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A Running List of Royal Baby Names—And Their Meanings

Sure, you’ve heard of George and Charlotte. But what about Helena, Theo, and August?

2/24/2021 6:14:00 PM

When it comes to royal baby names, don’t expect any trendy, unusual, or even modern-day monikers.

Sure, you’ve heard of George and Charlotte. But what about Helena, Theo, and August?

thirdmiddlename of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son born that same year.) That’s because, for the Windsors, one factor is prized beyond all: the history of their own family tree.Unsurprisingly, many royal babies are named after beloved monarchs of the past: Little Prince George, for example, will be the seventh of his name when he eventually takes the throne, whereas the Duke of Cambridge’s name dates all the way back to the 11th century’s William the Conquerer. But they also routinely repurpose the names of Queen Victoria’s children and grandchildren—like Helena, Beatrice, and Louise. Even when the Windsors

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dodecide to buck tradition, their names are still classic in origin: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son Archie’s middle name, Harrison, translates to “son of Harry.”Below, a running list of British royal baby names, as well as their meaning. Who knows? You may even find inspiration for your own brood.

August Philip Hawke BrooksbankPrincess Eugenie of York and Jack BrooksbankYear Born:2021Origin:Eugenie explained her son’s moniker clearly on her Instagram stories: “He is named after his great-grandfather and both of his great x5 grandfathers,” she wrote. August is the Christian name of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, whereas Philip is a nod to the current prince consort. Meanwhile, Hawke is a family name on Jack’s side.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten WindsorThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex Read more: Vogue Magazine »

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