A mister no more: Mr. Potato Head goes gender neutral

NEW YORK (AP) — Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister. Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change...

2/25/2021 8:31:00 PM

Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister. Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change will appear on boxes this year.

NEW YORK (AP) — Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister. Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change...

February 25, 2021 GMTNEW YORK (AP) — Mr. Potato Head is no longer a mister.Hasbro, the company that makes the potato-shaped plastic toy, is giving the spud a gender neutral new name: Potato Head. The change will appear on boxes this year.Toy makers have been updating their classic brands to appeal to kids today. Barbie has shed its blonde image and now comes in multiple skin tones and body shapes. Thomas the Tank Engine added more girl characters. And American Girl is now selling a boy doll.

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Hasbro said Mr. Potato Head, which has been around for about 70 years, needed a modern makeover. Read more: The Associated Press »

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WOW...the ONLY thing we need to Worry about is if a NAME is 'gender-neutral, Duh What about Mr. Coffee? Gender is a political word, not a reality. Kids do not know what it means. Adults are the ones the companies are pleasing. I never cared about any sex reference of any toy to have any meaning as a kid. How about removing boy and girl from sippy cups too? I saw that on those items

tokenizedtweets 0x9e7308b44f5018407678736761ce082d4360b593 Hey, that baby spud looks biological. What if gender neutral spud couple adopt their children? Sure hope you have multi ethnic spud kids rolling off the assembly line! See how ridiculous this whole thing is Biden Head The potato head is dead to be used only as target practice. The transgender minorities are not and should not force the majority of natural men and women to cow tow their unnatural perversions & sexuality just because they say we will bow down to their freak pedophile life style

Hasbro should therefore changed its name. Hasbro is short for Hassenfeld BROTHERS (three 'bros' from Rhode Island, Herman, Hillel and Henry), so the very name of the company is gender-specific. So, Hasbro, if you want to be woke, WAKE UP! I actually think this is pretty cool :3 WHY?- must we always worry about 'gender', or WHATEVER the 'leftists' are b****ing about this season! Why can't there be something that 'they' can do to get their negativity away from most intelligent people?

Just curious. Who the fuck is this supposed to help? Fuck I hate identity politics. Potato Head, Phd. Why don’t we not count this as an accomplishment because it’s just changing the gender of a fucking toy. What’s next Barbie and Ken? Ridiculous! I've been taught to respect my elders. He'll always be MR. POTATO HEAD to me.

Seriously? They castrated Mr. Potato Head? There are people starving and dying everyday and they want to focus on the pronouns of a FUCKING POTATO! WTF? This is misinformation. The whole series is called Potato Head now. You still got yer boy potato and your girl potato. Hasbro about time you dropped the offensive Mr from your potato toy line...we all know that angry feminists have bodies shaped like potatoes...MrPotatoHead is sexist, racist etc

That’s great and I’ll never buy one So what about Gumby and Pokey? I heard that Gumby wants to Identify as a horse. Pokey got very upset and I couldn’t blame him or her. Whatching conservatives and liberals argue about this name THATS NOT GOING ANYWHERE BECAUSE ITS THE PRODUCT LINE THATS CHANGING NAMES AND NOT MR OR MRS POTATO HEAD is extremely entertaining. Keep it up people I’ve got popcorn 🍿😂

ultra mega cringe What about Mrs Potato Head? What is she? huh h Yeah.. and they are expanding the line so people can build their own families. Big Woop! It is a business decision people. Oh joy, soy boys unite! Ridiculous... I am all about equal rights but this is straight up dumb. MrPotatoHead What a joke

As a conservative voter cant we agree that companies have the FREEDOM to do whatever they want with their products? That’s the conservative ideals, not being a fucking homophobic fascist. People done lost their minds. lol dumber than a tater! Smh 🤔🤷‍♀️🥸 Fucking nonsense!! There is Mrs. Potato as well!! Tired about those silly moves to be 'more feminist friendly' when there's no need in that case. Feminist need new characters not to feminist a 'male' character that is a Potato.

En serio? Cal? The line is no longer called Mr Potato Head brands shouldn't have to make someone LGBTQ unless from the beginning they were intended to be that way to show their support for lgbtq. Mr potato head isn't a real person, their feelings dont change if people say 'mr' or not. this is the same as peta saying animals get offended

it's a piece of plastic What about misses potato head? That should b gender nuetral too. Or does only apply to white potato men? I can’t tell if it’s better or worse to say I put the arms in potato head or I put the arms in Mr. potato head Wrong. Why are people so mad. Its literally a spud OH THANK GOD! THIS WAS SUCH A HUGE PROBLEM. WHAT EVER WOULD WE HAVE DONE. StupidLiberalShit

Stupid What about Mrs.potatoe Head? Are we getting rid. Of her also!! This is fricken ridiculous Wow! Its so revolutionary. Now the world is finally at peace . This isn't news absolutely ridiculous! Stop the madness! I enjoy being a woman and I identify as a woman and always will. Stop pushing this agenda!

They just ruined the movie Toys I thought Mr potato head was always gender neutral Potat* Nice business move right there We need a gender neutral potato head so liberal guys have someone they can relate to. Equal treatment yo. No matter how bad your life is, it's still not as bad as a person who sits around worrying about the gender of a plastic potato.

Oh no - what are the ramifications for Peter Dutton? 😬 Hasbro essentially indicated that you're guilty of malpractice. You wrote a fake story. Have you addressed this or offered a correction? Perhaps you might encourage Twitter to add a feature to append a correction to tweets like this, so you aren't guilty of spreading lies.

who cares? it's a potato Ya’ll need your heads examined. Or better yet, to go swimming with hungry great white sharks. No one cares Cruz. Go back to Cancun. WE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE MR AND MRS. ITS A CHARACTER. Are we not allowed to have specific genders now? What the fuck is wrong with this world honestly. You guys suck.

Is there a penis piece, I remember ears, eyes, noses, lips, hats/hair... dont remember a dick attachment... no lady bits either... WTF? This is hands-down the stupidest thing I have learned all week!! MrPotatoHead MrsPotatoHead twogenders maleandfemale So now instead of saying do you want me or Mrs? Kids will ask for potatohead for boy or girl? The name change doesn’t matter unless all the parts are inside the same box making it a gender neutral toy. Calling it potatoe head with boy parts ... didn’t do anything except confuse

Okay but was there not a ms. Potato head.... Phew...now we can all rest in peace😊 'The wealthy profiting off a pandemic is fine... People freezing in the one of the most wealthy countries is okay... Citizens not having health care is whatever. Climate change not a big deal... But this is too much.' - Republicans, always on top of the real issues

Ok but really Potato heads were an indirect representation about how gender works. They both have an assumed gender based on how they look instead of their genitals. Because how can a potato have a penis. How low has America gone. Very disappointed in Hasbro. THE LIBERAL MOB WILL BE SEEKING TO GET THEIR WAY ALL THE WAY UP THE STEPS TO THEIR MEETING WITH THE EXECUTIONER.

I personally don’t care. It’s a potato. But this is actually a really dumb financial move. Now instead of selling two separate products they’re combining the product into one and will be selling less potatoes. Potato Head (it/its) Buncha panzies go mad at the small stuff. “Potato Head” is offensive to not only potatoes but people that have a head the shape of a potato. cancelpotatohead

The JoeBiden craziness has begun. To all the moderate dems who didn’t think this would happen? There you go. Vote gop All this free marketing Only have to make one box Get all the accessories Make whatever potato you want. 👏👏 marketing team Can I start calling people It, thing, hey you, dumbass, etc?

Unreal правильно Why dont they make Miss Potato Head gender neutral XD So if the liberals are not about labeling genders then why did they celebrate the first women VP? Hasbro is shooting themselves in the foot. Mr Potato Head is for boys and Mrs. Potato Head is for girls. I hope Hasbro will put boy and girl related items in the box.

how can we explain this to our children Far out. Fantastic, they still made in sweatshops? Fragile Cuckservatives triggered a over a gender-neutral potato. ....Beware Mr Peanut, they'll be coming for you next. Stop trying to mess up my childhood Y’all don’t realize that the Mr. and Mrs. Potato head characters still exist. They’re just marketing it now so that it isn’t just restricted to 2 genders

This needs a big fat WTF! This is worse than Netflix putting black actors to represent white historical figures or fitting an unnecessary gay character or woman heroine in ANY production... Politically correct is fucking out of control! Hasbro execs have bigger problems than Mr Potatohead's gender expressions. What in God's name will they do about GI Joe?! And what happens when Mattel releases a gender neutral verson of Barbie and Ken?

Wow~ crazy There is a quote from Forrest Gump‘s mom somewhere in this. Penis = Man. Vagina = Woman. Are you still confused? Technically wasn't Mr potato Head like the first transdoll? What the fuck? Why? This toy is like classic, why change it? Who would have thought you could neuter a potato. .... This just in: mr potato head will no longer have a massive throbbing hard cock

What’s next? My boy frosty? guys chill out..it’sjust a fucking 🥔 I feel like large companies are just chasing clout at this point, man. Good, now I can ask them to suck my fat cock without being gay while they are at it , what's up with HasBRO ? what about HasSIS? what about HasTrans? that nazi should be canceled !

assigning a tuber at birth is problematic. Some tubers might be born a cis-Potato but really be a turnip or taro root or yam inside and we should celebrate the whole rainbow root vegetable spectrum and accept starches for how the feel you nazi bigots What about kids that identify more with a yam or rutabaga than a potato to be their 'authentic true selves ' Hasbro is Tuber-phobic and should be canceled!

jillreports This is one of the most idiotic moves I have heard of. What exactly does this do for society, except to make Hasbro the laughing stock of toy manufacturers. This is new generation is a fucking they cancelling a Fucking Toy what’s next cancel a drink because is very offensive fuck gender bullshit there’s only 2 genders Women and Men.

Cool story bro. The first ttrans toy Had no genitals and you could decide where to put the parts Dumbest thing ever done I thought the companies name was “Hasbra”... Good Grief🙄😳 I can't believe brianstelter thinks we care about his dropping the mister from his name. What happens with MrsPotatoHead.. metoo said don't mention her ?

Same old. The right rolls its eyes while the left claims the right wishes to roll heads. Mars is looking more and more like a good option these days.... Can't wait for Mattel to release this... I’m tired of this stupid “Gender Neutral” shit! This society lacks personality So what are they planning to do with Mrs Potato Head? Will they now become a gay couple? Hasbro- you people have lost your stinking minds.

You are right for a change; Mr. PotatoHead had always been Mr. Potato Head and should continue to be Mr. Potato Head... Hasbro just stop it. 🤦🏻‍♂️ They cut this off Potato Head yesterday now gender neutral. im going to call him mr Potato Head no FUCK POTATO HEAD ALL MY HOMIES LOVE MR POT HEAD If anyone actually has a problem with this then they need to re-think some life choices

Fuck this article for being misleading and sparking unnecessary anger. They literally aren’t changing the Mr and Mrs PH characters.... Lol. For a second I thought you were talking about John Kerry. This is absolutely ridiculous! It’s a damn toy FGS! Everyone needs to lighten up and stop attacking everything that might remotely offend someone.

Wtf, people are so stupid So... Brian Stelter now comes with a purse and lipstick? Cool. I don’t even know where to start. This snowflake world we live in really pisses me off. What about calling it, slurry head!!!! This is the dumbest thing I’ve seen to date lmao it’s a damn kids toy 🤣 Hasbro paying homage to Potato Biden the best way it could!

Your article is very misleading The change is only happening to the brand name the characters are staying Mr. And Mrs. I want to know when the name of the card game Blackjack will be changed not all jacks are black Not buying them for my children!! Just remember...THE WOKE ARE NEVER SATISFIED. No shit. They want to sell to both girls and boys

Hasbro said trans rights!!!! There is a joke I can make here about a certain robot toyline How’s that gonna affect the “Toy Story” characters, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head? Why do people care if it’s gender neutral? It’s a private company and the toy is now gender neutral. You won’t die. Stupid...just stupid!!

gotterdammerung Meanwhile Biden is bombing Syria again.......but let’s focus on reporting a change in a child’s toy. Should Hasbro have instead redesigned former Mr. Potato Head with a permanent semi-anatomically-correct protuberance that would clearly have made him indentifiable as a male potato? Aren’t ya supposed to put the Potato Head facial features, arms, & legs on real potatoes anyway?

I heard Hasbro is now changing their name to Herbro. Capitalism, destroying the family once again Haha. Can’t be real. Lol Not surprised. This is Haha this is utterly ridiculous I would expect Mrs potato head to be discontinued too...? Or is that too big a hit to the spud-matriarchy? Y’all need to chill (and also maybe read the article)

And ya fucked his whole persona up. 🙄 The end is here So all the kids that identify with their biological gender that just want either boy or girls toys to play with, they just not matter anymore? This isn't even a genuine attempt to be inclusive, it's narrow minded woke pandering for all the wrong reasons.

'We did it boys, racism is no more' Stupidity knows no bound No big deal, it's cheaper anyway buying a body and full suite of lips, eyes, facial hair etc rather than 2 bodies with different genders. No one asked for it but we got it. No one was offended by it. And it's been that way for 70 years. Least you acted quickly.

What really gets me is that they continue to use the toxic masculine 'bro' in their name. Bro refers to a male friend or family member. Family is also toxic. Oh crap! That may be a problem for Mrs. Potato Head And the sword of censorship cuts on. All in the name of diversity Time to boycott Hasbro! This is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

WTF There was always a Mr. & Mrs. Potato head Always Mister Potato Head. I always understood that Mr Potato Head was a female who self identified as a man? Hasbro is just being transphobic. Disgraceful. wowwwwww Bruh rip Mr Potato Head AahhfricK confusedPete18 Finally!! These are the best replies ever! Sad

the pronouns are Potato/Potato So does that mean there won't be a Mrs. Potato Head moving forward? They should also change the name HASBRO? BRO is for 'brothers' no? cần tìm 1 người hơn tuổi hơn về chiều cao và học vấn. 1 ng đàn ông điềm đạm cv ổn định I hate when companies fold to the idiocracy of the extremist. When they do that it makes me never to buy their products. Nike was the first for me and the list is getting bigger daily

Absolutely no one asked for this So unnecessary and stupid. Dude literally has a wife Breaking: 80’s band who does “Broken Wings” and “Kyrie” now asked to be nameless. 😃 They’re going to give you all the parts to build either Mr or Mrs potato head without having to purchase two separate toys. why 'Gender neutral' another way of saying they're simply shifting the 'Mr and Mrs' parts into the same box in order to force the price for each unit up slightly while lowering their manufacturing costs since there's no Mrs Potato Head unique box anymore. Cunts.

people really getting mad over a plastic potato head's gender😂🤡😳🥺👀👌 Nothing more than an attempt by Hasbro to use current events to become relevant. I for one think it’s dumb, but I also don’t really care because they’re a private company and can do whatever they want with their products. imagine getting triggered over a toy being called non binary or some shit grow up lmao

Stupidity reigns supreme Oh God here come the Offended Christian (Always) Right with their whining complaints. Me everytime right-wingers get mad about gender: Meh whatever. FUCKIN RIDICULOUS!!!!! He/she never had dangley bits anyhow. Gender was defined by moustache Castrated potatoes now too! Why can’t men be celebrated? I didn’t get the memo.

This the most retarded shit I ever heard Lmaoo In other news, Mrs Thatcher will (in future) be known as Thatcher. Absolute wokeness gone stark raving mad. What about Mrs. Potato Head? Good to know we are this fing dumb as a society. They should just call them XX Potato Head and XY Potato Head. Problem solved 👍 🐑🐝🐑.

WHO cares!? 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️ This is why we need to bring back bullying What’s worse is how we assign a political party to a response to this. I know republicans who don’t even care. And I know Dems who feel like I do, stop changing or removing genders of toys we grew up with. Make your own new ones. Mr and Mrs Potato Head were just fine.

Pitiful. He was married Potato Head. He had a wife. He had kids. And now we gon act like they weren’t who they all were just to appease people who have a problem with gender identification? It’s getting sickening. 🤦🏽‍♂️😡 “Okay team, how can we reach a new market with our products.” This is blasphemous, years of childhood memories, unpacking Mr Potato Head’s accessories from out his fanny, cancelled overnight. Nice work Hasbro.

This might affect Toy Story 5 though. How would tell anyway turn it upside down Hasbro is going to teach classes on how to be less heterosexual so we can all check our straight privilege. I don’t really give a fuck to be fair, I’m here to see the hate comments role on in. The real problem is that social media rules the world, someone only has to post some shit and the whole world collides funny but very sad 🙂. Goodnight godbless

Oh my fucking god these stupid snowflakes making fake genders just so they can make me potato head gender neutral. If it weren't for this pussy generation making fake genders we would have a better world I’m a potato Yaayy, all problems are fixed. what a load of bollocks Oh ffs I’ll keep calling it Mr. Potato Head, cause I can. Do they need to reshoot the Toy Story movies too?

They cut their revenues, saved people $20 & NOW must provide a unisex wardrobe. Mr. Potatohead has been ‘cross dressing’, using Mrs. Potatohead’s lipstick or carrying a man purse in playrooms across America for years. Common sense is lost who cares about pronouns. Absolutely pathetic, this shit show is destroying society, maybe that’s the plan

🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Is he next. The company name; Has”BRO” isn’t gender neutral!! 🤦🏼‍♂️ You do realize how wrong you are, right? Have you seen Mr. Potato Head’s wife? He gave up caring about sex a long ass time ago! This may be the hill (of potatoes) that the far right chooses to die upon! i can't wait for right wingers to decide that trans people are directly responsible for this and use it as more ammo against us, all while this decision is something that no one asked for :) i love performative wokeness from corporations :) :) :) :) :)

Why is this news? Honestly, this belongs in the Toys R' Us newsletter and no where else. Thank you hasbro, sexism is now gone! Good job! people soft af if the “Mr.” offends them actually Theyre still selling Mr. and Mrs., the brand itself is being renamed as Potato Head. Geez Fake idiotss!!! Why does this matter ever

Lol Crazy world. Smh This is misleading, it’s still mr potato head, but the overall brand is potato head, to include mrs potato head, and children potato heads. Do better. Also Mr Bean has been cancelled. Sounds more like they’re introducing a new “ slur” Its not the fact that we care if he's a Mr or a Mrs. Its just the fact why? So we can please a small minority of people? The worlds gone fucking insane.

BoycottHasbro Hasn’t it always had interchangeable parts anyway? Who cares? Never mind the abhorrent conditions the workers deal with in the Hasbro factories. Both sides of the conversation.... we really dont have better more important things to talk about!? This is just stupid Hey Mr Potatoe Head meet Aunt Jemima....

I thought there was already a lady-Potato Head !!!! Poor guy never had a choice in the matter, they just castrated him. Hasbro should sell it with little potato testicles (spuds) attached. The spuds snap off (Ouch!!!) if kids decide to give Mr Potato Head a sex change. Finally, call it Half Baked Potato Head and sell it at Democratic fundraisers.

Fucking stupid Literally all Hasbro is trying to do is sell one toy and then make money off of selling additional accessories Jesus Christ apparently this upsets lyin tedcruz, please continue. Ridiculous 🤡 Stupid but whatever Nope. Still just you stirring hate. It is just a Potato The Scarfolk rebrand took a rather horrific turn in the 1970s

Shit, BillHemmer was right, they did come for the Bible characters next. this is fucking gross they are abusing this to get more money. but capitalism ig. Love this genre of story where someone presents us with a thing to be outraged by and it's the most blatantly unimportant thing you could possibly imagine and then it turns out an hour later that it didn't even happen.

What’s next? I’m just curious as to whether this chang carries over to other languages. In French, their name translates to « Mr. Potato » and I’m not sure they can trademark « Potato » :/ This is cool and i support it, but what's the difference? There's still a Mrs. Potato head right? I hope someone goes to the toy stores and draws 🍆 on all the boxes.

They still selling that spud? who cares anyway Pixar rushing to retcon 'Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head' to 'Potato Head 1 and Potato Head 2': What was wrong with just using a potato like we did growing up? what about mrs potato head? wait till the mentally handicapped hear about this This ‘toy’ used to be a dress up kit that required you to supply your own actual potato 😳

I love how conservatives think that Hasbro (or any big company for that matter) actually cares about gender neutrality. Isn't there both genders though? I've seen toy story.... Enough of this cancel coach of crap! There's something to be said for tradition also unless you don't want to keep a family unit family unit! Good for Hasbro to bring potato head back I'm thrilled they took that choice welcome mr. Potato Head welcome home!

Be careful Superman and Batman !!!!! And what about Action Man? Shouldn't there be a female version? Women join the Army etc. I take the silly blue boots off of my [REDACTED] Potato head toy. As a tear runs down my eye i place it on my table and, after getting an approximate 6 feet away, begin opening fire with my AR15. After ten shots i collect myself and apologise to my chuldren, who are in the room.

What about the Mrs Potato head? You can't change one without the other! Why? There's a Mrs Potato Head. Being too careful here I think. Will Mrs Potato Head be changed too? 🤔 They should rename the doll 'Ken' to 'Can't' 🙄 BoycottPotatoHead - Until the Mr is returned Only a little digging proved ap does no research at all. It's a 3rd option, not a replacement...

Give me a break. I heard they are renaming him Pat Jesus wtf😂😂 This is so stupid I like how also the actions of one company Hasbro has become a lib controversy...it’s HASBRO! 😂 TTABlog In related news, Hasbro has introduced “Bro Potato Head“ for the important 18–30 male demographic vomcruise Hasbro - HasThey. It offends me that you have Bro in your name 😂😂😂 i mean jesus christ

This might be the dumbest thing ever. This world has gone soft, changing, and renaming everything we’ve known our whole lives. Male, female, transgender, and whatever else. At least there’s a name for it. No gender? Fucking stupid Shouldn’t they do different colored potato heads then? White, red, Yukon gold, sweet potatoes; what about the purple ones? (And yes this is a joke. I’m all about equality.)

It's a potato. What about Mrs. Potato Head? Hello Woke Culture. Go home! You're drunk. Well that was fairly pointless and achieved very little at the cost of thousands of dollars. Why? It’s decidedly ridiculous . My name in Mr something or other, do I have to change my name so not to offend half wits? Not on your Nellie

😡😡😡 Then what happens to Mrs Potato Head. There’s always been Mr and Mrs Potato Head. This is ridiculous and the Dems need to be stopped. The fact that conservatives think this is what non binary ppl want and not just corporations baiting them for attention and doing performative activism is actually really crazy

Maybe it is really a Ms. Potato head pretending to be a Mr. Potato Head and we all just need to pretend this is normal. Meanwhile, Mr. Potato Head is competing as Ms Potato Head at the World Potato Games and dominating. So you just fucked Toy Story then? Mr & Mrs Potato Head Why ? This vital issue of our turbulent times has provoked profound division in the toy community. Messrs. Splat, Bill, Mike, Pricklepants & Microphone support Potato's new persona. Misters Sinister, Self-Indulgence & Missing Link feel threatened. MrPotatoHead PotatoGate Hasbro

😒 Way to squeeze out Mrs. Potato head. I see what you did there. Fuck woman. Amirite? I find it hilarious since they literally used to just sell the parts and kids would just stick them in real potatoes. They are just changing the name. You can still make a mr or ms.potatohead. Hell you can make a godless abomination potato head if you wanted. This is nothing.

lexeiluck I’m sure the name “Potato Head” will offend someone soon and even that will have to be changed. 🙄 hasbro, there was already a Mr and a Mrs Potato Head,, and the only difference was the accessories. It's not like you molded genitalia on them. There's literally no need for this virtue signal, at all.

The world has gone mad. Good Lord... because being a man is baaaad. What happened to the empowered Ms. Potato? Because erasing men is OK, but erasing women... Junior - news alert. They are changing the name again - to Donald Trump, Jr. So appropriate! WRONG!!! Douchebag media “LADY GAGA “ should change her name “GAGA”

Why there's no reason for this With everything going on in the world and people are worried about a toy not being gender neutral, embarrassing What about mrs potato head? That bitch better get her mrs removed Brave! I am sure you this is about marketing and rebranding. IF they did get a “few” complaints or inquiries, it gave them the idea. To sell off Mr. Potato Head as collector items and the new one. Next is GI Joe and Barbie.

If Hasbro are so concerned about gender neutrality maybe they should consider changing their own company name.....Just a thought Anti-trans bs stories for the clicks. SHAME ON YOU, AP! This just in! He man is gender fluid and is now called they them! Uh oh...Poor Mr & Mrs Potato Head on Toy Story 😞 US continues to circle the drain

stop capitalising off of the lgbtqia community besties!!!! Why Hasbro? Wasn’t there a whole family of Potato Heads? Mr., Mrs. and some kids? Why are you attacking the nuclear potato family that your company created? Now transphobes are gonna use this to ridicule us as a community one more thing added to the long list👏👏

Just why Ummmm I’ll keep calling him Mr. Potato Head.....thanks 🖕🏾 Then why haven’t they changed their name from “Hasbro” to “Hasbra” “Haswomb” “Haszed” 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ Who cares? People are hilarious🤣 Just because you all SAY/define something doesn't mean it IS or isn't🤔 'That LION is a LIONESS' the 'scientist' said so and 'That girl isn't a Black girl, she is a white girl'.😬😳🤯 Stop playing with what shouldn't be played with🤨 Prime is PRIME🤲🏽🖤🖤🖤

Lool to the poinr of getting offended by a toy's gender, wonders which lobby!!.. Why you lying? MR POTATER HED IS A BLOKE SIMPEL AS. Lunacy is everywhere What i don't get is what's problematic about Mr.? There was also a Mrs. Head iirc. Why destroy what we have instead of just accepting new potatoes into the family.

Isn't he a 'Mr.' so that there is a 'Mrs.'? Kids don't understand this stuff! What about Mrs. Potato Head? Stop the world ... I want to get off ! Sooooo what about Mrs. Potato Head🤔 I need closure on this🤷🏿🤦🏿🤣 Ffs 😂😂😂😂 this world man Potatohead tokenized version of mr. potatohead, lol. Who cares

What are they doing about Mrs Potato head? this PC on steroids shit is ridiculous, everyone just need to calm the feck down. So tiresome... Let’s all descend on the HQ of the evil, misogynistic Pixar, daub their offices in red paint & chant for their speedy passages to....like....a really bad place, man ✌️

Because someone was offended by his male gender? WTF... I encourage the drawing of genitalia on boxes of Mr. Potato Head when seen on store shelves. In the name of a demonic agenda, big companies are becoming ridiculous and pathetic! Do you really think that parents accepted this gender identity idiocy? NEVER!!!

Man, my favourite part of the mr potato head toy tm, was focusing very heavily on its plastic penis and balls, I'd spend hours a day in my room, making customs dick and ball for my potato head. Satire aside, no kid is gonna notice a diffrence. Response from Potato American Alex Jones. I'm sure conservatives won't overreact.

🥰 This is outrageous!! What next? My little whatever? 🦄. The world has gone mad. Like who tf did Mr Potato head ever offend 🤷‍♂️ But, he is a male. Called 'Mister Potato Head'. It's his name. It's his actual pronoun. Mrs Potato Head is legally married to Mr. Potato Head. She dresses like a woman. Identifies as a woman. Identifying as the sex you were assigned at birth is not a bad thing.

Ridiculous- its a toy, and there is a Mrs potato head as well. This woke crap has gone too far. Isn't HasBRO a little sexist also? Why have they not changed their name yet? WHY!? How does Mrs Potato Head feel about this ridiculous load of shit. Wait, is potato masculine or feminine in French?🤔 I'm just here for the transphobes losing their shit over a toy potato.

But they're not. And? originlbookgirl Much ado about nothing. Hasbro needs to apprise the wife & spuds of the artist formerly known as “Mr. Potato Head’s” new moniker. Stupid ans ludicrous Why are we ruining and complicating life for young kids. We have a plethora of books, articles and access to learning if those who want to be informed about genders. Have a balance people.

Hasbro could have changed the name to Mx. Potato Head to at least keep it professional I just saw the box. It says Mrs / Mr Potato Head on it like 5 times. This is getting ridiculous and out of hand now. The world has seriously gone mad if just a single toy can trigger people badly like this. Fine, El Señor y La Señora Cabeza de Patata it is!

And thus the world was saved I'm sorry, but this is just ridiculous! You don't want to buy a MR. PATOTO HEAD...don't! Frankly, if this offends you, you need to see a shrink. So are they gonna have to change his line in the movie now? I'm just here for the dumass comments from the racist haters!🤦🏽‍♂️ 😳🤪 malades mentaux !

how retarded can it get It says AP, but I know it’s the Onion. It has to be, right? Why not just make a separate gender neutral potato head toy? Why get rid of Mr and Mrs? Potato Head just sounds wrong and incomplete... they should have renamed it Dr. Potato Head I feel sick, definitely won’t be purchasing now

By doing this overthinking absurdity, you've just removed Mrs Potatohead now too. People really don't think through these woke ideas.. Soooooooo Mrs Potato Head? MR POTATOHEAD IS A GUY!!! I HAVE A LARGE COLLECTION OF MR POTATO HEADS IN MY BIG HOUSE. I HAVE JUST STAPLES PENISES TO ALL MY MR POTOTO HEADS. TRY AND CANCEL ME, LIBS. TRY AND CANCEL ALL THE REALSITIC-LOOKING PENISES ON MY HUNDREDS OF MR PATATO HEADS

Mr Potato Head is still Mr Potato Head. It's a brand rename to reflect they sell more than just him. This is a victory for non binary root vegetables everywhere Allez nique ta mère this is exactly how nazi germany got started literally 1984 What about Mrs Potato Head? So. It's not that anyone cares about taking the mister off. The true problem is heterosexuality being frowned upon. CancelCancelCulture

No mustache included now? All the people offended by this are so because they strongly identify with someone who has a potato IQ There's more fields to worry about gender issues than on a potato head but it's not too bad of a change Ratio Delete this misinformation. Mr. and Mrs. Potato head will remain as is.

A fcking potato MUFCRYU20 I’m extremely happy I never had children, so their children don’t have to deal with this BS! So now Mrs potato head doesn’t exist? The couple have morphed into one and kids can stick on the moustache and handbag? Because if Mr potato head is being made gender neutral, his counterpart would have to as well. But then there would be no point in having two!?

This statement isn't strictly true. Sorry, always will be a male in my book. How are you going to castrate a potato? Crazy culture cancel. Was there not a Mrs Potato Head too? This is important news 'Mx' Potato Head instead? missed opportunity? You are correct. He is now prime minister of Canada. this is a fucking embassarement whats next not even able to be British anymore

Rotating between laughing at trans people for wanting to be accepted and melting down over a potato toy not having gender. Hasbro have lost the plot. Here’s another company to avoid. Just to be clear, our sex chromosome determine our gender. I have an XY and I’m a male; if I had an XX pair I’d be a female. Anyone who says different is an idiot.

This is the most ridiculous thing on Twitter today!! Haven't they just said that the brand is now just potato head (as in the collection of the potato heads). Mr and Mrs remain as Mr and Mrs potato head. I mean ok...? But doesn't stop us using Mr or Mrs. Why did 2020 make everything suddenly offensive Aggravated conflict involving US in Syria... Republicans “AHHHHJJ children’s toys!!!” Where, o where, have the adults gone?

This is stupid. Society is stupid. But isn’t calling someone a potatohead used to make fun of someone in a derogatory manner? Which makes the name offensive and shouldn’t be used at all then right? Please if this offends you you have some serious issues Who is going to pack the angry eyes now? Are you taking the fucking piss? Whats wrong with Mr Potato head? Absolute joke Is there even any point in using Mr and Mrs anymore? Or do we all have to say people with penises and people with vaginas? Pathetic

Social justice for all tubers! Predictably, the outrage is completely manufactured. Hasbro is *not* actually stopping the Mr / Mrs distinction, neither was it pressured to do so by 'woke libs'. Psyhodelikus Hasbro figured out how to get free publicity for an old toy. So how long till toy story is banned then

nonbinary potato head....... sexy Actually, Potato Head is still a Mr. and a Mrs. No accept Yeah that’s like one of the world’s top problems. Thank you for solving this one for the world Hasbro and thank you for some great news . You just enriched my knowledge so much It has historically been “Mr Potato Head”, the bit’s in the box have been added to over decades and kids playing with the ‘toy’ can (and do) make what they want. It’s not a huge shift, they’ve dropped the Mr...big deal. “Toy story” characters call him “potato head” anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️

We are dropping bombs on Syria... but hey let's talk about gender of a potato toy instead. That fucking asteroid can't come soon enough. WTF I remembered growing up that they had Mr and Mrs Potato Head And what is happening to Mrs Potato Head ..... WTF?!? Why are you false reporting? They are not changing mr or mrs potato heads names. They are simply changing the brand line to acknowledge they have more than one product in that line.

This is completely not needed. Kids under the age of like 10 do not know anything about lgbtq and secondly why a toy are you seriously that bored This will not do. 'potato' excludes other root vegetables and 'head' excludes other body parts. Not inclusive enough. Please rebrand. Hasbro is cancer Once again Mrs Potato Head has been limited to a vibrator

Get the fuck outta here. Jesus Christ what is wrong with this world What is this world coming to 🧐 Does that mean Has'bro' will change its name to gender neutral name 'Hasbeen'? Always gonna reference him as Mr. Potato Head it's only right Sick folks Surely the company also needs to rename itself to Hassibling?

Jokes on you Hasbro, I've already bought a sack of potatoes and I've gendered them all! You can have my potato boys when you pry them from my cold, dead hands! No one else noticed that there's a Mrs. Potato Head? Just me? Cool🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾 Cant wait for the remake of Trans-formers How hard is, it's a boy, oh no, it's a girl, omg it's a it. What is it? It, not p..... No d.... Just it. How confused will kids be.what happened to Mr. And Ms., No just it another way to get rid of the kids. Be fruitful and multiple......

Ffs inanimate objects are not part of the living world much Wtf is wrong with u mugs? Gender is another concept, that hss no place in the world What’s their Lass gonna be called? Have you ever watched children play with a Mr. Potato head and a Mrs. Potato head at the same time. They mix up the pieces and giggle. The Potato Head box contains pieces to make a Mr. and Mrs. Potato head. Let the children play, adults, and leave your politics behind.

Get to fuck you absolute fucking mongs, this whole there’s more than one gender can suck a fart. How sad YAY! EVERYONE WANTED THIS! ................. And Ms? Mr Muscle. Mr Sheen, They're coming for you. Did they ask Mr Potato before they made this decision? No! what about his potato rights? His freedom of potato expression and his identity in the field of potato's!

Good god 🙈 That's fucking dumb. This is dumb. ?! Clickbait title used to incite the gammons. Thought the AP was better than that. PATHETIC. Interesting Fake news. The overall brand will be called potato head, but Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead will remain. Y’all bout to offend the potatx community! 💀 So what I can deduce from this poorly written article is that they are releasing a gender neutral Potato Head set in addition to the Mr & Mrs sets.

Boiler suits here we come. Everything is becoming an Orwellian nightmare. Maybe the company can change its name to “Has-NO—Bro” oh nooo 😭😭😭😭 how could they name it potato head it so significant 😪😪😪😫😫😫😫 I'm not a natural fan of the Daily Star, but hats off to their headline writer for capturing the mood of most people on this story! MrPotatoHead

There’s no such thing as gender neutral. You are either a man or a woman. How screwed up are people right now! YES!! FINALLY! THE WORLD IS SAVED! WE NO LONGER HAVE TO BE OPPRESSED BY THE PLASTIC POTATO 😭😭😭 THANK YOU JOE BIDEN They moved in the wrong direction from a money making perspective. Rather than gender neutral release a potato head of each gender variety.

I truly hate this world. Thank God I am not GOD, because no amount of mercy would be spared for the lunatics that call themselves human in this day and age. Utter disgrace to people with enough brain function to breathe How virtuous of them. What about Mrs Potato Head? 😔🙏💔 Very important agenda. Almost as import as eco-friendliness. Because we will feel the impact of CHINA in 200-1200 years? Thank you, Donald Trump- you tried harder than anyonr ever has; they cant be understood until they learn to communicate what they think.

What is going to happen with his wife? Is she going gender neutral too? publicity stunt lmao False advertising make another Toy Story Definitely not performative at all... Lol they're so mad abhaba pretty sure they always had a Ms. Potato Head. 😳👇👇👇 Barbaric this this is such a sad attempt to stay relevant. c'mon hasbro, no one gives a fuck about mr. potato head. lol

Not sure how I peel about that quite yet. anybody 'righteously defending' this choice is being just as stupid as your average triggered idiot tbh. the most non-consequential thing in the history of non-consequential things, probs not even entirely cuz gender shit just cuz easier branding yet another victim of CancelCulture

He literally tells everybody his pronouns in the movie and now they wanna take that away from him. 😂 What about the kool aid MAN? Holly sh... johnnybongos_ Potato head does not sound fun... I mean it would be super uncomfortable. Grab the original now.... Will wort $$$$$ later.... If $$$ still mean anything then..... 🤔

Mrs Potatohead seriously wasn’t enough? seems like a solution in search of a problem. trans community had to like that a mr potato head could turn into a mrs. We going androgynous now? I feel like one day we’ll look back at this time like the 80s & say “that decade was dumb” So misleading to get clicks. They changed the brand name, not the name of the character. Article even says 'Mr. and Mrs. Potato head will still exist'. Their names will be on the bottom while 'Potato Head' will be the brand logo on the top of the box. Drama baiting bullshit title

But... There's a ms. Potato head too Suddenly, I'm really looking forward to the next Toy Story movie. Honestly I'm impressed these companies have found a srsly efficient way to convert anger into cash 🤷‍♂️ This is dumb and not necessary. And don’t u dare mess with Darth Tater. But its a potato Fox news calm down. With the power of imagination it can be anything you dream it to be.

But what is Hasbro doing for people with potato allergies? BrentTerhune My only response is F’ off you can’t be serious. Let’s cancel cancel culture!!! Conservatives mocking the fact that a toy company is so “woke”, it’s going to rename a potato. Liberals call it a freak out. We just think you and your misgendered potatoes are stupid. 🤣🤣

Why though? Lol This is so stupid. Damn we can’t even have mister potato head anymore 😔😔😔 Great work. This helps our middle class . Stop. Just stop. Please. They’ve taken it too far. This shit is stupid. I love it when it gets this stupid, it undermines the whole thing. Fantastic I'd laugh my fkn ass off if and when uh Potato Heads sales go tits up. Oh wait, did tits offend you? Ok I'll try again. I'd laugh my ass off if and when uhh Potato Heads sales go luscious bouncey beautiful feminine womanly boobs up.

They still make these? Ooo this is really gonna flip out the Republicans! Yay, Hasbro! Give us back Mister Potato Head Libs: 'I'm just here for cis man tears over a plastic toy' Also Libs: 'How dare that fictional character have big breasts!! REEEEEEE 🤬🤬🤬' What about Mrs. Potato head? This implies that their name is Potato Head Potato Head

Hasbro That’s so gender abusive. Has bro? Why not Hasgurlll? Are you fucking kidding me? Is Disney going to have to remake Toy Story? why is this even important? FINALLY!!! Been waiting years for this and they finally came to their senses. They should also get rid of the word “head” because it sounds sexual, but it’s a start!!

chalm3rs_ can imagine this will be your actual reaction Dumb We truly are living on the dumbest timeline.🤦🏽‍♂️ First world problems... adamcarolla, looks like Mrs Potato head is being sent to the cornfield. It was only a matter of time.. This is so Fkd UP!!! FFS! People are losing their shit over this? Did Mr Potato Head ever came with a penis in the box? Was it ever anatomically correct, besides the mustache? Get a life! Find a hobby! Stop losing your shit over a toy! Hasbro can do whatever it wants with it!

at one point gender finna become offensive to feminists He/her But what about Mr. Kaplan? NBCBlacklist I’m so confused He was neutral anyway, unless there were some parts missing from mine 🍆 😳 Being a potato was a patriarchal privilege. What about Mrs. Potato Head ? 🙄 'It's MISTER Potato Head to you!' Was HIS opinion consulted ?

that’s dumb, I must say I have never in my life, heard a news story that I care less about. Dumbest shit ever... That dude in toy story is most certainly not gender neutral The epic meltdown over what a company chooses to do with their own toy is laughable. It's a TOY, you fragile fucks. Mrs. Potato Head is gonna need some serious therapy

Male erasure Wait, wut? Level of stupidity is insane....what happens when you listen to stupid ppl and give them a voice. How does Mrs. PotatoHead feel about this? What about Mrs. Potato head? Are they cutting off his tater tots too? What about Mrs Potato Head? Really.... Thanks for bringing us that hard hitting news!

What about the Mrs? People keep getting more and more unintelligent as the days go on. Oy vey ---- it's a TOY Cool, so it comes with both dick and puss? chooseyourownadventure auspol This is a great move for a toy where all the pieces are stored up its ass potatohead Garbage What a joke. All the people in the comments so mad about potato head 😂

WTF has America come to. Screw this In the UK , a specialist physician is given the title “ Mister” . Following the logical conclusion , guess that has to go as well ?. Insanity prevails . Everything liberals touch they destroy. ...completely disregard his gender in an attempt to appease people who complain about their chosen gender being disregarded?

Stupid and unnecessary. Y, ¿xq no hacerlo transgénero? 🙄 2021 everyone It’s ok, women aren’t asking for your damn help. MR. 🥔 head . 🤣 . . PotatoGate potatohead jaxley7 Who cares? Let's talk about working conditions at Hasbro facilities. Man people are gonna lose their shit over this. Whomever made this decision might just want to see the world burn

But their's a Mrs. Potato head too... so this is so damn stupid. People need to grow the fuck up and stop getting so offended by every little thing. I guess Paper will no longer be white, and GI Joe will just be GI like grow the hell up... Hasbro decapi-potatoed him, how sad 😞 Good lord 🙄🙄🙄 This is so ridiculous. Edit the name of your product if like but keep gender out of it. Whoever Hasbro thought this was necessary is a clown.

IDGAF! So what happens to Mrs. Potato Head? Lol The never ending bs madness I mean he could be whatever you made him but if that's the concern Lol what The crazies on the right always talk about owning the libs but this Potato Head story shows everyone who the snowflake Q-razies really are. First, freedom fries then Nike and now Potato Head 😅😂🤣 QueueTheCrazy

Was there not a Mrs. Potato head? Omg I thought this was a joke hahahaha we truly live in the most privileged time on earth if this sorta stuff is even crossing anyone's radar. What happened to Mrs. Potato head! She was real. Try singing the jingle without the word Mr. it doesn’t work and sounds terrible.

Fucking idiotic move In an unrelated move Hasbro changed their name to Has Been. He had no junk to begin with, so why do we have to make a big deal out of this? What? No newsworthy stories since Trump isn’t here anymore and Hasbro’s sales down? SERIOUSLY? That is BS This is the dumbest thing ever. The naked potatoes without pieces aren’t different. Who cares what you call it? The fact that a large portion of the day has been spent on this by people is absurd.

Embarrassing world we live in. Meh. So they now sell Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head in a single package. Big deal. Well hell, this changes my life! ( Soooo NOT) Maybe Mattel should work on giving Barbie a pecker? This is the most stupidest shit I’ve ever heard in my 15 years of existence. They forceing they’re shit every inch of the world it’s insane. Ffs. Why can’t we all be normal, or at least, at least not force each other shit ever where we go

so sad, they should not even be allowed to be called has-bro anymore just has-person. Ok... so does it come with both Mr. and Mrs. pieces now? Seems like that would be the best way to do this. More value for everyone that way. Huzzah. Hasbro like many companies need to feel their stupidity by losing money!

Potato Head’s family is devastated and needs to go to therapy. Nothing you do will ever remove the iconic imagine of Mr. Potatohead’s potato penis from my memory. Just when you think American liberals can't get any dumber... People need to quit with the trans and non-binary. They are made up words. Take that back

Is Mrs Potato head gender neutral now too? Does this mean they get dropped from the toys franchise? Or will the next character act out la cage aux folles. OH FFFFFFFSSSSS Total idiocy. Nothing wrong with a gender label, including on a toy. Especially when there are 2 genders, biologically and scientifically speaking. wokeidiocy perpetuallyoffended.

Okay but why is this major news... there are ppl of all kinds (trans, men, women) SUFFERING in Lebanon, Syria, Flint Michigan... Gepp22 🤦🏾 What about his giant cock accessory? Still available? But it’s still HasBRO, not woke enough. Patriarchy Not so much... It is time for all of us that live on planet earth to STOP supporting companies that DO cave to the pressures of the (way less than) 10%...we do not all have to do what YOU believe to be right! When will it ever end?

Dumb af Does this mean that disneyplus will be putting offensive content warnings at the beginning of all four Toy Story movies? We can all finally sleep at night I’m still gonna call it Mr Potato head. I refuse to let people who get triggered at the pronouns of a FUCKING TOY to ruin my childhood. Fuck every square inch of that noise.

How about Ms. Potato Head? 'Mr.' doesn't necessarily denote a gender but rather gives this potato a human designation. Simply naming it 'Potato Head' means jack shit. Lettuce has a head. Cauliflower has a head. FFS, we're living in the Age of Idiocy. Good grief. This is A+ type stupidity. He will always be Mr. Potato Head to me.

Friggen offensive glad we are moving in the right direction here Misleading headline Okay, this is a misleading article. The brand is dropping the “Mr”, but Mr & Mrs Potato head are not changing. It just makes sense to have them all under one “Potato Head” brand. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that...this is ridiculous

This is ridiculous. Ah, yes. It's now just a potato. Hasbro really went a step above for this. LOL stupid stupid stupid. please god make it stop Liberals are ruining this country! pwnd again I don’t mind either way but the question that’s been on my mind now is…Why isn’t he allowed to be a boy? What about Mrs. Potato Head? She’s the girl potato. Can’t they just have a baby & call THAT Potato? We really need 2 teach parents about acceptance more than kids anyway!

From a business perspective, will they sell more now or have they cut their sales in half? This world is upside down. What the fk we gonna do about HE MAN Dumb as fuck Seriously!?! Literally no one asked for this? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Pretty sure Toy Story has been referring to the character as 'Potato Head' since the 90s. Life imitating art. 😊

Hi I am a transgender man and I really don't give a fuck about this. I'm unable to afford my medication and even food sometimes I want affordable healthcare, I want to be able to pay my rent. Stop and actually do something meaningful. This doesn't help us. One more company I will actively not be supporting.

Pay close attention to the people who are defending this.... What about ⬇️ Just laughable . What’s next in the politically correct world. ED instead of MR Ed!! How about wonder man instead of Wonder Woman To the life boats! Republican snowflakes are melting!!! Wild! The real atrocity here is that the 'Potato Head' product, regardless of having any or no gender, contains no actual potato and will actually make you really sick if you eat it. Why aren't people talking about this?

Stupid as hell !!!! More lefty inclusive bullshit. This is asinine. 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ve been so worried about this. Glad to see such progress in the World You do realize potatoes have no gender. This reminds a little of when the Black Barbie doll “came out”. Let me repeat what I said then about a toy “Y’all be trippin’”

Over the top 🤦🏽‍♀️smh The real Mr. Tater Head brianstelter will be relieved to hear that. A damn toy got everybody stupid. People dying and starving and we act like a damn toy is the center of the universe. Damn we waste some damn energy! What if they identify as french fries? Did anybody bother asking them what they preferred to be called? Shameful.

Hes Mr potato head in the films so he’ll stay that way. Sick to death of these gender loonies who get offended by the slightest thing, including when i identified as an ashtray and they said “that’s not a gender”....well neither is “ghost” “xvvr1” or “genderbender” Stupid. Plain stupid Why can't they call him Major Potato Head or Dr. Potato. I feel like potato head deserves a title.

Here come the people who haven’t thought about potato head for years that suddenly have opinions The message now is - To be a Mr. or a Mrs. or to be a man or woman, is bad. Refusing to honor a person's gender is every bit as bad as forcing gender norms on someone. Who really cares! 🤷🏻‍♂️ You have got to be kidding me.

There are wars and oppression all over the world and y’all care more about making Mr. Potato Head gender neutral... I’m not going to go so far as to be offended by this, but, really? Is this really worth the effort? Is it really the most important thing? LMAOOOO I CANT 🤣🤣🤣 And what of Mrs Potato head?

Oh my God. This is so stupid. Lol. Instead of cancelling Mr potato head just add a potato head so that it includes all the pronoun warriors out there. Problem solved. I’m still calling it Mr Potato Head tf Crazy Do the Potato Heads still live in Tuberville? I don't think I will support it. Except hasbro denied this ... so?

Ridiculous. Wtf just wtf But what about mrs potato head? What about Mrs Potato Head? None of us think of you as a man either. I thought there was a mister and a missus? What the hell is the problem? Disney gonna have to put that disclaimer on Toy Story And sales will plummet into the Netherworld where all good politically correct garbage eventually goes. DanCrenshawTX GOPChairwoman FoxNews BreitbartNews EpochTimes theMRC seanhannity TuckerCarlson IngrahamAngle GOPLeader LeaderMcConnell

Mrs. Potato Head is gonna be pissed.... How dare they! Why though? Honestly. Why though? lol Do we really need to waste all this energy on the pronouns if a toy lol Lol, dumbasses. Just trying to out radical the next. We've had a good run, but now western civilization is finally over. I guess Judeo-Christian values will be next to fall.

😂😂 Pandering to the woke mob is playing with fire. Now, they will crawl all over everything you’ve done, everything you will do, and find something, ANYTHING, to be outraged over and destroy your business. Nothing is ever enough with these people. It’s the pathology of narcissism. Woke mob strikes again.

Lol Jamesdeel1 🙄🙄 Thankfully I have a Mr. Potatohead still in the box Cowards Buzz gonna be really confused next Toy story. .. Potatoes don't have gender. Lol you're kidding me Ah, Mr Potato Head and Hasbro now have a mental issue. Poor Hasbro Thank goodness the real issues are finally being addressed. Progress!!!!!🙌🙌🙌

The just quit effing selling it!! That is utterly ridiculous!!! Mr. Potato Head is now nothing more than a mashed Potato. Where are all the offended people? Who makes up this stuff? But he still is Mr. in the movies. So let's just all agree that any transitioning happened after he knew Woody & Buzz. What about Mrs.Potato head, how does she feel about this.

boycotthasbro Sounds like a horror movie title I think we can all agree this is long overdue. Thank you for your service If this is the worst thing that happens in 2021, then I think we'll be alright!!🥴 Loonacy. Just remove the spuds- then he’s gender neutral ! Imagine Hasbro trying to come off as Woke. They know shit like this brings in the $$$.

I guess I can patent my Mr. Yam Head now. Hasbro has now changed it name to HasPerson to be more inclusive. 😂 But he has a mustache Hooray my gender dysphoria is.... nope still there. This did nothing Ok, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read all day. NewsGuyGreg Y'all don make a potato gay. First Maths is racists now a vegetable has a sexuality.

So incredibly stupid. Remind me, again, LyinTed, what did you do aside from take your daughters to the beach? You're kidding me, right? I mean, so are we losing his mustache? Because he looks fucking weird without it, just sayin Seem to recall there was a Mrs. Potato Head as well. TheBabylonBee did you author this one?

This is purely to create outrage and deflect from our deep systemic inequalities in wages, civil rights and human rights. What a ridiculous unnecessary thing to do. It’s all for outrage. No one cared wtf it was called. how about dr potato head That’s dumb The people getting angry about a fake entities gender is hilarious. Who cares if it’s male, female, etc.?

There was also a Mrs Potato Head!! That’s exactly fucking equal ! Was this decision spudtaneous? Taking pre orders now... MrPepperHead This is getting ridiculous now. FFS. Now pay Potato Head a living wage ... Collectables, ms tatter? Oh boy, here come the angry Republicans to complain about how PC culture is destroying the world and call everyone snowflakes while blowing their tops over a literal children’s toy. 😂

elainaplott And we will no longer buy what once was Mr Potoato Head🤦‍♀️ What the F is going on here? How many people falsely claiming “cancel culture” ACTUALLY own a potato head? What are the ACTUAL sales on this product? Before the Toy Story series, I hadn’t seen one on the shelves of the Toys R Us since the 1980’s. FakeOutrage GQPDeflection

Oh my fucking god who actually cares The meltdowns over this being a politically correct liberal left thing are cracking me up. It’a a plastic potato. A plastic potato that you can buy parts for to turn it into a girl potato, a boy potato, an elephant, a robot... is this really worth getting your panties in a twist?

Hahaha! This shit is just getting annoying. Why is there a need to do this? Seriously? That’s the best you got? I get it, but now it just sounds like a slur? Yay, go Biden! Cured! Issue, resolved Truly sad. Whoa this is actually nuts 😂🤷🏽‍♂️ What a joke This is what happens when you can’t slap the stupid out of your children. They grow up and start fights that are insane over things we should never be thinking about in the first place. Directly a result of people who just throw fits to get their way because no one can slap them.

None sense... Wtf is this shit Do Mr Potato Head is probably Mrs Potato head but they already had a Mrs Potato head and a baby potato head! GTFOH!!! How Fucking Stupid! Gender neutral is liberal ignorance.... No, , this is false. Mr and Mrs Potato Head are still called Mr and Mrs Potato Head. The toys, characters and accessories haven't changed. The brand name of the toy is now just Potato Head. Your article even makes this clear, so why the misleading tweet?

I BOUGHT THIS FOR MY GRANDSONS A FEW YEARS AGO AND I WILL NOW BURN THE FUCK OUT OF IT! MR-MRS, chick with a dick, homo, gay, straight, white, black or whatever, it is a fucking toy! Hasbro 'GO TO HELL'! I hope your company goes bankrupt...................... Now be sure to do the same with Barbie Ive lost all faith in humanity

That is the stupidest thing ever. He is an object of fun. Just a name for a toy. All because no one will buy the Mrs. Potato Head toy smh Uhhhh so stunning so brave? Hasbro also said today that they are replacing the “Ken” doll of “Barbie fame with “Kendra” Pixar has some explaining to do! .. so did they forget there is both a mr and a mrs potato head meaning both genders how was it not gender nuetral?

Stupid Embarrassing - this world is ridiculous. What's wrong with Mx Potato head😂 This is so fucking stupid! 🤦 He will always be Mister Potato Head to me 🥸❤️ First redskins name than aunt Jemima now potato head? This generation is a joke I give up on faith in humanity Free advertising lol Who the hell was complaining about this?

Stupid! We have to start thinking about all genders. They should keep Mr and Mrs and add The potato Head to the group. I mean there are female born gender that have mustaches that are not trans. What about Ms Potato Head? They concluded that if they continued to refer to it as Mr. Potato Head, they would have to include a plastic penis in the package and frankly that would be a dick move.

Just insane Not once have I ever wanted a Mr Potato Head. Nor a Mrs. I certainly don’t want a gender neutral potato head. I was taught not to play with my food. This headline is bs. Mr and Mrs Potato Head are still a thing, the toy is just called a potato head now, which most people already assumed anyways

Oye Um...what? Why the fuck can’t we have Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head?🙄 What is the point of this😒 Toy Story on the hot seat This is the same shit as JK Rowling, dont change something about a character just to seem 'Progressive' or woke Its a mockery This seems kinda rude & disrespectful. PotatoHead Cringe One step closer to the cure to cancer now

Damn. What about Mrs. Potato Head? auspol Mr Potato head exposed. Dutton refuses to confirm or deny saying it’s a case of “he said, she said”. This is old news. There are several times in the Toy Story anthology when the toy is referred to simply as, Potato Head. Believe me on this one. I should know.

🤦‍♀️ Seems you got this wrong Mr Potato Head will still be Mr Potato Head just as Mrs Potato Head will still be Mrs Potato Head. They are not becoming nonbinary ot gender neutrel. All that is changing is th brand name. This is getting out of hand!!! What in the hell is going on in this country!!!!!! Sooooo glad we got this cleared up

this is false - the line of Potato Heads is being called Potato Head. There is still a Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Print a correction, please. Lol What about Mrs. Potato Head? Why does Mr. Potato Head get all the press coverage, AP?! This is so misleading. The Potato Head line still contains Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. This headline alone is causing an uptick in transphobic and anti-feminist hate. Poor show, .

fisker_whisker This is fake news. It's only the line of toys that is changing its name. The individual Mr Potato Head and Mrs Potato Head will still be called the same thing as always. Can’t there be a gay one and a lesbian one too! 😂 and how come they all appear to be Idaho potatoes? What about red potatoes and russets? Can yams be included? This whole thing is just ridiculous! I mean really?

This helps nobody. It only gives ammo to the Right. Also pushes away independent voters. That’s fine What happens to Mrs. Potato Head...? But what about Mrs potato head? Can you say 'Cash Grab'? I knew you could. Noice So what happens to Mrs potato head now? Used to buy 2 for your kids, now you buy 1 🤷🏻‍♂️

Potato head doesnt want to identify as a vegetable either. Last time I asked him he said he was a fruit and wanted to be recognised as a banana. Well that’s just fucking stupid! mtgreenee RepMTG is not going to like this. Which is awesome!! Isn't there already a Mrs. Potato Head? :) Potatoe head society

? Quick! Hide Mr. Peanut behind the Grape Jam, they'll never look there👀 Does this apply to Mrs Potato Head as well? ABSURD🙄 I mean as a business move it’s brilliant? They capitalize on the outrage machine for marketing, and cut costs since now they can make every potato head set the same instead of specialized Mr/Mrs sets. Then if a kid wants a Mr, they just MAKE it a Mr.

🙄 In related news, the band formerly known as Mr. Mister will now be referred to as . TruthDontLie CAB This is 1 step too far! My kids will never eat potato chips or french fries again!!! I'll never eat yams or loaded dp again!!! I hope you're happy McCainFoodsUSA Fritolay Shouldn’t it be Mx potato head ?

Damn I kinda don't care And here I thought you were referring to Trudeau. Bought one for grandson this summer but didn’t really notice. Guess that’s the whole idea.🙄 I came here for the right-wing nationalist outrage, and I have not been disappointed. FAKE NEWS Magas are going to start stomping on their Potato Heads. Their spouses; kids; parents; kissin’ cousins; fellow cult members...

His momma named him Clay... I'm gonna call him Clay! JarrodU1993 I don't think kids care about the gender of a potato shaped toy. There are probably more important issues to be resolved, but I guess you do you No end to the fcking lunacy. 🤦🏻‍♀️ And just like that, the end of the world is upon us. My favorite one I’ve heard is that Hasbro will also be known as Has going forward! Very PC!

There was literally a mr. and a mrs. this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. If you are gonna pull this at least put all the parts from MR/MRS in the box, oh and stop treating workers like fuckin shit while you are at it.... So what about the rest of the Potato family?🤷‍♂️ Does that mean 'Mr Potatohead' is no longer a trademark?

I was wrong about the syrup and the Swedish Chef NOW human rights just kicked in. NOW it's real. Dear god make this insanity stop. Why? For almost 70 years this was fine. Why is it not ok now? People have lost their minds. Who does this decision help or how will it improve their lives in the future? This is kinda silly tho. Why not make a gender neutral doll? What happens to mrs potato head? So many questions

Thank God. Now little children can grow up and not have to worry if the potato with big lips and weird eyes is a piece of big plastic, or girl plastic. And maybe they can dream to be a potato when they grow up SHAKING MY DAMN POTATO HEAD. Hash Browns would’ve been OK. Oh for FS, get a grip people Lol I always called it potato head lol

Can’t wait for the big one to wipe us out False. And let’s watch the sales numbers dwindle! I still feel like yams are not getting the attention they deserve Fucking stupid Good Christ!! Is nothing sacred JillianHowieXx Oh thank goodness! Now all the problems in America will be resolved See? This is how we become a dictatership

OK, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it always just “Potato Head”? I mean, until you stick all the bullshit into it, isn’t it just a plastic potato with holes? This isn’t news. This is stupid ? When will you remove the “bro” from your name. That is very offensive. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Maybe I’ll call my lawyer and retire early.

God made two potatoes in his image! One man and one woman for life! Why are the liberals indoctrinating my children to the contrary?!? InSpudsWeTrust Do only Mr. Potato Head gets his junk cut off and name changed, Mrs. Potato Head is safe? Seems SEXIST. Ok Why tho Call me closed minded, but I just don’t get the point of this. The toy is literally based off a movie character. There are plenty of gender neutral toys and more being made, why change one that already exists. I don’t think it’s wrong I just don’t get why.

But but.... mr. clean next No! Heads explode over what people call a plastic potato toy they don't actually own... Well then I won’t buy one - this is ridiculous Solving the worlds problems one potato at a time... Oy, don’t let this leak to the GOP. Stop the ride. I want to get off. Oh my. This is the news of the day. What is funny to watch to me is that a person has an opinion on something and then because someone disagrees, the person feels they need to change their original stance. But all opinions don’t matter😂 just certain opinions matter.

Who cares. When was the last time you thought about the potato head toys. If it’s not broke why fk with it Jfc Are you out of your mind? I watched the stream and this was hysterical as it came moments after calling (I think) Transformers, 'toys for little boys'. It felt so disjointed haha i literally dont care, its a fucking potato, why is everyone so mad

This is pretty dumb and unhelpful. It’s just the BOXES. There’s still a Mr. and a Mrs. P.H.! Sheesh. They should have gave them a promotion to Dr. the insanity continues 🙄 Let's not go crazy. This is silly. It is NOT threatening to anyone. At all. I love that this completely benign story is at this moment driving conservatives insane and will be framed as the most dangerous assault on civilization by crybabies who insist they believe their political rivals are the ones who overreact in seeing offenses everywhere.

bullshit, these gay dudes are ruining the world I remember when you used real potatoes. Yep Fake news. But good try for relevancy Hasbro has “bro” in its name. This must be rectified. But still HasBRO! i mean, sure i guess? i don't know who was getting seriously offended by a fictional character being a male, but it doesn't affect me since i don't use toys anymore.

Hold that Tot – your main spud, MR. POTATO HEAD isn’t going anywhere! While it was announced today that the POTATO HEAD brand name & logo are dropping the ‘MR.’ I yam proud to confirm that MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD aren’t going anywhere and will remain MR. & MRS. POTATO HEAD They should just not treat their workers like shit instead

Bunch of losers Are u kidding me smdh Oh please! Just put more microplastics in our bodies baby What about Mrs Potatoe Head? She loved him as he was 🤣🤣🤣 Lsbluegaming omg there's gonna be a total meltdown. People seem to forget we don't really care about the naming, but it's the fact we're tired of the constant virtue signaling of these big companies to please the SJW twitter mob

Mr potato head fans need to grow up and accept mx potato head as the true Lord and savior I think hasbro is just preemptively putting this out there to deflect from the inevitable MeToo that MrPotatoHead has coming from Barbie. You can suck my Mr. potato head!! This shit is getn crazier by the frkn day...

Well if you think about Mr. Potato Head was only one or two pieces away from being called Mrs Potato Head. Well, now I feel better about the fact that the potato never wore pants. Thank you for reassuring us that potatoes sexually reproduce via the usual flowering mechanisms, and not via human-style intercourse on the part of their tuberous growths.

GENDER NEUTRAL IS MY EGG! SUCK MY DICK! MOTHERFUCKERS! Oh boy, this is about to trigger some snowflakes. Buckle up. I knew Mrs Potato head was actually a trans dude Who the fuck even buys a mr potato head these days? Hello 1950 called they wanted their toy back What about Mrs. Potato Head? You sure about that?

People need to grow up All run out and buy one before this ridiculous change as they jump on the bandwagon of political correctness, so we can show the next generation how life used to be, otherwise they'll never bloody believe us Hasbro ?...:..:Has been Hasbro: Gender neutral Meat Heads Woody and Jessie gonna switch genitals next ?

So stupid. I’m fine with everyone doing what makes them happy, but why try so hard to abolish straight culture when you could’ve just made a trans or gay version of potato head or doll. Create your own culture and quit whining about mine. go back to using a potato instead of that holo plastic monstrosity

wtf, just leave it as mr potato head, that toy is a classic... make a new toy that's gender neutral if you want to play that angle... talk about pandering. Good Luck Fake news, fortunately The individual toys will still be Mr. and Mrs., respectively. They're just introducing the 'Potato Head' brand to include all Potato Head toys.

Biden is the new MrPotatoHead this has to stop. ridiculous. Apague y vámonos Will he/she/it still have the little bowler hat? Who cares This is so gahd damn stupid 🤦🏾‍♂️ So stupid! There is/was also a Mrs. Potato Head also.fghjfdjkjhfdeghuffyyr G fchjjvcfghfxjutshyfvghjbfhgfhjn!!!!!!!!! MAGA Twitter: It’s a potato shaped toy. It’s not a man or a woman, but whatever accessories you put on it. FYI potatoes or neither male nor female either.

Bruh Wtf Hasbro pussies And kids will still forever know him as MR. potato head thanks to toy story. 🙄 This is far beyond ridiculous. Ok. JonathanRooke2 Why is it ok to just delete men from society like this? Absolute bullshit. Just bring out a new non binary character ffs. Changing what’s already out there is ridiculous...and btw, the “Mr Men” are proper fucked!

Just why I want my potato head with a great big hog or my child ain’t getting one ! Fucking pathetic What will happen to Mr. Children? Guess what. Still calling him Mr Potato Head lol. I’m trans and I could give a fuck less if that potato has a dick or not Why are they doing this, this is completely fucked up?

🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 This world has gone crazy! I will always call them MR. and MRS. Potato head! I'll call him whatever I want. Fuck off, Hasbro Gonna tell my kids it's MR. Potato Head Absolutely ridiculous Who cares if its a mr or ms its a toy potato not a person False I’m excuse you, it’s Potatuh Head.

Did anyone ask for this? The concept of Male and Female is slowly being eradicated under our noses. Dear see this What about Misses potato head Absolutely stupid. We’re talking about a toy here. Not to mention Mr. Potato Head DOES have a wife! Someone just had to bring this up. I’ll bet you The Muppets are next.

Excited for Toy Story 5 to provide the clarification necessary to this important issue Are you shitting me? Fucking mongs Here for the comments... don’t let me down Twitter 😂 Just STOP it already. Make a ms. Potato head This is f'n insane Dumb joe biden is the original potato head Time to stop buying. But there’s a mr and Mrs potato head

What about Mrs’s? I'm seeing people complaining about conservatives more than people complaining about this change I can't wait to go get my Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head after work for my kids today. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 MR. POTATO HEAD FOREVER. I would have been more impressed if Hasbro would have put more effort into MrPotatoHead name. potatohead is obviously used to give this new character a fresh start. Maybe Solanum Tuberosum which is just as catchy (Not)

Something about the toy that’s a blank slate until you put long eyelashes and earrings on it to make it a “girl” or a mustache to make it a “boy” strikes me as a bad hill to die on for transphobes? Imagine caring about this Metal disease! Welcome to the circus! What’s gonna happen to Mrs Potato Head? Is she out of work now? Shocking.

I will feel much better when Hasbro removes the BRO from their name 🤨🤨🤨 Nobody told me?!?! Am I getting the snip So we had Pac Man. Then Ms Pac Man. Why not pac woman?. Is ms pac Man a man or woman? Why don't they make a Yam versus a White Potato? Also, why not a Sweet Potato? But there was a Mrs Potato Head too. ❤️

It’s a fucking potato In related news, Hasbro has announced it will henceforth be known as Haspal MrPotatoHead is getting the Washington Football Team treatment 😆 Yes. Also, misters (as in those things that shoot water) will now be known as 'those things that shoot water.' Mr. & Mrs. anything will now be known as 'those people.' Mysteries will now be known as 'those scary thingys.'

Melanie Martinez right now: At a loss of words at this point Didn’t they cover both genders already? Mr and Mrs. 🤷🏽‍♂️ What will they do to Mrs Potato Head? My son has been calling it Sweet Potato Head since forever. I like his marketing better. Transphobia solved. Democrafts 1, republicans 0 😎 Why does a toy have to be gender neutral? Im sorry I just don’t understand. Are we all gender neutral now? Well I’m a proud I’m a woman. Im proud of my sex based identity and my shared experience with the sisterhood. And I value my sex based protections and rights.

What about Mrs potato head you just gonna leave her hanging This will never affect me, but the fact they felt pressured to do this is sort of a canary in the coal mine for free speech, isn't it? Somebody actually got offended by “Mr.” Potato Head? I guess it’s not really surprising. This is kind of funny because these comments show how different people look at the world. (It’s just a potato so it can be anything they want) vs (mr potato head is a fully fleshed out character that exists as mr potato head and can’t be changed).

It’s for the best! Thank god! We really needed this! 😂 huh pretty cool, why? Os mrs potatohead no longer a mrs? Hahahah I’m sure those nimrods on the right will pissed as hell. They will, conveniently, try to cancel Hasbro and scream about liberals and “cancel culture.” Just today, those idiots were trying to cancel transgender peeps. Cancelling people!!!! That was something.

Idiocracy. Are we that messed up. Will we have a Barbie who’s really a guy.....sick What about Mrs. potato head? Time these woke idiots got a burst mouth. This is going too far now. Face it, your chromosomes determine your sex, youre born a boy you die a boy no matter how you rebuild your body What's happening to Mrs Potato Head?

So will Hasbro change. I mean bro! Indicates Brother. So should it be HasSibling? I more hope Hasbro will make itself Hasbeen. We are laughing at you. If this is true shouldn’t it be It Biden or They Biden instead of Mr President? What about his mustache attachment? 🤦‍♂️ Wow. FFS Technically nothing's changed all that much. Since toys are meant for kids to use their imaginations with, Potato Head can be either Mr. or Mrs. depending on the roleplay.

Go woke, go broke. What about Mrs potato head they can still have a mr and Mrs and a gendernutral one stop taking people's choices away I think I hear “cuntservative” heads exploding, and it’s glorious. Fucking snowflakes what about mrs potato head Why? Who decided this needed to happen?! 'I sure do wish there was more political pandering lgbtqiapp+almnop2xyz gender inclusion in MY POTATO TOY! If I don't see myself in a POTATO TOY, I feel invalid as a person.'

It’s a FUCKING TOY for crap sake Oh, that's important. Fucking blockheads. Translation: Hasbro creates woke storyline to convert non-performing inventory into collector's items. This decision by a private toy company will really piss off the people who want government to leave private businesses alone. I wonder what crazy GOP congressperson is going to have the dumbest, bigoted argument?

But wait hold on a second. There is a Mr Potato Head and Mrs Potato Head. What’s wrong with that? Fuck Hasbro , you can fully leave Rhode Island now. Ginas gone, you can leave too. this is harmful towards potatoes. ban hasbeen i mean Hasbro Boy oh boy this is really getting out of hand ! georgerothwell9 Snowflakes..

I'm confused; will it come with male or female accessories, or is it still wrong to gender accessories like mustaches and purses? How will they fit all of the possible spectrum of identities into a single potato shaped vessel? Just a matter of time before married women want the “Mr’s’” taken off when referring to them bc it’s gender something something

For some reason Potato head is some how worse. It seems like a slur. But wasn’t there a Mr. and Mrs. potato head? I can no longer tell the difference between parody and real life. Another company having havoc wreaked by its ‘woke’ PR dept. Oh my fucking All the snowflakes come in with “oh no the gender thing has gone overboard”, and I’m over here thinking “now that boy and girl parts come in one unit the cost is going up, so this is a money grab”. Brains, snowflakes.

Who asked for this? Seriously who? So far the entire comment chain is weird-asses making fun of Conservatives for getting triggered at this, and not a single Conservative triggered at this Nah I'm sorry wtf is this for? And what about mrs potato head? 🤡🤡🤡 Makes sense. And it’s a potato. This is just dumb.

No more gay Mr. Potatoe head erotica😔😔 very soon the internet will be flooded with videos of conservatives buying Mr Potato Heads and smashing them into pieces while insisting how very not mad they are over this. Literally all this does is fuel bigotry. Nobody asked for this, it doesn't help or normalise non-binary people. It's an attempt at free marketing at the expense of vulnerable groups who are now gonna hear a bunch of shit about how they're ruining culture

bariweiss WTF?! Seriously The ones who keep coming up with this shit are the potatoe heads. Wow so progressive. So many problems solved, IM SO HAPPY THIS WAS DONE. You know i was just thinking the other day 'why can't mr potato head be gender neutral?' I finally got my wish. Thanks Hasbro. Cant wait for Disney to attach a warning label to Toy Story now

Good thing because the kids have been confused for the last 70 years about it I had no idea my own personal worldview was so reliant on Mr Potatohead having a static gender, but now......? iansaunderson This is so stupid😂. There is one for both genders what’s the purpose of this. It’s a TOY! I love Mr. Potato Head he’s a riot

Perhaps we can petition Disney to have him removed from Toy Story. His Mrs can go as well! God what world is my kid gonna grow up in? also what about dildos and fleshlights shouldn't they be gender neutral ? It’s still mr Botado hed to me This cannot be real lol “Potato Head” sounds like something from a creepypasta written by a 10 year old.

So which washroom will it use? How will it make little spuds? Celebrating perversion and mental health struggle won’t get you sales. You could just make a 'Potato Head', keeping both Mr and Mrs tbh At 1st glance this looks like the ultimate in retarded wokeness, but its actually all about $. With diminishing product sales streamlining the product line and labeling in under 'modern times', cuts on manufacturing costs and gets a shit load of free advertising. It's all good...

Ridiculous. I'll always call him Mr. So Brave! Thank you, Big Plastic! Ridiculous !!!😡 This is gross. this is so fucking stupid Next thing, HasBro will change their name to HasSibling I'm going to miss Toy Story though Thank god Yeah. Next: Hasbro is now Hasperson 🙄 Oh what the fuck! hasbro has yet to comment on a non-binary barbie or G.I. Joe. it's gettin outta hand, yall.

atxhobogrl Has anyone gotten Mrs. Potato head's opinion on this We’re still gonna call him mr potato head and his wife, mrs potato head. good I'm waiting for the trumpists to be like 'there are only 2 potato genders!' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Some of their best work:

We are in a new dimension So what happens to “mrs” Potato head? What’s the end goal? Mình xin lỗi mình không tìm bạn hơi lớn tuổi hay quá nhỏ tuổi, những bạn Mập và giống con gái. Let me off this planet. IT IS A FUCKING POTATO Pathetic ... lmao yall are the reason people keep saying the lgbt is pushing their “agenda” on people like wth😭😭

Thank fuck!! OMG I'm so relieved. No. I'm not. Nevermind. cornering the marriage market of Mrs. PotatioHead into non-binary So they made a useless toy gender-neutral. Why? Who honestly gives a shit about this? SO FUCKING STUPID Hasbro Classic 2020/2021 content. ffs i’m so glad my kids are past that stage - we had a MR AND MRS as my girl didnt’t want the same one as her brother as it was “boys” i’ve clearly scarred my kids for life as my daughter had a PINK till set & my son lots of cars & trucks 🙄

Is he losing his moustache and changing his clothes colours and how about change his skin colours whilst you are at it 🙄🤦🏻 Get a fucking grip Ffs What about Mrs. Potato Head? 🤔 Hasbro it's a fucking toy!! But wasn’t there also a Mrs. Potato Head? WTF idc much about this but i do care about all the blue checkmark conservatives who are losing their shit over it cause it is funny

Wtf So does it still come with a little plastic dick or no? Why the hell do that There was a Mr and Mrs Potato Head! Holbornlolz What about Mrs Potato Head? I’m a billionaire trapped in a poor man’s body. I’ve always felt like I should have a billion dollars at my disposal so I better get what I want because I say it’s so. If not I’ll throw a fit and cancel every last one of you. Do not argue this. I have SPOKEN!

I’m old enough to remember when it was introduced I got a bunch of plastic parts and had to provide my own real potato. I don’t remember any plastic genitalia. Conservatives: KIDS ARE WAY TOO YOUNG TO BE LEARNING ABOUT SEX AND GENDER Also Conservatives: THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL END IF THAT TOY POTATO FOR KIDS ISNT OVERTLY SUGGESTED TO HAVE A PENIS

Correct Headline: Company that produces two products, Mr. Potato Head and Mrs. Potato Head which are literally the same product with a few different parts, decide to just make one product and put all the parts in that box, probably to save cost. Oh the horror. JasonLaCanfora How about Mrs. Potato Head? Is she a widow now? She’ll never be able to find another Mr. Potato Head because they’re only “Neutral Potatoes” now? Sad for her, dumb overall.

Suck it conservatives hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Like kids weren't already mixing & matching Mr & Mrs PH's parts anyway...lol. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 no wonder Middle East is laughing at you again. I'd accuse the company of having the offensive 'bro' instead of 'sib' in their name, but I'm afraid someone would take me seriously.

All problems are now solved. Surely the gender of potato heads were at the bottom of out list. Wasn’t there a mrs potato head? I assume she’s out also Government still steals from me and murders hundreds of thousands, but at least Woketato Head gets it. Great news, this pronoun has played the hasbro brand for years. Hope the same goes for Mrs Potato Head. Disgrace!

Clown World LMAO i get this is kind of weird but who the fuck is buying a mr potato head toy anyway to even care Bruh this is so retarded Cancer culture strikes again 🤦🏾‍♂️ Nouns fre/nch/fries The world has officially lost it.. There’s going to be a potato famine 🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠🍠 Did anyone ask for this? Y’all never heard of Mrs. Potato Head?

This is so unnecessary asf 'Equally, please' 'You got it! No more gendered potato toys.' 🤷‍♀️ It’s potato ma’am! The beta left has a new golden calf, and its a fucking potato. George Floyd turning in his grave. IT IS A POTATO TOY AND SHOULD NOT PISS OF ANYONE. If you’re being a baby about this, it says more about you.

wtf. Mr and Mrs is the whole point WTH? So confused at all the transphobes angry at this decision. Potato head does not come equipped with a penis, therefore by their logic shouldn’t it be impossible for them to be a man? Before the only evidence we had that potato head was a man was self-identification

Just make it stop. Actually, did anyone aske what he identified as, before it was taken away? MrPotatoGate It’s about cutting costs seems pretty simple to me. Potato heads are not exactly flying off the shelves these days are they? I'm starting Gofundme to create a conservative alternative to this nonsense: Tommy Tuberskull.

His mama named him Mr. Potato head, imma call him Mr. Potato head LMAO!! The meteor is coming. Has to be People in this thread are seriously pressed about the marketed gender of an anthropomorphic vegetable 😂 And cue the freak out in 3, 2, 1... They should just call it Joe Biden Cue the far left/right wing nut jobs: time to go bananas!

🤦🏻‍♂️ Anyone asked mrs potato head what she thinks? Is she also going to lose her title? Holy shit, it’s a fucking potato. So there’s no limit to the insanity ? MrPotatoHead Mrs. Potato head could not be reached for comment. My gosh. Why has society became so idiotic. They have a mr and Mrs potato head. If you don’t want the mr get the Mrs. geezle Pete’s people

Really? Hasbro has too much time on their hands to come up with nonsense like this. Sigh. What does Mrs. Potato-head have to say about this? Idiocracy. hutchinson It didn’t need to be news, but that’s pretty cool. I was the kid who had a Mr. and Mrs. and always wondered why I needed two potatoes to do the same thing.

Getting rid of Mrs. Potato Head is sexist. Of course. ridiculous Morons gonna moron. Does the mustache still come with it? It sounds to me like HASBRO is going to save a ton of money by not manufacturing separate Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head toys and just selling everything as Potato Head. Those whom the Gods wish to destroy....

The potato head toy has always been kind of gender fluid. Seems unnecessary. They missed a golden opportunity. Why not keep Mr. Potato head- just add a Mrs, Ms and Baby Potato Head? Not today!😂 What are Potato Head's pronouns? Lunacy GTFOH WOW First World problems. CancelCulture strikes again... Here for the comments

Huh? this feels like aunt jemima vol. 2