A Timeline of Roman and Gerri’s Succession Sexual Tension

For all you disgusting little slime puppies

10/20/2021 7:56:00 PM

For all you disgusting little slime puppies

For all you disgusting little slime puppies.

Smith-Cameron and her husband, playwright and filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan, both have a friendship and creative partnership with Culkin. Roman and Gerri’s chemistry was natural, and it’s been building since the second episode of the series, when viewers were first introduced to Gerri the fixer. The writers finally latched on to GerriRoman in season two, and they created a dynamic so fucked up, it actually makes sense. The relationship, if we can call it that, unlocks something for Roman, for Gerri, and for audiences. He finds a satisfaction he can’t with his girlfriend, Tabitha; Gerri has fun controlling the outbursts of an overlooked heir; and we get to watch with anticipation as another twisted alliance forms within Waystar Royco. Succession, just let them fuck! Or don’t. We’ll be back every week to eat it up either way. Starting with the innocent flirting of season one, we’re tracking the evolving relationship between Gerri and Roman, and we’ll keep doing it each week for season three.

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Season one, episode twoGerri walks into the hospital to sort out an unconscious Logan’s mess and doesn’t take a look at Roman. But as she and her cohort of lawyers stomp by, Roman whips his head around with FOMO in his eyes. Later he offers to go talk to her about the CEO position he and Shiv want to snag from Kendall. “I suck at the whole corporate flirt thing,” he tells Gerri. “I like to lube up and fuck.”

Season one, episode threeIn a brainstorm with his brother and his company’s lawyer, Roman tries to shake stuff up by taking off his top. “Ken, make him put his shirt on,” Gerri says, wanting none of it.Season-one finaleGerri babysits Roman at Shiv’s wedding, begrudgingly helping him through the satellite explosion that is absolutely his fault. According to a Hollywood Reporter feature on Culkin, writers started to notice his flirting with Smith-Cameron when both actors improvised checking each other out. “I remember the writers all laughing,” Smith-Cameron recalled. “But it never occurred to me that it would inform anything they wrote.” headtopics.com

Season two, episode two“Can you just come over?” Roman says on a call to Gerri, asking for help with Vaulter. Mommy?Season two, episode threeGerri politely does up his buttons while he comes on to her. She takes pity on him and offers him her expertise, suggesting he take the program on theme-park management.

Season two, episode four“Yes, Mommy,” Roman says over the phone. (That was also us when we saw those W Magazine photos of Smith-Cameron.) After failing at phone sex with Tabitha, Roman calls Gerri. She unknowingly makes a masturbation reference while insulting him, which … immediately turns him on. “You disgusting little pig,” she continues, berating him while he masturbates. “You’re pathetic. You are a revolting little worm, aren’t you? You little slime puppy.”

And with that, GerriRoman is canon, and slime puppy goes in the dictionary. “I made up slime puppy,” Smith-Cameron explained to the Los Angeles Times this month. “I’m proud of slime puppy. It’s my contribution to American literature.”Season two, episode five

In what appears to be their first interaction since whatever that was, they bump into each other heading into the Roy penthouse elevator. “Shit before the shovel,” Gerri spares him.“Allow me to be the shit,” Roman responds, as if he doesn’t love it.Later that episode, Roman tries unsuccessfully to have sex with Tabitha, asking her if they can make it “wrong.” She ends up not loving her role as cadaver, and he ends up knocking on the door of one Gerri Kellman. “You are a sick fuck,” she says as he realizes this is one of her special punishments. She’s a dirty-talking dom in silk PJs, and we hope she slept well. headtopics.com

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“I jerked off in Gerri’s bathroom last night,” Roman tells Tom and Tabitha over a breakfast buffet the next morning. “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it. It was actually her idea. I think it really got the ol’ gal’s juices flowing.” She doesn’t play along. “Even as a joke, that is a stomach-turning thought,” Gerri says as she cuts him a look.

Season two, episode sevenRoman needs assurances. Vying for the top spot as the company loses its footing, he tries to form an official alliance with Gerri, Logan’s on-paper successor — “Rock star and the mole woman” is how he sells it. Hard to tell if she’s thinking about it or thinking about how to use it.

Season two, episode eightIn the next episode, not only does she want to do some “oppo” research on him, lightly berating him for choices like a “face tattoo,” she pushes him to seduce private money to make himself indispensable. “I don’t know, do you find me seductive?” Roman flirts back. But she’s in business mode, so he handles it by proposing marriage. “Then you kill me — you chop my dick off, you know, something,” he says, getting flustered. “I’m kidding, but you know what I’m saying: You eat me, I eat you, like they do in Germany. Anyway, a lot to think about, I get it, so like … bye.” Yeah, clearly season three is going to end with another wedding.

Season three, episode one Read more: New York Magazine »

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