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A jump in oil prices is creating trading opportunities in these investments

Historically, disruptions like this cause big price swings that eventually reverse themselves.


A jump in oil prices is creating trading opportunities in these investments, according to TheAroraReport

Historically, disruptions like this cause big price swings that eventually reverse themselves.

• Oil has, as of this writing, broken above the trendline.

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• Other countries also have oil reserves that may be used to cushion a price rise.

• It is relatively easy to increase production of oil in the United States.

Concerns The situation should calm down without much of an impact on investors, unless scenarios similar to the following occur:

• Iran attempts and succeeds in closing the Strait of Hormuz. The Strait of Hormuz is a choke point in oil shipments.

• Regarding oil equities, ETFs XLE, +3.36%, XOP, +10.80% and OIH, +8.59% are of interest.

• Of significant interest are oil-service stocks such as Halliburton HAL, +10.95% and Schlumberger SLB, +5.30%.

• Refiners such as Valero Energy VLO, -3.67% may benefit.

Historically, such incidents tend to de-escalate and early moves in stocks and ETFs reverse in due course. This represents mostly trading opportunities and not necessarily long-term investing opportunities.

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Asia set to trade lower after oil prices jump 14%West Texas Intermediate futures as well as international benchmark Brent both gained more than 14% in the overnight session.

Saudi Aramco attacks: What we know so farAn attack on Saudi Arabia that triggered the biggest jump in oil prices in almos... saudia stop killing muslims in yemen and syria. all muslim countries support iran and against terrorist saudia

Oil prices jump as attack on Saudi plant threatens supplyOIL PRICES: The loss of 5% of world crude oil output from an attack on Saudi Arabia's largest oil processing plant pushed crude prices sharply higher on Monday. It's all just a little bit of history repeating. I am sure when I got get gas this afternoon it will be up .30 cents already...just because of speculation. Never came down when they said it was down? Our mission at is to build the social media platform that ends fake news

Evidence points to Iran weapons used in Saudi strike, says alliance, as oil jumpsFollowing an attack on Saudi Arabia that shut 5% of global crude output and triggered the biggest surge in oil prices since 1991, U.S. energy secretary says oil market robust 'despite Iran's malign efforts.' More: freddiethekat That is a nice car. freddiethekat Aw Shucks... Is That what This 'attack BS' is about? Raising the price of gasoline worldwide?

Evidence points to Iranian hand in oil attack, says Saudi alliance, as prices soar'Despite Iran's malign efforts we are very confident that the market is resilient and will respond positively,' said Energy Secretary Perry following an attack on Saudi Arabia that triggered the biggest surge in oil prices since 1991. Follow the updates: “Despite mossads’ and the cias efforts...” WagTheDog Perry Throwing a glance at what happens in the Middle East shines more light on, the region has No room for the wearing-diaper American terrorists. Sooner or later all of them will have to sneak away& leave the floor to Iran.

Australia stocks set to trade little changed; oil prices spike 13% after attacks on Saudi oil productionInvestors will watch for market reaction in shares of oil companies across the region on Monday, following a surge in crude prices after drone attacks hit Saudi oil supply. A spike just in time for the IPO ... how convenient. Just the beginning. $100 oil coming. Billions to be made in this IPO.

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