5 Ways COVID-19 Has Changed College Hookup Culture

Remember the days of locking eyes with someone in a crowded bar or at a party? 😏

5/6/2021 12:16:00 AM

Remember the days of locking eyes with someone in a crowded bar or at a party? 😏

The college social scene is known for its hookup culture, but the COVID-19 pandemic created an entanglement for getting into, well, an entanglement. Even as

1. We're More Reliant on Dating AppsConsidering that college students have more limited opportunities to meet people than before the pandemic (remember crowded bars?), we've become more reliant on dating apps to help us connect. Dating apps have adapted with the pandemic, and now include features like

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Hinge Date From Home and Bumble Video Chat. According to fortune.com,. And while we're all anxious to get back to normal, the convenience of dating apps isn't going anywhere anytime soon.2. Hookup Culture Is More DirectRestrictions on bar capacities

make the go-with-the-flow vibe of college hookup culture a lot more difficult. One college student I spoke to said,"It's more cut-and-dry. Before COVID, if you were hooking up with someone you'd meet at a bar or go to their fraternity house, and now it's shifted to just asking if they want to come over after their night." While this does help communication, it definitely also takes the mystique out of"let's see where the night takes us." headtopics.com

3. We Set Stricter Rules with RoommatesIf you live on campus for college, one of the biggest perks is not having to answer to anyone, but COVID-19 has forced us to ensure our plans are okay with our roommates for safety reasons. Roommates often ask each other permission to have someone over or if they feel comfortable with them seeing a certain person, whereas before this wasn't always a must-have conversation. Everyone has different boundaries regarding safety, so it's important to take into account the people you're living with."My roommates and I are pretty safe with COVID, but with hookups you don't want to just tell your friends not to hookup with someone, but you also want to be safe," one college student told POPSUGAR.

4. It's Normal to Ask About Someone's Health HistoryWhile the question of where someone"has been" would seem more direct pre-COVID (but still absolutely valid and important to ask!), it's become much more normalized during the pandemic. While you don't necessarily need every detail about the person's previous sexual partners, many students are asking up front if the person has physically been anywhere that would put them at risk of carrying COVID-19. Hopefully this will help normalize conversations about sexual history in regards to

, helping make students be more aware and communicative about risks.5. Outdoor Dates Are More Popular Than Ever Read more: POPSUGAR Fitness »

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