Donald Trump, James Comey, Jeff Daniels

Donald Trump, James Comey

After Playing James Comey In Showtime Mini, Jeff Daniels Sums Up President Donald Trump In Song: ‘The Devil In Disguise’

After Playing James Comey In Showtime Mini, Jeff Daniels Sums Up President Donald Trump In Song: ‘The Devil In Disguise’

10/1/2020 10:29:00 PM

After Playing James Comey In Showtime Mini, Jeff Daniels Sums Up President Donald Trump In Song: ‘The Devil In Disguise’

After playing ex-FBI chief James Comey opposite Brendan Gleeson’s Donald Trump in the two part The Comey Rule that brought huge ratings for Showtime, Jeff Daniels squared time to write Trumpt…

Trumpty Dumpty Blues, a song he wrote and performs about the polarizing U.S. President. If you thought the miniseries was critical of Trump, listen to this: Read more: Deadline Hollywood »

Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing live updates

The high-stakes confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is underway Monday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

'Day of reckoning': Former FBI Director James Comey to testify in Senate Russia hearingComey's firing would reverberate for months, starting with Trump's acknowledgment that he took the action because of the FBI chief's handling of the Russia investigation and the president's connection to it. EVERY MAN WHO SAYS CHRISTIAN AND SUPPORTS RAGE TO THE NEXT, WHETHER BY COLOR, OR SOCIAL POSITION, WILL TAKE HELL HELL ! I SAID: YOU WILL LOVE THE LORD YOUR GOD WITH ALL HIS HEART AND YOU WILL LOVE HIS NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF.TRUMP YOUR VOTERS AND FALSE PROPHETS ARE NOT CHRISTIAN. Be VERY careful today my Brothers & Sisters. You’ll likely encounter a few proudboys who are both male & female. realDonaldTrump gave them a direct order to “stand down and stand by” for an attack on Black people. We must stay alert, vigilant & WOKE! Debates2020 Election2020 mark my words.Comey is the one that will be going to prison.And rightly so.

James Comey defends FBI's Russia investigation in face of GOP attacksFormer FBI Director James Comey defended the FBI's Russia investigation on Wednesday, squaring off with Senate Republicans who pressed him to explain why he didn't know about the problems with a foreign surveillance warrant the FBI obtained in the probe. I’m a die hard Hillary supporter.I watched the “Comey Rule”. It was exceptional. Great acting, great writing.I’m just unsure J. Comey could have done anything different to appease the country given the bad position he was put in! We’ve never had a Traitor running for President. Of course it was & the criminal got rid of everyone who was working on the case. & the Republican Party compromised our national security in support of the criminal in office.

Ex-FBI Director James Comey Defends FBI Russia Probe In Senate HearingThe ex-FBI director told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was “enormously” proud of the FBI’s work. He is enormously proud of the corruption that he has gotten away with. Is he 'enormously' proud of being catalyst for the election of the WorstPresidentEver TrumpDeathToll206K? Comey

Comey defends Russia investigation as 'essential' in testimony to Senate panelFormer FBI Director James Comey in a Senate hearing Wednesday sought to defend the bureau's efforts to investigate President Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign's ties to Russia, amid attacks from Republican senators looking to tie him directly to some of the investigation's missteps. ' He's going down...

Comey to testify in Senate Republicans’ review of Russia probeDemocrats have criticized the effort as one meant to undermine an investigation that dogged Trump’s presidency.

Comey refutes Trump’s debate claim that Biden pushed for Flynn prosecutionFormer FBI Director James Comey said today that the DOJ's attempt to drop the prosecution of Michael Flynn is “deeply concerning,” suggesting that Flynn is receiving special treatment and key pieces of evidence have been misrepresented It is criminal how Obama & Associates have ruined so many people’s lives.Legacy they leave is nothing to be proud of.realDonaldTrump USSupremeCourt foxandfriends CNN msnbc It’s amazing the how much Comey has forgotten since he was fired. Worst fbi director since J Edgar Hoover. A real POS and a disgrace