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7 Easy Ways to Camouflage Your Grown-Out Roots

We asked the pros how you can hide your grown-out roots right at home — no dye required.

5/24/2020 12:04:00 AM

Here's some expert advice for how you can hide your grown-out roots without using any dye.

We asked the pros how you can hide your grown-out roots right at home — no dye required.

adds another clever idea: "If it’s not grays you’re hiding, wearing a variation of braids can weave your hair colors together to camouflage the harsh line as your roots grow out. This is also a great solution to grow out a cut or hide bangs."

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Turn to products for a quick fixIf you'd rather leave your hair the way it is and just cover up your roots temporarily, there are products just for that. "is one of the safest ways to cover those stubborn gray roots," says Sturdivant-Drew. It's also an

AllureBest of Beauty winner. "It’s great to use when you can’t get to the salon and easy to apply yourself at home." Dust the product onto your hair with the brush included in the kit, and it will last until you wash it out with shampoo. You can also use mascara on your roots and match the color to your hair, she notes. "Or try an edge control color gel — put it on a toothbrush and brush it on your hair."

"Fortunately, you can now find amazing temporary root touch-up sprays at the drugstore," says Marjan, who personally uses theto cover grays. If a spray isn’t accessible, Marjan says eye shadow will also work. “A heavily-pigmented eye shadow in a shade darker than your hair color can temporarily hide roots between appointments.”

When in doubt, add a headbandGetty ImagesAdvertisementWithout much effort, you can literally hide your roots with a headband. Marjan recommends elastic ones worn à laBrigitte Bardot. Consider the width of the headband and its correlation to how much hair you prefer to cover. If you don’t have an elastic headband handy at home, you can still work with what you’ve got. Sturdivant-Drew says to use a piece of material from something you don’t mind cutting up — perhaps a sweater, shirt, or pants — and then just wrap it around your hair.

A wig works, tooA wigis a great way [to cover up roots] because all of your hair would be braided up and you would apply it on top of a wig cap," says Sturdivant-Drew. "So, nothing is visible except for the hairstyle you picked. One, it’s stylish, and, two, it’s easy to put on yourself — especially while quarantined at home."

Put a filter on Zoom and let it beAnd lastly, you can count on Zoom’s so-called "beauty filter" to magically blur those grown-out roots and even make your skin tone look better. Yep, take advantage of this technological wonder suggested by Scarlett while you're social distancing. Just check the "Touch Up My Appearance box (in Video Settings, located on the lower left-hand corner of the Zoom screen) to switch your screen to soft-focus mode and you're all set.

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