Tech, A Fourth-Grader Walked To School To Use İts Wifi Because He Didn't Have İnternet At Home - Cnn

Tech, A Fourth-Grader Walked To School To Use İts Wifi Because He Didn't Have İnternet At Home - Cnn

A fourth-grader walked to school to use its WiFi because he didn't have internet at home

A fourth grader in Roswell, New Mexico, has been walking to his elementary school to do his classwork over the building's WiFi because he didn't have internet access at home.

10/24/2020 12:00:00 PM

A fourth-grader in Roswell, New Mexico, walked to his shuttered elementary school to do his classwork over the building's WiFi because he didn't have internet access at home.

A fourth grader in Roswell, New Mexico, has been walking to his elementary school to do his classwork over the building's WiFi because he didn't have internet access at home.

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Open the damn doors You go hombre' CarolAlmero1 This is WHY internet need to be regulated as a public utility. It's needed for several purposes in modern society. Like electricity and indoor plumbing. We are better than this!! Oh well maybe her parents need to get a job and the internet assholes I take my kids to a culvers parking lot to use their WiFi for school.

Then STOP making a show out of COVID-19 just to remove the POTUS that the majority have chosen and OPEN UP THE SCHOOLS. Herbsistah These schools need to offer support of internet services for these kids that don't have that access at home. Heartbreaking Yeah...all major carriers offer FREE internet to financially challenged families. Seems a lack of parenting here.

Shows how dedicated a poor kid has to be. I hope he succeeds greatly in life! Trumps America or Joe Biden’s dealing with covid to get back to normal ? VoteBidenHarrisToSaveAmerica Anyone else see anything larger than the obvious....this kid has grit leadbyexample kids 'You all just got a lot richer,' realDonaldTrump 2017 Americans are voting on what kind of country they want and when the election is over everyone will know what kind of country Americans want.

A lot of people are doing this. Have been. Comcast has a program where they provide internet for low income families for $10/ month. We have rovers on Mars, there is 4G on the Moon, and Bezos and Musk can't wait to bail Earth. And this kid has 'access' and 'opportunities' by all liberal and conservative measures.

This is a prime example why we cannot have our radical democratic leadership continue to close down schools and keep them closed. Kids need to be in school, learn, engage with others. We have other worries, illnesses, threats to worry about as a nation. 99% survival rate. Then cnn can buy their some wifi and BTW how the fuck do you know if that kids wants 'he' as a pronoun. MICROtrangress much?

It's the total failure of the Department of Education in not ensuring that every student has all the tools available for learning. The school district knew on advance about school closures and yet did not set aside money for resources needed. Call Betsy!! Open schools then. Shutdowns will have a terrible after effect.

Awesome he should be at school! 47 years in office Joe never got national WIFi for the country ? If school is being deemed mandatory for children during a pandemic, then I think it should their responsibility to insure all children have access to the tools to complete the work. Winter is going to look extremely different for this little boy.

You think the administration would’ve had plans to help Americans through this pandemic.😏 Just another Trump failure! realDonaldTrump 💔 So, how do children who live in shelters or those who are homeless get their to do virtual classes? Don't have children if YOU cannot afford to raise them YOURSELF! Just one of many things Americans are supposed to have living in the most powerful country in the world right? Smh 🤦🏿‍♂️

Ok, CNN, you make billions of dollars in bad journalism. How are you de eloping a financial plan to improve the conditions of less privilege Americans? Talk is easy, do something about it!! 😢 Let me guess it’s Trumps fault.... morgfair This is almost as bad as the kids that we're using taco bell WiFi for their school work. There's whole countries wired for free WiFi but we can't even provide it for our children during a pandemic so they can keep learning. One more way to deny the poor education & opportunity

We're no strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A full commitment's what I'm thinking of You wouldn't get this from any other guy I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling Gotta make you understand Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around Internet access should be an utility!

Kids need to be in school. That kid is gonna be a good leader someday. Question: the principal and teachers saw him sitting outside the building to use the WiFi & none of them thought to let him in the building, maybe like to sit in an empty classroom? 🤔 The internet should be a public utility and provided as a right

Good job, kid. Way to be productive!! Thank the liberals. Maybe they should open the school Government can give rich people billions in tax breaks but can't make sure school children have WiFi to do their school work. Typical of why America is screwed up. Why other countries are moving ahead of US. Gov lost the reason US was started. 'We the people' is the first words.

That kid will go places and be prosperous, he has what it takes!!!! Someday he will say “ when I was a kid I had walk all the way to school to get Internet access”!! Hear yourself now!! Open the schools!!! So what? What is the tragedy here? That he walked? Or that he didn't have wifi? None of this is necessary.

VOTE Too bad Trump does not have a national plan or a national mask mandate. If everyone wore masks we could open more schools. But nope we can a president who could care less about the health and safety of Americans. Roswell should be handing out mobile hotspots. Thats what my city did. Maybe some rich person or corporation could do it for them.

Unbelievable and this is the wealthiest country on the Planet, so they say? Come USA we can do better than that. Richest people in the US, help do something about this, education is the key to a better future. Poor poppas😣 I hate to read stuff like this man. But I commend these brave babies for having an 'against all odds' tenacity!

PattyArquette Internet should be free That is so sad. Lack of internet isn’t always about the inability to pay. In my area, high-speed internet is not even available. My high school student drives to a nearby Starbucks and sits in the parking lot to Zoom her classes. The benefits of public education contributed to advancing society more than anyone could imagine. It’s time for free public internet.

In 4 years we are going to have the most uneducated class of seniors in US history. Open up the schools To be really honest, many rural communities lack high speed internet service that is affordable. Let the kid inside. WTF. Someone get him access at home Poor baby PattyArquette Uhm... I have to do this myself in every day life at times due to poor rural connection. They belong in school! 10th full week in the books for my school. 0 Covid cases! What’s the story here?!

You mean you didn't know about what's happening in Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬right away from the first day And you people are not trending out the news why please. therealBAMFHBIC Seems this pandemic is revealing a lot of inadequacies in long neglected American infrastructure. It’s 2020, the internet should be accessible and reliable for all. Meanwhile South Korea is busy rolling out 10Gbps to 50% of the population by 2020.

Ok. At least he was smart enough to find free wifi & he got some exercise in the process. Good job. Does he have his dad at home? This is not some SCAM....Barely making...Do you think you can live seven months without your paycheck or hair done...I need help I'm begging strangers for help..My cash a pp is $Dynamic274 if you can give a penny dollar something I'll be thankful...Struggling woman here..Ty..

first world problems -in many parts of Africa they walk 5 miles just to get water Wonderful. I pray Biden wins so we can see stories like this forever. PattyArquette I live in Roswell. Our schools can’t open because community spread is too high here, because the majority of people here still don’t believe that the virus is real. 🙄🙄

Surprised this even made news. It's the norm where I come from PattyArquette Good for him! Damm shame yet MF post how much money they have BECAUSE THE UNION SAID NO, WE WONT GO BACK UNTIL YOU MEET OUR DEMANDS, BTW THEY HAVE LITTLE TO DO WITH TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN You go kid! The school has free WiFi?! Am I the only one impressed by that?

Heart breaking... It is expensive over here So fuck That kid will succeed in anything he puts his mind to...that’s a habit of a champ! Get it done...don’t feel sorry for yourself. Go over or around obstacles. Don’t ever think you’re not good enough. Google 'Tony Bobulinski' Trumps great america. Bigly wealht for everybody.

Heartbreaking! But this kid will be a leader. Ummm. This happens all over the Country. Open schools. Problem solved This is how low we are become to. We are all guilty. Because we all of us, let it come so far. Because of our stupiditys, there is nothing els to say then. SHAME ON US. 😔😔😔 JoeBiden KamalaHarris 🤔

Great kid, America’s future! .... not everything can be fixed once..... judge someone after his term of office Better thier shcool has wifi, in Kenya, even the class rooms are not there Pretty sad to see TRUMP because the teachers union in his district said no you cant go back to school until we defund the police or some other such nonsense

you enabled this cnn hope this helps Open the damn schools. get a 5G phone, little man! Someone link the gofundme. I'll drop a fat donation in there 😇😢 I wonder what trump was doing in this age 🤔 Trump is going to beat Biden because Trump has boundless energy and Biden is lazy. Trump campaigns his butt off while Biden sits on his butt in his basement.

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