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Among 5 Things to Know today: — America's streets calmest in days, George Floyd protests largely peaceful. — Iowa voters oust Rep. Steve King in primary, shunned for insensitive remarks. — Rod Rosenstein to face Senate GOP grilling on Russia probe.

Dozens of Sudanese women activists were raped a year ago, when security forces smashed apart a protest camp in the heart of Khartoum.

The former deputy attorney general faces questioning on his oversight of the Russia investigation, as election-year efforts to scrutinize the FBI probe accelerate.Unlike Twitter, the Facebook CEO isn’t budging over his refusal to take action on inflammatory posts by the U.S. president that spread misinformation.


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They weren’t “insensitive” remarks. Geezus - Fix your headlines!

WanjiraL We'll not let Trump divide us. Repeat & RT using this hashtag: TrumpYouWontDivideUs VoteOutHate VoteOutTrump VoteOutRacism VoteOutTheGOP TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Justice for GeorgeFloyd NoJusticeNoPeaceNoMoreRacistPolice JoeBiden2020

JagranNews Partisangirl My poser to TheJusticeDept Why has police arrested 9300 person? Are so many guilty of theft & aroson? By the way How many cops are arrested for killing 1000 American citizen last year? What kind of democracy spreads pepper &attack protestors with dogs?

Leftist news is trying to bury the death of a retired Black cop. I see what really matters here.

DavidRutz ferguson riots. baltimore riots. flynn riots.

DavidRutz The Associated Press 😂

Jews are behind the destruction of america

Largely peaceful?

Sylvaners Number 5 is fake news. There will be softball but no grilling at this event staged by Senate GOP.

There were literally protests in all 50 states for the first time ever, people were beaten, shot with rubber bullets, gassed, run over, how can you dare say it was peaceful

Are you kidding me, peaceful, come on a p, that was not a peaceful night. Did the orange bastard get to you guys too?

Press clearly defending violence

Calm streets Peaceful?Watch FoxNews you have missed a few stories. FakeNewsMedia


6. trump still an imbecile

the protests have always been peaceful, the police have been the ones to start violence

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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