Activist claims DeSantis ‘decided to just sit back, do nothing’ as Covid surged in Florida

1/9/2022 4:01:00 AM

Joy Reid: Why was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis largely invisible to the public when Covid-19 was spiking and Florida mayors were pleading for help?

Joy Reid: Why was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis largely invisible to the public when Covid-19 was spiking and Florida mayors were pleading for help?

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis was missing from public view from December 17 through New Year's Eve, with the exception of a December 19 Fox News interview, while his state was facing its biggest surge in Covid cases yet. No one on his team has yet answered: Why was the governor largely invisible to the public when Covid was spiking and Florida mayors were pleading for help? Joy Reid and her panel discuss.

Jan.CDC director stands by new guidance, despite criticism Link Share to Twitter Email this article Dr.workplace rule issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).10:29PM ET Joe Raedle/Getty Amid a shortage of COVID-19 tests that left huge swaths of the U.

4, 2022.

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Don't even know how someone as ignorant and racist as Joy Reid has a job. He has no clue how to lead just criticize and make false claims…sounds like someone else….lol Can't take reality MSNBC how can you lie like that You should take an example from Di Santos the best Ever..! alice4u2010 Cuz he's TRASH

DeScamus is just another version of trump. If anyone in Florida could read they might kick him out. Considering his history in dealing with COVID this theory is plausible and not surprising at all! You seriously need to do your homework. He already made a statement about this. DeathSentence is a threat to national security.

As I evolved from a registered republican (was from 18-26) to a independent (now a a reg. democrat) i learned the GOP way is to quietly try a brush things under the rug or deflect responsibility...and hope it won't reappear. I was also a huge scumbag and it fit with my narrative. I hear joyReid is moving to fox soon. Is that really true?

COVID-19 live updates: 126,000 Americans hospitalized with COVID-19Florida allowed up to a million COVID-19 rapid test kits to expire last month; official says the stockpile sat idle in a Florida warehouse amid a lack of demand. Florida didn’t let those rapid test kits expire Ron DeSantis did. getting tested to see if you have a cold, I'll pass Nonavailable in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

Seriously, what do you expect the government to do? Throw on a super hero costume and start assaulting the bad guys? Wonder if the state will be smart and not allow him another tenure as governor considering he was more of a devil's advocate. Or useless, one of the two or both. Sounds like tfg. DEAR JOY YOU ARE WRONG THE GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS WAS WORKING FOR FLORIDA CITIZENS HE NEVER STOP WORKING BECAUSE HE THE BEST GOVERNOR FLORIDA HAD IN LONG LONG TIME AND JOY HE WILL BE IN FLORIDA GOVERNOR FOR LONG LONG TIME TO COME AND PLEASE HELP PRESIDENT TRUMP MAKE AMERICA GREAT

His wife was in the hospital with cancer. He answered this question DAYS ago. Where was your outrage when Newsome went missing after he took a jab and his excuse was 'trick or treating'...for TWO WEEKS? That's a LOT of candy.🤔 Just like djt did, when covid started killing Americans !! FIRED How in the world is MSNBC still on the air?! Lol

Why has Bidumb been largely invisible after 400,000 people have died on his watch? Hilarious Joy Reid lost her show for being a racist.

Lawyers Challenging Biden's Covid Vaccine Rules Both Have CovidThe two were, ironically, both forced to argue the case remotely. And they're both vaccinated. And you people want to mandate these things?

Leave it up to Activists to come up with a dumb ass opinion or thought Maybe he figured if he went away for a couple weeks so would Covid. Cancer? People starving to death, millions of modern-day slaves in China, 316 people shot with 106 dead every day in USA, 1% of all reported COVID cases result in death, and all you have to report is something negative about Gov. Ron DeSantis. Sounds like political propaganda to me.

I think he had Covid but didn’t want anyone to know… Perhaps he was quite sick with Covid. The raspy voice and shortness of breath at the news conference after he surfaced seem to indicate he had some sort of illness. Because he had covid and was too much of a coward to tell anyone.

Ron DeSantis: I Let a Million Unused COVID Tests Expire in State StockpileThe admission came amid widespread shortages, and on the same day the Florida governor announced he would be sending a million tests out to Florida senior citizens. On purpose, I bet. man, with chops like that he could come over here and run Ontario, he'd fit right in with our level of leadership and use of key resources! Florida Floriduh

Up to 1 million rapid Covid-19 tests expired in Florida last month, state official saysAmid a winter surge of coronavirus cases that sparked a nationwide scramble for tests last month, as many as 1 million unused Covid-19 rapid test kits expired in a Florida warehouse, a top state official said on Thursday. How is this not criminal Will this matter to FL Republicans who are happily spreading the virus? Time will tell.

COVID-19 live updates: Florida allowed up to 1 million tests to expire, official saysLATEST: CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is standing by her agency's new quarantine and isolation guidance for COVID-19, which the nation’s largest association of physicians has criticized as 'confusing.' I wonder if Dr. Walensky has a date in mind at which she would like to leave government service. It has to be so hard being the face of an everchanging, dare I say rapidly 'mutating' story in which we want immediate and correct answers to some unanswerable questions. Just making it up as they go

Gov. Newsom activates National Guard to assist with COVID testing sitesGovernor Gavin Newsom on Friday announced he was activating California's National Guard to help with additional COVID-19 testing facilities and capacity as cases from the omicron variant continue to surge. What a moron. I don’t see the national emergency 🚨 do you guys don’t get it people don’t want do be vaccinated, GavinNewsom LondonBreed little country like El Salvador 🇸🇻 it’s doing better than use ? We are United States of America 🇺🇸 nayibbukele Why don’t we reopen ones that have closed? Or just assume everyone has it…cause everyone does