ABC, CBS, NBC avoid explosive sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo on evening news broadcasts

ABC, CBS, NBC avoid explosive sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo on evening news broadcasts

2/25/2021 5:04:00 AM

ABC, CBS, NBC avoid explosive sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo on evening news broadcasts

The three major broadcast networks joined CNN and MSNBC Wednesday in avoiding mention of sexual harassment claims against Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo during their evening news programs.

, the three networks ignored Boylan when she took to Twitter back in December when she first made her sexual harassment claim against Cuomo, though she did not share details at the time.  CNN, the home network of the governor's brother Chris Cuomo, made zero mention of the allegations on its air or on hours after Boylan came forward with her claims, according to Grabien transcripts and search results on the network's website. 

MSNBC also skipped coverage of the sexual harassment allegations facing the already-embattled Democrat. However, the liberal network did offer brief coverage of Cuomo's ongoing nursing home scandal, reporting on a new Marist poll that showed 61% of New York voters believe Cuomo did something wrong with his handling of the state's nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic. 


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