A Major Milestone for the James Webb Space Telescope on This Week @NASA – January 14, 2022

A major milestone for the James Webb Space Telescope, what astronomers could learn from a “mini” monster black hole, and the latest assessment of our planet’...

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1/15/2022 1:30:00 AM

This week: 🔭 Completed a major milestone for NASAWebb 🔍 Big clues from a “mini” monster black hole 🌡️ Earth gets a temperature check Watch to get the details on these updates and more space news:

A major milestone for the James Webb Space Telescope, what astronomers could learn from a “mini” monster black hole, and the latest assessment of our planet’...

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Webb Let people see photos that will be taken by this telescope, dont hide them like you did with Hubble! 😏 Webb Hello, I need help. I set my wallet for this address so that anyone who wants to help me can TUEBw663ZUAPPPARBuq44rBN6LwFre496V

James Webb Space Telescope has finished unfolding its massive mirrorThe space telescope has successfully completed a series of crucial steps to achieve full deployment, and will now continue to its final destination 1.5 million kilometres away from Earth

Webb 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Webb Why has A6 not moved yet? Webb Webb Astronomers have no clue whats in the atmosphere of Venus. But with James Webb, they'll tell ya exactly what's in the atmosphere...300 million light years away. Undeniably fishy. jameswebbspacetelescope astronomy Webb Soo… is earth sick or no? Webb

Webb Intresting news. I wish Zimbabwe could be aware of this James Webb Telescope. Webb I just want to express my gratitude to each person who has dedicated and sacrificed so much to making this happen. I don’t think most people understand the significance of your work. Thank you. Webb Hopefully web will discover something new for science 📡

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What will the James Webb Space Telescope look at first?As the James Webb Space Telescope begins the lengthy process of aligning its 18 primary mirror segments, astronomers wonder: What will the huge observatory look at first? black hole to its singularity Big Bang's first shit😉😉😉 Webb should aim it at a few things like: Zeta Reticuli, Keppler22b, and Proxima Centauri.

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Webb Space Telescope makes history after tense launchOn this week's Nature Podcast: Webb Space Telescope makes history after tense launch

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Webb Space Telescope makes history after tense launchOn this week's Nature Podcast: Webb Space Telescope makes history after tense launch

Webb This is huge! Webb I Siriusly hope it sees a dysentery sphere. Webb Ok.Nech to všetko klape ako má. Webb Some relief to my curiosity for Black holes 😍 Webb I need some American people, they know how to work online, I will pay them, can you help me. Please inbox me Webb Ay bugün dünyaya çok yakın ve kızıl. Neredeyse kraterleri görecem. Daha önce supey ay görmüştüm fakat bu başka.

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Webb When do we see some pictures Webb «Το καλό με την επιστήμη είναι ότι είναι αλήθεια είτε πιστεύεις είτε όχι σε αυτήν. – Νιλ ντ ξ Γκράς Τάισον Webb Cám ơn các bạn…! Webb I keep on thinking when I see all these fantastic tweets from NASA, and don’t get me wrong people do great jobs, ….is there really not one engineer that thinks, should we not work and come out with our anti gravity and counter gravity propulsion engines? It’s time for disclosure

Webb Thank you for all your hard work for pushing humanity's knowledge forward. Stay Inspired & Much Love! ♥️👍 Webb It amazes me how far you all have come and gone and are still going, thank you Nasa, God Speed, toward understanding more of the great unknown 💪 🧠 ♥ Webb What are the chances that the standard model survives Webb?

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