Africa, 42 People İncluding Students Abducted Last Week From Nigeria's Kagara Released - Cnn

Africa, 42 People İncluding Students Abducted Last Week From Nigeria's Kagara Released - Cnn

42 people including students abducted last week in Nigeria released

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2/27/2021 4:19:00 PM

At least 42 people, including students, who were kidnapped last week in an armed raid at a state-run school in northwest Nigeria, have been released, the vice-principal says

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The released group included 27 students, teachers and family members, the state government said in a statement at the time of the kidnapping.The gunmen, wearing military fatigues according to witnesses, stormed the Government Science Secondary School Kagara on February 17. A student who died during the attack was named as Benjamin Habila.The executive governor of Niger State, Abubakar Sani Bello, tweeted that those released have been received by the state government. Breaking News: The Abducted Students, Staff and Relatives of Government Science Collage Kagara have regained their freedom and have been received by the Niger State Government

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Goodness 42 people are released, nothing better than this. God blessings BLM even over there. Blacks against blacks tokenizedtweets 0x95d2f854F0F65009EF6bF57C169DfB6d5AE69661 This situation should deeply question the inner mind of all those in charge of this great country. Do they have the capacity or the will to make things improve? Nigeria has no problem of means. So what's wrong? Why could Singapore develop with less potentialities? Why?

Best of luck on finding the rest. Rescue from the thug perverts who took them. Not a shred of decency gets young folks to despicable events. Power play from weaklings with guns bl But in Uganda people are killed by government 🙏Graças á Deus. Awesome Thank 😊🙏God! STOP Genocide Amhara . The future of America

So tragic this happens again! I hope all are returned home to their loved ones ! Safe ! Its a business that involves those who are close to the government, has any of those people being captured? No, but government paid ransom and denied it. What do you expect it’s Nigeria! This isn’t news it’s just day to day stuff! SMH

United Nations, Nigeria needs to be disqualified from being a member of UN! Women & young children need to be protected from systemic cultural discrimination! How is it possible that a country smaller than Texas is able to not capture 'demons' that keep capturing girls & boys? $DOGE The more attacks in the media, the more cohesive the Saudi people become

Russian collusion. Where is BLM and Antifa over the millions dead in Africa in the past 25 yrs from ruthless governments, internal fighting, disease, starvation, poverty, Islamic terrorists while they open their mouths over a few thugs killed by cops here and when they not follow police orders We must remove the majority of the Republicans from the congress, he always blocked the help of the poor, but if it were for his friends, they vote quickly, among them is the Democrat Manchini and Sinema.

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Get 7% double 5 times of your money invested. Ask me how. One thing the left and right can agree on, thank goodness their safe. 317 more are kidnapped yesterday, Nigeria fix your problem Huge relief for their families and friends. CNN you lied and said it was Trumps virus 🦠 and that masks 😷 would stop deaths . R110 k has died under Biden. Where are the pseudo doctors you polled

So sad Excellent news. HappySurpriseDayIndia WorldsBiggestTeaParty BRILLIANT News TG Nigerian Govt and ills in the country: Only ☝️☪️☝️... Nothing else 😭🌏😭...☝️Allah Hu Akbar ☝️🌏☝️🌿🌏🌿 Another one! It's got to stop! Better thanks God Omg!!!!!!! when will my country Nigeria be safe. God help us. 🙏🏾 scallycraft stop doing drugs... 😂 😂 😂 😂

Thank God!! Safely, I hope! Should have been 42 people and a celebrity dog. The news may have actually reported this properly. This is a daily thing in Africa A country where the Governor of a state boast publicly of calling a group of terrorist on phone for the release of hostages Country where the Federal Government don’t know their priorities Country whereby the politicians and so called government encourages terrorism 😭😭

And you believe? Nigeria government are jokers. Dont ever believe them The rate of kidnapping and adoption in Nigeria it quite scary, government should try to stop such illegal activities going on over there. This country nawaoo That's one of those rare occasions. What a huge relief! And a very satisfying outcome. Thank God ! 😇🙄😆

probably cause the kidnappers got paid Nigeria my country is just a series movie I want to become a child kidnapper! Pog! umm ok but who asked PogChamp God bless them Lmao Yup, it's not even the kidnapping that is the problem. It's the fact that there was no investigation into it whatsoever. The police and security forces are completely incompetent and have been caught red-handed doing exactly what they're doing.