A Plastic-Free Week With Emma Roberts

A Plastic-Free Week with Emma Roberts

8/2/2021 5:35:00 PM

A Plastic-Free Week with Emma Roberts

The new mamma chats about steps we can all take to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

“I was just shocked at how much plastic I was using,” says Roberts. “My kitchen was obviously the biggest culprit for sure. Especially with the pandemic, ordering so much to-go food and all the plastic that comes in—so that was really where I started,” she explains. She made small adjustments to her daily routine. She typically starts her day with a cup of coffee from a local cafe but realized the containers and straws she uses really add up. “Grove makes these amazing silicone straws, so I would just have one of those in my kitchen, in my purse, in my trailer on set,” she explains. “I would have a reusable coffee cup, which definitely helps a lot." She also started meal-prepping to avoid delivery and bought a Brita filter instead of another pack of bottled waters.

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But the most challenging place to avoid plastic coincided with her greatest motivation to do so in the first place. When it comes to baby supplies, eliminating plastics just wasn’t possible for Roberts. “I did as much as I could, but unfortunately, especially in the baby space, certain things are inevitably plastic, and so that's obviously really hard.”

The impossibility of eliminating those plastics entirely put a fine point on Roberts' considered approach to her project."Don't be intimidated and I think set attainable goals for yourself because for me like I didn't wake up on day one, like, ‘I am 100% plastic-free,’” she explains. “I just became very aware and saw where I could make changes. I felt accomplished when I would bring my snacks to work or bring my cup to my coffee shop in the morning or refill my water bottle.” This is especially important to keep in mind as more consumers are realizing that personal responsibility can only do so much to eliminate plastic waste when headtopics.com

corporations are by far the greatest culprits.Towards the end of our chat, the conversations again turned to babies. “After having a child, you think more about the world and the world that you want them to grow up in,” says Roberts. “And for me, I want him to grow up in a world that has clean oceans and is a beautiful place, and so if I can do little things in my daily life to be more mindful of the world that he's going to grow up in, how could I not do that?”

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