anyone who reclines their seat on a plane should be thrown screaming from a helicopter Why cover his face he was happy to act like an asshole in public he shouldn’t having a problem if we all see his face which by the way TMZ has a really good photo of him for all to see Why didn’t the flight attendants stop this?

The guy is a punk.... Lol. His face has for sure not been blurred out in other outlets. No. She should not have reclined her seat and he should have been less of an ass abt it. Back that far on the plane there is no room for selfishness and bad behavior. One percenters are baffled and amused by this story and discussion.

Yes. If I have paid for a seat that reclines I am fully entitled to use it. The inconvenience that it puts on the person behind is very minor. If you don't want to have it happen, you can get a bus, upgrade to business class, or pay for extra legroom. Welcome to Flying Cattle Cars, Inc. 🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮🐮

Yes She should have been more considerate I do not think it should be an option to recline economy seats but I also do not believe this guy’s reaction was justified. Both ppl here were jerks! This is like sitting in your parked car with a car waiting to get your spot, blowing it’s horn. I would say, “now I am going to sit here for the rest of my life!”

And if it had been a man reclining in front of him would he have done the same? Both jerks🎤 Airlines, Just make the plane so seats can recline with enough room behind them or so they don’t recline at all, you assholes. Setting it up so passengers get in these stupid fights is ridiculous. IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT CHEAP AIRLINES.

A seat (even in economy class) can be reclined unless you’re at an exit window. You paid for that seat and have a choice to recline it. If reclining wasn’t allowed, airline co must put seats that don’t recline! The person behind the man should punch the seat in front of him. His seat is against the wall, he cannot recline if she does. That doesn't seem fair at all

He’s s jerk & should pay for first class next time.

Blame the designer of the plane. Punching her seat was like giving her a back massage. Accomplishes nothing. I will recline but not during departure, drink , food. Otherwise I will if it’s not broken . WendyWilliams this woman has the same name as you Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Both of these people are wrong

I’ve read thru this tweet and what i find amazing is how everyone is blaming each other rather than the real culprit: the airlines. Instead of bitching at each other, bitch at the airlines. They’re the ones that own the cattlecars you choose to travel in. Remoooove yourselves! Are we getting the whole story. Did he politely ask her to move it forward? If he asked, did she ignore him? Regardless, he's an a$$hole for dealing with the problem like a 5 year old child. I think too many people look for drama when there is none. People need to grow up.

If you’re sitting in the seat and it reclines, it’s ok to recline. Let’s see this guy act like this towards a big man (not a woman). Hint: he wouldn’t. He’s a coward and a bully. I would say no, especially for all the claustrophobic people who have to fly...there's barely enough room in most planes to change your mind let alone recline a seat. Airlines need to do better for the travelers...

I avoid flying American Airlines whenever possible. If the boxer was so uncomfortable the simple solution was to politely ask her to not recline and offer to buy her a drink for the inconvenience. Yes, and the man was rude.

Come on...if you've ever had to sit in that last row, the seats don't recline at all. If the ass in front of you reclines, you have maybe 6' of space in front of you. Woman was extremely discourteous knowing she gave the man NO ROOM! Shame on her! I’m short. I don’t have a problem. I don’t sleep so I don’t recline. I guess I just want the person to give me a heads up before so I can hold onto my drink and it doesn’t fall into my lap. That’s happened many times & that’s inconsiderate.

It's always okay to recline in economy. It it weren't the seats you paid for would not recline. I recline half way because I don’t care for the seat in front to reclines onto my lap Inconsiderate D bag. He should be put on a do no fly list If not okay, the seats should not be made to recline...that said, I do wish they were not made to recline.

No, it’s not okay because economy is more cramped than ever. But HE SHOULD NOT have punched her seat This has to be the dumbest question and introduced to cause silly responses. If seats can recline, why would you not use it. If you don't recline, you are supporting the airlines use of tight seating. This is a problem the airlines must fix!

Meh. She paid for her seat and so did he. As a man who is 6'2' and 230, I don't want the person seated in front of me in my lap. But there are mature ways to deal with this. On both parts. If the sets recline there should not e any issue. The man pushing the seat is nothing but a rude asshole. Hope it made his day. Jerk, toning but a jerk.

Idiot/moron Sorry, but you are the jackhole. Everyone knows there is not enough room in the seats any longer for passengers to recline. Don't be stupid. If AmericanAir or any airline gives you the ability to recline your seat than you should be able to recline your seat. This guy now has his 15 minutes of fame.

Could you imagine being married or dating this A-Hole of a guy? What if...soul-sucking airlines made traveling comfortable? No It is never ok to punch the back of another passengers seat to repeatedly, aggressively and with malice. How he reacted was inappropriate. Next time upgrade or get a seat in the emergency and be prepared to help all others if needed. Blame the airlines, not other customers.

........... Greyhound Bus ONLY if the seat behind you is empty I see they still have ashtrays . I shall start smoking

Yes! It is NEVER ok to physically intimidate someone because you’re pouting though. The question should be, Is it ok to punch 🤛? Man up. I’ve never gotten mad at the person in front of me, the seats literally recline an inch. It’s seems like there are more important things to debate. This guy is totally in the wrong. If folks were not meant to recline then seats would NOT recline. It is your right to use the seat as it is intended. The airline should have done something. Childish and disrespectful.

more like vibrating the chair wouldn't say punching I would say this is punching but not that The more important question is why is it legal for airlines to pack us in like sardines? Amazing that we are choosing sides between him and her and when it’s the airline removing the space between seats slowly over time until you are comfortable with tasting the hair of the person in front of you. Redirect your anger at them , not each other.

Of course it's OKAY to recline with reclining seats! Common sense says if you don’t want the back of someone’s seat in your face, then don’t put your seat in someone else’s face. I think airlines either stop reclining seats, or give more leg room... which we know they won’t! As a FREQUENT passenger AND someone who works onboard airliners, I think when you buy a seat, you buy it AND its functions. If the boorish guy behind her doesn't like than, he should've managed himself a better seat. He's reacting like a spoiled child.

Yes. If you’re worried about space on an airplane then purchase a business class ticket or a premium economy. At 6’2 I just assume I’m going to be uncomfortable on a plane in economy. If everyone who flies would stop bickering online and demand as a group that Airlines make more room between seats could easily be done by removing a row of seats

If my back is bothering me, I will slowly and gently recline just enough to take the pressure off of my sciatic nerve for a while. Otherwise, no. It’s called being considerate. No if you have someone behind you....its called consideration. That is exactly what is missing these days in society....where the hell did it go?

The blame is on the airlines , packing people like sausages. The question is, “is ok to complain if you chose to book economy?” The same people who say it’s ok to recline are the same people who think it’s acceptable to bring children on flights and let them scream and cry from one coast to the other. Have some consideration for your fellow travelers, people.

Yes!!! If the seat can recline, than you have a right to use it. Dumb question! He still can’t punch her seat but she did what was inconsiderate though lawful

Also, don't steal people's overhead space. Both of these actions are unnecessary douche moves. I’ve barely restrained myself from doing this, mainly because there is a seat literally crunching my knees. Better question: Is it OK to punch the back seat of the person in front if you? The answer is: No, never. You should be arrested and charged if you do.

The sits should have a more limited angle of recline. If the seat reclines, Imma do it...don’t like it? To fraking bad....upgrade🤷🏼‍♀️ sorry notsorry suckmytraytable Ihatetoflyanyway If he pays my ticket, I’ll not recline. The real question is actually is it okay to start punching a seat as an adult because you aren’t happy.

Of course it’s ok guy in back is jack ass Ask first, otherwise you risk kneecapping the person behind you. Funny

Or perhaps airlines shouldn't be allowed to reduce space to the point passengers travel like a can of sardines. Sorry folks, but whenever I fly I’m doing long hauls to Africa, Asia, and Latin America and have to hit the ground running when I get there. I have to recline my seat to get some sleep. Complain to the airlines, not to me.

I have never given a fuck that someone reclines in front of me. Everyone here defending this man just wants to complain about losing 1 inch of space. You paid for the recliner function; airliners need to stop being so cheap. I hate when people recline the seat in front of me and I never recline mine IS IT OKAY TO HARASS SOMEONE SITTING IN FRONT OF YOU FOR USING THE SEAT AS IT WAS DESIGNED!!? You’re asking the wrong question, NBC.

I saw This post and upgraded my airline seats to Hawaii to economy plus He should have been in trouble for that. Not if people are having din-dins but yes if it’s beddy-byes The issue lies with the last seats that don’t recline. Most travelers know this & choose not to sit in those seats. As a courtesy, if I need to recline for whatever reason, I check to ensure the other person’s head or laptop aren’t in the way. And then politely let them know.

What is the debate? If the seat reclines then it is okay to recline. Yes, by all means, let's blame the victim obviously because she's a woman instead of calling the dude who's being an asshole. Yes! If everyone reclines, we all have the same amount of cramped space. It is inconsiderate for airlines to put so many seats in the cabin that you can no longer recline.

Why do they make the seats to recline then? Recline. Yes. But never a 'full push all the way back recline.' Never. Recline. Yes. But no more than 50%. If you can’t handle a seat reclined in front of you, you should drive. I think the bigger question here is if it's okay for this guy (or any person) to throw a temper tantrum and punch her seat instead of just having a conversation with her. Did he ask her to put her seat back up or did he just act like an entitled asshole?

No, it's not okay to recline in economy.

Dude behind the lady, take it down a notch. It's not her fault. Jeesh. How about the debate on 'Is it okay for a brute to bash the seat of the female in front of him when he has testosterone poisoning?' The airline should give her some money back for having to put up with the child behind her, ALSO because its their own fault for reducing the space between seats and still allowing the seats to recline.

I love how a story about assault has been switched to a debate about reclining etiquette. I think this guy needed a SNICKERS NO🤬🤬🤬 Neither passenger had a good flight. What does that tell you about loving others as yourself? He needs anger management! I don’t. It’s rude to the person behind you. Just like when you’re at a restaurant & someone allows their child to keep kicking the booth behind you.

another reason why i hate flying

You pay for the seat, and the space it occupies; even when it’s reclined. Her seat should not be able to recline since his can't, problem solved. To say nobody should recline is just silly. If I have a 12 hr flight, I want to be comfortable, sorry. Yes it's perfectly fine, I will recline and not even think twice

Are you people stupid? If they aren't supposed to recline...They wouldn't..WTH is wrong with you? I know the list is long...I'll Wait! It’s not ok to overlook people in your surroundings. It is understood with purchased ticket your going to be uncomfortable for your travel portion. That man was violently striking the seat, no excuse.

If it's not ok to recline, then the seats shouldn't be able to recline. No! I wish they would make seats that do not recline!!! Make aircrafts the way they were in the 60s and 70s and you won’t have this stupid problem! Boeing Airbus He's got anger management issues. Probably a tRump supporter. How is that the question? When one person is punching the other whatever claim they may have about, at most, mild rudeness, is invalidated.

We're bickering with fellow passengers because the airline seats are too cramped for legs & especially for tall passengers. We're also anti-social because bad behavior is televised every single day. The culture of uncivilized division makes us unruly. Why blur out his face? Screw him. He’s in a public place. The world should know who the A-holes are. If seats weren’t supposed to be reclined they wouldn’t recline. You made the purchase in the back row. Deal with it.

Airline travel has become obscene with smaller & smaller seats and less leg room. If airlines think they can sell non-reclining seats (on top of all the other cuts which affect passenger comfort) go for it. But don’t charge for a seat with a button and expect no one to press it. Why not? And since when is it against protocol not to? Im concientious not to annoy but wouldnt rule it out. If there are recliners...

The guy who punched her seat needs to grow up. Personally, I really don't care if someone reclines in front of me (I'm 5'9'). Seats recline for a reason and it helps my neck and back to do so. What I don't like is being wedged between two people.:/ The one inch “recline” isn’t a recline airlines fault. greed greed greed.

I keep reading the last sentence as “is it OK to recline in this economy?” So many bad examples of human behavior here. The guy's a jerk for not accepting that the seats recline. He should expect that. She's a jerk for not compromising. When you push people in steerage, in seats designed for a person of less than average human size, you cannot be surprised when people act like animals. Minimum seat sizes need to be enforced. 20' wide, and 35' of seat pitch. The problem is the airlines. FAA SenSanders

Remember a few years ago the guy invented this little plastic gadget that he would put on the seat in front of him to prevent it from reclining....he lost his case and the airlines won, saying the person buying the seat has a right to recline. I paid for a seat that reclines. If it bothers you get 1st class next time.. Had he done that shit to me tho...

There’s not enough space for these chairs to recline without impacting another passengers comfort. Jerk. IF she 'reclined' her seat all the way then He is NOT the 'jackhole' As long as commercial airlines treat economy as a cattle car in the sky reclining is a no no unless the plane is half empty. First world problems

I have to agree with both oh these travelers I'd be finding me the Air Marshall!!! There is not enough room on these planes! And we have Allowed them to do this to us ! Flying used to be exciting in fun ! Now it's torture !

Really, NBC? Why would an airline provide reclining seats then? RIP journalism It was a normal position decades ago, Fella's name was Dick? Figures, American Airlines always ends up with the bottom. When it comes to customer service. Worst Airline ever. Delta and Southwest top of the list At your own peril, yes.

She's the problem. When a person reclines you can't move at all. There may be two A-Holes in the story. One in front of the other. Nothing worse than kids kicking the back of your seat. Or self entitled folks who only care about their space in the seat in front. It’s also not okay to be steadily punching her chair.

Such a stupid debate. The seats recline. Ask the airlines why they’re eliminating legroom. Its a debate because both are white. There woule not be any debate if one of them was from a visible minority.

I think even he should have recline I would have pimp slapped him to next week. The airlines should make it impossible to recline the seats in economy to stop this happening. If people want reclining seats they should have to pay for business class seats I never recline in economy because the idea of having my head in a strangers lap is distasteful to me.However, I have had a stranger in my lap & didn’t like it and didn’t punch anyone. Both are inconsiderate,reclining on someone and punching are both invasive actions

Seriously? Is it rude that I have a bad back and that being on the plane that has a seat for the purpose of reclining that I should just ignore it and suffer with my pain for the duration of the flight just so not to offend the person behind me? If the airline doesn't want you to recline, they shouldn't have seats in there that recline. AdultingAndStuff

Reclining seats in economy is just another way for the airline industry to make us even more frustrated and angry. They really shouldn't make reclining seats. I'd like to think I'm aware of, and courteous to, my fellow cell mates. i always thought it was ok and that’s why the feature is there. i guess i have to rethink

Never, unless you have an open seat behind you.

Of course it isn’t. We’re not animals No it isn't. Recliners are selfish and arrogant. I prop my knee against the seat. If the seat reclines, then it's ok. Bald bullying fuck. The answer is both. The courteous thing to do is to not recline fully, and if sitting in front of a seat that doesn't recline, to not recline at all.

This is what happens when Airlines treat people like sardines. Maybe airlines should stop making the seats so cramped Lack of communication from both parties. Simply ask next time, and if it's a problem for medical reasons see about changing seats, or ask for the request when booking the flight. Simple respect for others is not hard.

Geting the passengers to debate each other about a feature of the flight instead of blaming the airline who made it in the first place. Sad. He's acting like a two year-old child. Maybe, it's better to ban jerks like him from flying?

Punch a seat and you may have just qualified for a free Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lesson.. Why is it that if you’re making something uncomfortable for someone else and they’re letting you know it you have to continue Why are you blocking his face now? If he's a big enough man to pull this shit, he should be big enough to face the consequences.

At least we now have proof of Hobbits and Munchkins - because clearly these Economy seats were designed exclusively for them. I can’t wait till his name is released and it goes viral LOL! Just think if everyone behind her also reclined, we'd be talking about the passenger in the back instead 😂😂 This guy is a whiny aggressive brat with an emotional age of four.

His behavior sucked. However, you cannot tell me that due to the airlines squeezing seat pitch to inhumane levels that 'reclining the seat' offers you an ounce of additional comfort. It doesn't. It only serves as an entitlement feature and annoyance to the person behind you. Does the seat recline? If so , then He’ll yes!

Everyone reclines. Case closed. It doesn't impede you at all.

Oh, good grief. This is what we've become now? The seats recline. We know they recline (a whole 1/4-1/2'). It's okay to recline. It's not impolite, it's not rude to do so. Since when do we get angry with people for doing what they're allowed to do as a consumer? Just deal with it Airline coach seats should never recline into another passenger’s space. Seats are available to airlines that, when reclining, the seat slides forward while the back of the seat only tilts. The reclining passenger then sacrifices leg room in order to recline.

Happened to me on Air France. Flight attendant did nothing. Man was kicking and punching the seat. I was frightened left my seat and stood in the back most of the flight. I put my seat all the way back before I go up. Screw him .. I’m reclining.. he should have reserved a better seat.. cheapskate They are both being rude and inconsiderate

She shouldn’t have reclined because it’s rude in economy. He shouldn’t have punched her. They both equally suck. Why doesn’t he recline his chair as well? That way he regains the lost space? I’ll bet dollars to donuts this asshole wouldn’t have done this to a man. I’ve put my knee in the back of people before, it’s completely obnoxious to recline. Don’t even get me started with jackasses who take off their shoes!

I don't recline anymore on shorter flights. However, I will be flying overnight for 6 hours and I will ask the person behind me if it's ok if I recline BEFORE I recline.

They are both 🤡 At some point he made it clear. That he had no room. And she didn’t care. His retaliation is just infantile. But they both choose to be miserable at what they think is at the others expense This is not about which class you are sitting on. This guy is rude and should be ban . If they meant for you not to recline they would not have put the recline option on this seat.

Sure is or else they would make seats not reclinable. Dohhh. He’s a baby. Grow up Mr!! Law says she’s allowed. He can fly in first class next time. Lmao. Yes, but not all the way. This guy is an ass. I don’t knowing it’s ok but I don’t recline. I think it can be inconsiderate. I’m short but when people recline in front of me, it Feels tight. I can only imagine it feels far worst when you’re tall

I don’t condone punching seats though No. People don’t even look back before they do it. It rude, not to even ask or acknowledge before doing it. It’s like the person is basically in your seat. Yes‼️‼️‼️‼️ Did she do it quickly without warning while he had hot soup on his tray table or something? (I think it's only fair to tell the person behind one when one is about to recline ones seat)

You need to show his face. He’s doing this for attention. What a jerk. Didn’t used to be that bad before airlines started getting super greedy and cramming as many seats as they could in there... shouldn’t have reclining seats in there but I’m sure they’re too cheap to get new seats so they recycle the old ones from decommissioned planes.

No, it is not okay. Stop using your Trump logic. These people know damn well the person behind them has no room as it is. THEY KNOW THIS and they don't care because they are selfish assholes. It’s okay but “Not All the Way”making the person uncomfortable, you have to respect the person seating behind u also.

YES the seat is built to be reclined BY THE AIRLINE. If it’s such as issue then the AIRLINES need to stop making decking seats ! That assholes should have been handled by LEOs. Wtf that’s harassment Recently l was on a long flight; gentleman in front of my seat changed seat position 30 times before l stopped counting (or was asleep). At times l thought my tray table was being knocked down. IT IS ANNOYING.

Neither is okay. People need to respect each flying in a cigar tube with no room to beath let alone sit. Not excusing his behavior, but the pain of people with long legs sitting behind reclined seats is real. Again, not an excuse for punching the back of the seat. He could have asked politely for the other passenger to move her seat up.

If your seat reclines then you’re entitled to put it back. That guys a JERK!! If it fits, you must acquit. If it reclines, you must recline. He could have sat back and still had room. I would have told him to stop hitting my chair and if he continued, I would have hit his arms repeatedly and we can both act like babies.

Sometimes it’s a medical reason for it. Not a debate, the button is there for a reason. They showed his face in another clip... Doesnt look like a punch but more of pushing... I understand the recline but to be so selfish and not to think of the person behind you in my opinion is selfish. ? regardless, this was assault & battery

I would seek an officer after deplaning and have him arrested for assault after just one warning to desist and one notification to flight attendants. If it isn't ok, economy shouldn't have reclining seats. I don't ever recline my seat in economy - unless it's a late night / overnight flight - then maybe a little. The seating is just so cramped for many. If reclined, really difficult for person behind to move at all, never mind getting up. But, I do think people have the right to.

Shame on AA. If reclining your seat isn't am option in tight quarters, it shouldn't be offered. The man was clearly in the wrong and just plain old mean and rude. I am impressed that the film crew gets so close .n those 2 dont notice. Sneeky sneeky

You've reduced yourself to 100% click bait, 0% news. I'd like you to thank the academy 🙄 I wonder if this man would Of punched the Chair if it would of been a man reclining his chair? If I were Her I would of Reported Him!!! Of course it’s OK to recline!! If that’s something passengers are worried about then they should’ve upgraded their ticket. If it’s an option to recline in economy then people have every right to recline. His grumpy ass should’ve purchased first class 🤬

Is it ok for the asshole in front of you to crush your knees because airlines put seats to close together. I have in the past not allowed the person to recline because there was zero room to do so. Yes, guy is a tool. No, it is not okay to recline an airplane seat. There's barely enough room to start with, then some yahoo lies down in your lap! The airlines need to disable this function on all seats.

some debate.. is it ok to recline in a seat that reclines? i don't know is it ok to sit in a seat meant for sitting? if they installed a seat that spins would it be wrong to spin in it? blame the airlines for packing seats so close to increase the amount of people they can fit Honestly, a chair shouldn’t be designed to recline so far back into another persons personal space. I wouldn’t want to be able to smell someone’s scalp during my flight. Lol

You say ‘economy seat’ like all seats but first class aren’t like that. Weird I NEVER recline, but my hubs doesn’t think twice about it. I think it’s rude.

No it is not. But it’s also not okay to act like this clown. Only if your highly inconsiderate. Or exhausted. If exhausted- turn around & ask if they won't mind if you recline. Consideration of others would help the state of our world a lot. Is it ok to repeatedly assault a stranger on a plane? Is it ok for a man to physically intimidate a woman?

It’s not ok to punch someone’s seat Absolutely. You paid for the seat. If it doesn’t accommodate everybody then the airlines need to go back to making seats that fit the passengers comfortably. I REFUSE to fly United EVER AGAIN the seats are so small when I got off I couldn’t straighten up for 2 weeks.

This is an airline problem, the airlines are jamming people in and giving them no room. My legs fall asleep after an hour in coach. This si an easy fix by the airlines...but they won't. It is all about money, not the customer. There is so little space in the seating area. When someone reclines I can see directly their face. It is annoying. Just because you can does not make it right.

He's the dck,punching another passengers seat, all he had to do is pay the extra so he wasn't at the back of the bus. Fortunately I fly business or first and don't have to worry about dcks like him. The airlines are responsible for this crap This is a dumb debate the argument should be if airlines should have reclining seats or not. You can't blame a person for using what is made available to them.

Is that not what the recline button is for? People need to relax Maga takes a flight I’d probably want to punch it too! Yes it is! That's why they have recline buttons! The correct answer is: politely ask the person behind you if they would mind. If they do. Don’t. My guess... they’re both jerks. Both of these people are douchey. Although, at least from the angle in the video, the seat doesn’t look so reclined that’s it’s encroaching on his space enough to start punching it like a bratty child...

If it’s not ok, the the seat should not recline. The seats barely recline - the guy has an anger problem! Most people have been in both of these positions. Just try to be kind when we’re stuffed in a metal tube in the sky and remember the Golden Rule (ie: please don’t throw your seat back). The seat does not hit you so why hit it?

Of course it is OK to recline. Otherwise, the seat would not recline. If you don't like it. Fly first class or, better yet, private jet. He’s pushing the seat, not punching! I have to say, I would do the same. She clearly looks like she’s atoganozing him.. I doubt she got injuries from that!! getreal

Easy answer here....He is wrong. No debate needed. Tough crap if his seat doesn’t recline. Book your flight earlier. Amazing how many people think reclining your seat a couple inches is unacceptable. I have flown for years and never once has reclining my seat caused a problem Remember that's unintentional assault. A Federal Crime i think.

Imagine everyone seeing this guy at one of his worse moments. Forever. This is obviously ridiculous behavior which should not be tolerated but I am 6’4” and NEVER recline my seat in coach or first class....JustSayin A man punching a seat the women paid for wouldn’t do that to a man guaranteed. It looks like the seat puncher is on the back row and can't recline. IMO, the airlines need to stop cramming seats in to the point that passengers can't be comfortable. Those seats are horrible for folks with bad necks. I'm happy I don't need to fly anymore.

Never do I recline in economy. It's rude and the airlines should make it so the seats cannot recline. There is not enough room and that is on them and us...we keep wanting cheaper and cheaper fares. What this guy did was worse though. Very rude. Many seats on airlines in Europe do not recline, I think this is a brilliant idea. I do not see the need to recline your seat on a short haul flight. If you must recline, buy a ticket in business class

In the video the passenger behind tries to work on his laptop that he put on the tray. Sorry, that you cannot afford to fly business class to do your business. Honestly, those seats shouldn't recline. I fly United and it’s terrible how cramped the basic economy flights have become. This headline should read “is it ok to punch the back of the seat of the person in front of you who also bought a ticket and did not design a plane with too little leg space?”

One needs to ask first whether they could lower the chair Don’t blur his face. If he’s going to behave abhorrently he doesn’t deserve protection Maybe he should've asked nicely. Or maybe she should have some decency and not recline and crowd him. It's not that big of an inconvenience to not recline. Either way they both need to grow up.

Always. You paid for the seat and its features. If you don't want to deal with it, pay for an upgrade. Offcourse it is. Happened to my wife 25 years ago when she was pregnant . German fellow. Spoke to him after we landed. Don’t think ever did that again. He would not do it he a man was sitting in that seat. I would have punch that fucker in the nose.

Don't recline on a 1 hour flight. As a consumer, she has a right to recline the seat. It’s the airline companies responsibility to gauge whether that feature is practical, based on consumer feedback and ergo metrics, NOT from a video of a disgruntled man resorting to violence by punching a seat out of frustration

Of course it’s ok to recline your seat! You paid for a reclining seat, feel free to use it. If you don’t like someone reclining into “your” space, buy a first class seat or don’t fly at all. Everyone is a victim these days... Where the fuck were the airline staff? He’s basically harassing her. Not her fault he can’t afford a better seat.

Of course it’s ok in the middle of a flight unless meals have been served. Your seat should be upright then. No. The seats at the last row cannot recline so the person is basically trapped This is assault. The damn thing reclines. I normally don’t decline unless the person in front of me does, then Iay just out of necessity.

If it wasn’t ok airlines wouldn’t have the seats recline. BTW I refrain from reclining my seat back. That guy should complain to the airline. What he did to the women was inexcusable. “When sitting in economy?” Hmm, rather just make that sitting in an airplane seat, alright? Very few people fly first class, or business (and those that do rarely pay of out-of-pocket) Well for sleeping, most people recline, but shouldn't really matter when.

It depends - if it's night and most people are sleeping, then it's alright to have the seat completely reclined. But if it's the middle of the day, then it's rude to take away all the space.

If the seat is constructed to allow it, that's what you paid for. On the other hand, I wouldn't be very comfortable with someone looking down on me and sneezing! 😉 No it is not. Lock seats Don't believe he should have punched the seat but why do they have reclining seats anyway in economy? Aren't the airlines asking for disgruntled passengers?

All the people saying not to recline, are the first to recline when they get on a plane 🙄 if the seat reclines, I’m reclining! Sorry! No. If they are going to squeeze people in like sardines, the seats should not be reclineable Why in the hell did you blur his face? Everyone on the internet has already seen the video, and if a person wants to act like an asshole in public, he deserves to be exposed.

no RECLINE IS NO CORRECT ! The problem is with the design. It can be designed to recline without bothering the passenger behind. This is totally unacceptable cnni If it's not ok to recline then don't add recline and charge less. This man should be charged with assault. Stupidity

Depending on what airplane you fly I’ve found that it declines too far back. I shouldn’t see the top of someone’s head while I’m trying to read a book 🤷🏽‍♀️ No it is NEVER ok to lean your seat in economy. You want to lounge? Buy a first class ticket, otherwise sit up straight with the rest of us poor people! That man is a hero!

Two wrongs Seats recline 2 - 3 inches. My husband is 6’4” and is not crushed by reclining seats. Deal with it people or sit behind an emergency exit row? Blame the airline, not the person relieving their pain. Dude was an absolute child. The seat would have remained reclined I usually only recline the seat a short distance. Was on a flight once where the guy in front of me sat down and just reclined his seat all the way as fast as he could. I was able to move to another seat. If I was tall that would have hurt, no consideration.

1. He isn't punching the back of the seat violently. He is probably punching to a beat. 2. if anyone has ever flown economy, then you know it's HORRIBLY RUDE to recline your seat back nowadays due to the lack of leg room. OR ASK FIRST. I’m tall as hell and I never recline in economy because I know what it’s like to have a seat suddenly come back at me. That said, if you do want to recline, have at it, just be courteous and mention to the person behind you that you’re going to do so.

Yes. If you didn’t want the last row seat you should checked in early

No. It isn’t. We are all the same sardines in the same can. You are not entitled to my space She should turn around and beat his ass. He must be another spoiled, cranky MAGA-Coward. He wouldn't have dared to do that if it were a man sitting in front of him. Airlines should remove the ability to recline. The seat row spacing is just too tight. However , this guy is still crazy and should have been hauled off by Air Marshals.

If he is too cheap to purchase a different seat when he purchased his ticket this is the outcome of his own decisions. He should not put this on anyone but himself. shame on him and American Airlines. I wish the seats didn’t decline at all. It’s already so cramped on a plane. I paid for seat, if it reclines, I’m gonna recline. I expect person in front will do same. It would never dawn on me to demand s/he doesn’t. In other words, anti-recliners demand I be uncomfortable so they can be comfortable. I must accommodate their needs & mine don’t matter.

It’s miserable sitting behind someone with a reclined seat. Most people don’t recline because they are sensitive to this fact. Very tall people need the room, so you can’t really say anything when it’s just another grim aspect of flying economy. Real question: Why is NBC, like all too many twitter twerps, glossing over the physical assault? Victim blaming is ugly. Why is it incumbent upon the woman to be nice/polite/civilized/adult/forgiving? Have your side discussion about pros/cons of reclining, but condemn the assault

The person who punched the seat is at fault. The airlines who put too many seats in the planes are at fault. The first one at fault can be reported. The second one at fault is ALL OUR FAULT because we accept that airlines can reduce the seat space and we will still use them. Him repeatedly punching it is just being a asshole. He couldn’t ask the flight attendant to help resolve this?

Let’s be honest, the biggest pain about economy is the lack of leg room, proximity to the person next to you and twats behind you punching your seat. If the person in front reclines, so what, I can recline too. It doesn’t impact on your space. Let's call this what it is: air travel in 2020 is like taking the bus...

It’s not okay to punch someone’s seat. He needs to use his words. She is ridiculous be nice recline slightly The online debate should be whether this is assault and/or battery. Try sitting in economy in Asia as a 6ft 200lb person and get back with me. Recline is ok. Assault is wrong. Not ok. If you have education and empathy you won’t recline.

How are we missing that a man is harassing a woman and doesn’t care who sees it.

The True Culprit: The airline companies. They're both assholes game set match Men should be able to recline. Women, no. What a jerk that person is! So childish Yes. I mean it does, after all, recline. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't recline & think its pointless. But that man committed assault & should be convicted. Total moron. Go afford 1st class if you're too good! The airline should be sued if it didn't do anything to stop him.

Key words “reclining seat”. If they didn’t mean for you to do it, they wouldn’t have made it that way.. Hard to believe a man so enraged as to punch the back of a seat didn’t recline his own seat out of his ‘obvious considerateness’ for others. Everyone is supposed to recline. The Captain 👨‍✈️ announces it.

If reclining the seat puts you 2 inches from my face your in my space. As a tall person myself it can be painful to my knees and legs when the person in front of me reclines. I’ve had to fly long domestic flights with my legs pinned in,

Yep. Why make it a recline if you can’t use it? What’s not okay are regs that allow airliners to cram us into such small spaces on aircraft. Will cost more to fly, but that’s the cost of doing business. He acted like a man-baby. Even a beard won’t compensate for that fact. 😉 They should just lock the seats or restrict to just a few inches. Problem solved.

If you want to debate with airlines about recline and legroom, fine. Meanwhile if you buy a ticket on a plane with recline it’s ok to use it. If a guys does this it’s assault. Period. Have him arrested for assault. Not sure which is more rude. They deserve each other. Yes, otherwise there would be no recline available.

Bubu, try sitting in a middle seat when the person in front of you reclines. Then try getting out to use the lav. The space between seats is on the cusp of abuse by the airlines. They both were childish in their nonverbal responses. How is assault and acceptable part of any debate? This little boy’s parents should have stepped in to stop his tantrum. Maybe he just needed a juice box or his blankie or something

If it can recline than I'm reclining.

Why did you shield his face. Damn right I’m reclining! I have to recline it about an inch - straight up is very painful. I'm short and it feels like I'm being pushed forward by my neck. The REAL problem is the airlines not giving us enough room. We've gotten bigger and the seats and leg room have gotten smaller.

Economy class should be banned. Business class for all! I don’t know if it’s okay but it’s definitely racist. I didn’t know this was bad. I never mind if people decline nor do I think twice about reclining. The “recline” option is so minimal I didn’t realize it mattered. I assume the person sitting in front of me will recline their seat. When they don’t, it’s like a little treat. Pulling on the seat when sitting up, using the inside armrests when you’re not in the middle seat, and taking your shoes AND socks off are much more egregious.

Isn’t the real problem that the seats are jammed too close to each other? Its ok to smoke, if theres an ashtray in the armrest. 😉 Totally NOT ok

What kinda question is this... 😂 Who’s paying for the seat? I'll probably ask now,but I didn't realize this was an issue.The Airline gives you a button 2 recline..I'm going 2 use it. What's next? I have to ask all of my neighbors if I can use my light or can I put more AIR on myself? Oh, I'm sorry...was the hiss of my soda too loud?

It's The airlines who requisite such leg space SEATING arrangements in the name of economy Class. Than design of recline. Is it still the fault of Passengers ? How can you punch a lady? If passenger uses a facility? Why is it necessary to install any recline-able seats in economy? Being seated there is a choice in the first place. How many people would choose economy class if reclining was not an option?

No more than one inch. Anything else is rude in the extreme. Having been stuck in a window seat in the very last row with a plane full of recliners, I felt claustrophobic and completely trapped. I vowed never to recline again because of the domino effect it creates. I’d hate for other passengers to be as uncomfortable as I was.

They’re both jerks. Yeah, recliners are selfish but childish punching of the back of the seat will make them double down rather than consider how the negligible amount of space they get reclining isn’t worth the significant discomfort they inflict on their fellow passengers. I feel like the seats are made to recline but the space doesn’t really allow it. If your tray is down, you’re screwed. If you have a lap child or intend to have a laptop out, you’re screwed. In almost all cases, one passenger sacrifices comfort so the other person can have it.

Yes. I fly every week and I think it's absolutely disrespectful to recline your seat in coach. That being said....someone punching a sit is an idiot and should be taken off the plane

What’s NOT ok is a grown man repeatedly punching another paying customers seat. Yes, that’s why the seats recline. only inconsiderate jerks do it and if you disagree guess what you are Well you are basically laying in the persons lap behind you. If the seat reclines ... how would it not be ok to recline? What are we even talking about?

That looks like you MarshaBlackburn TrumpWithaWig InbredMagat If you recline in economy I assume you’re one of the shitty white people that tells me I have too much privilege. All I can think about when I see this is, is RussoHockey Screw that guy.

People need to fucking relax and deal with it or communicate like an adult They RECLINE? Why isn't the debate 'are the seats too close in economy?' Gotta stick it to the passengers and not the company. Why don't the airline's just get it over with and take all of the seats out of the aircraft entirely and put in Subway straps.

The 3 inches that it reclines? Yes it’s ok for a paying passenger to get what they paid for. Nobody should be reclining on a short flight. This way it’s fair to everyone. It’s just being polite NOT to .... Unfortunately, not everyone is built to be polite. yes, it is. No.

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