A Brand New Environmental Satellite Rides to the Rescue

6/5/2022 5:00:00 PM

GOES-18 remains on track to replace its ailing sibling and is already returning stunning images of Earth.

GOES-18 remains on track to replace its ailing sibling and is already returning stunning images of Earth. Check some out for yourself.

GOES-18 remains on track to replace its ailing sibling and is already returning stunning images of Earth.

to the public recently, and they provide confidence that the satellite will provide us with stunning views of our planet — and valuable information about its functioning — for years to come, day and night.isolating with kids , you might be feeling a little out of practice with your summer essentials shopping.Gaslit.©2022 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

This animation of images collected over the Upper Midwest demonstrates the point well: The animation combines data from the visible and infrared portions of the electromagnetic spectrum (known as "sandwich" imagery) to show severe weather over Minnesota and Wisconsin early on May 11, 2022.Here's another view of the same weather system: This time, the weather system is seen in the visible end of the spectrum only — no sandwich with infrared data.Here are some of our favourite summer sandals for kids, perfect for a sunny day at the beach or the park.(The view is in what's known as the.When the Nixon White House tapes were unearthed, we learned the president’s secretary, Rose Mary Woods, had inadvertently (we think) erased some 18 ½ minutes of a recording made on June 20, 1972.) The high resolution "mesoscale" imagery, collected every minute, shows details in the structures of the roiling clouds as small as about.Teva Universal Child.5 kilometers across — from 22,236 miles away! Multiple Ways of Monitoring the Planet GOES-18, launched on March 1, is NOAA’s newest geostationary satellite.

Its Advanced Baseline Imager, or ABI, views Earth with sixteen different channels.“Bob” Haldeman (Jon Cryer) discussing the looming Watergate scandal while actually listening to portions of the supposedly erased 18 ½ minutes.Each one to provide cutting edge environmental information.Two channels collect data in the visible end of the spectrum.Four are in the near-infrared, and 10 in the infrared., in 1974, Connie doesn’t dare take her findings to her superiors; instead, she contacts New York Times reporter Paul Marrow (John Magaro) and they arrange for a clandestine meeting.GOES-18 full disk GeoColor image from May 5, 2022.

(Credit: NOAA) The view above, showing the full disk of the Western Hemisphere of Earth, was acquired by GOES-18 on May 5, 2022.It combines data from multiple ABI channels to create an image that approximates what the human eye would see from space — a result known as GeoColor.Rated PG-13 (for some strong violence, language, and suggestive material).GOES-18 is continuing to undergo post-launch testing to prepare it for operations.In late summer, it's scheduled to start assisting GOES-17 in keeping an eye on things from a perch above the Pacific.This is known as the GOES-West position.Time for some plot complications! Posing as a married couple to throw off anyone on their trail (paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep, as Stephen Stills once sang), Connie and Paul check into the remote and vaguely ominous Silver Sand Motel.

(The GOES-16 satellite monitors the Western Hemisphere from a more eastern perspective, over South America.) Finally, if all continues to go well, GOES-18 will take over from its ailing sibling in early 2023..The Silver Sand Motel might as well be the Nixon White House for all the subterfuge and agenda-based machinations.

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