5 Takeaways From Biden's Cnn Town Hall - Cnnpolitics

5 Takeaways From Biden's Cnn Town Hall - Cnnpolitics

5 takeaways from President Joe Biden's CNN town hall

Here are five takeaways from President Joe Biden's CNN town hall

7/22/2021 5:14:00 AM

Here are five takeaways from President Joe Biden's CNN town hall

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July 2021: The Next Full Moon is the Buck Moon

The next full Moon goes by many names including the Buck Moon.

I hope you reprimanded donlemon for not doing his job and calling out blatant lies. Here is a reminder for you of your own 'news'. Democratic mayors allowing this crap to be painted on city streets paid for by taxpayers. POTUS says ITS A LIE! Well which is it? 3 or 5? I mean, I don’t waste time reading trash so idk…. But it’s confusing.

1. He could not complete a thought. 2. He had no idea where he was. 3. He contradicted himself multiple times. 4. He gave false information. 5. He is void of energy and excitement. Joe Biden is lying to the American people and that's a fact Biden! Well one takeaway I got is that his dementia is getting worse and there are a lot of folks in total denial about it!!!

I love President Biden.. Your supporters are behind you, 2022 will reveal where America 🇺🇸 stand with Lady Liberty 🗽 Dude is lost. WhiteHouse whcos POTUS Can you do this EVERY WEEK Just like FDR did with his radio shows. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER ! Lies.

3 takeaways from President Joe Biden's CNN town hallIn his CNN town hall, Biden tackled Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy and misinformation and delivered some tough economic love as he discussed pressing issues. Watching Biden display all the side effects from Pfizer at the same time was awkward viewing. Things not going so well for this administration

Painful….🤦🏻‍♂️ 1. Jumbled words over and over again 2. Misinformation about vaccinated not being able to get covid 3. Media praising his performance 4. Serious mental illness on display 5. Spending trillions more will solve inflation It’s just too obvious, CNN is an arm of the Democratic Party, and Don Lemon is their chief spokesman. No need to listen to any of this drivel.

Here's a SIXTH: POTUS is not currently supporting SenSchumer and SenBooker and BLeeForCongress and their wonderful plans for LEGALIZATION and DECRIMINALIZATION of cannabis! LegalizeIt VP TheDemocrats NORML Cannabis_Voter HeadCountOrg Is it 3 or 5 - btw do you use this math when counting viewership?

Where's all his supposed supporters online This is dangerous misinformation. The “president” said the vaccinated can’t get Covid. Ban him for dangerous misinformation and delete this account it spreads lies by the minute

Joe Biden, At CNN Town Hall, Suggests Fox News Hosts Have Had An “Altar Call” With Latest Vaccine PushPresident Joe Biden, participating in his second CNN town hall since taking office, suggested that Fox News hosts have had a recent “altar call” by now promoting vaccinations as opposed…

Please stop putting DrLeanaWen on as a medical commentator. She is obviously unable to give an opinion on the CDC or the Biden Administration. She isn’t connected to any reliable source of medical data. They never let me meet her. They never let me talk to her in person. The guy is barely there… It looked like she was going to do something for me. She came during record freezing temperatures when snow was on the ground . But she never made it out of saint Mary Roman catholic church.of the assumption.

Biden forgot two 😂😂 🤦 Oh gawd- “Indeed, Biden appeared in his element while abroad, seizing the four decades he'd spent climbing the ranks of American foreign policy to finally lead the nation's affairs.” The main takeaway is that nobody watched 👀 CNNTownHall

Joe Biden, At CNN Town Hall, Says Other World Leaders Ask Him, “Will The Country Ever Get It Together?”A key moment in CNN’s town hall with President Joe Biden came when moderator Don Lemon asked him about one of the big news items of the day: Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy pulling his… The answer is no Gee, I guess we will once our leaders start representing the people and stop their unethical and corrupt practices.

CNN claims to be nonpartisan while announcing new streaming service: 'We're not an opinion network'CNN announced its new CNN+ streaming service on Monday, claiming that the platform starting next year will be free from partisan agendas despite the network's well-established liberal lean. I have one reaction to CNN claiming not be an opinion network. 😂😂😂 The Forbes tells the tale for CrapNewsNetwork (CNN). Forbes reports CNN has dropped a whopping 57% in prime time. MSNBC is in freefall at 37% decline as FNC crushed all of them. I hope both of these pathetic networks are driven into bankruptcy. Fact check: wrong.

Inside CNN Plus: A First Look at the New Streaming Service (EXCLUSIVE)CNN disclosed the first details of its long-awaited new subscription streaming service Monday, which will launch in the first quarter of 2022 with 8-12 hours of original live content each day. CNN … Oh, no another paywall. Digital divide! So, 2 tier news now? hahahahahahahahahahah

Bezos donates $100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef Jose AndresJeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and world's wealthiest man, said Tuesday after flying to the edge of space that he planned to award $100 million each to CNN contributor Van Jones and chef José Andrés. That's dope Nooo! Give us the money instead!