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World, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

25-year-old killed at Palestinian protest, 46 wounded by gunshots in West Bank

25-year-old killed at Palestinian protest, 46 wounded by gunshots in West Bank

5/18/2021 7:54:00 PM

25-year-old killed at Palestinian protest, 46 wounded by gunshots in West Bank

The Palestinian protester was killed at a large West Bank demonstration in which 46 were wounded after a clash with Israeli soldiers.

El-Sissi's office said in aFacebookpost Tuesday that Egyptian firms would contribute in the re-building efforts.Egypt, which is leading mediation efforts to reach a cease-fire, has sent some two dozen trucks carrying humanitarian aid and medical supplies to Gaza through the Raffah crossing point.

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It has also received wounded people from the latest round of violence to be treated in Egyptian hospitals.U.S. Secretary of StateAntony Blinkensays Israel has given the United States information about its bombing of a Gaza building housing The Associated Press and other media outlets.

Israel had claimed that Hamas had a military intelligence office in the Gaza building which it leveled in a weekend airstrike. But Israel has not publicly provided any evidence backing up that claim. Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahusaid Israel would share any evidence of Hamas' presence in the targeted building through intelligence channels.

Blinken said from Iceland on Tuesday that"we have received some further information through intelligence channels." He declined to characterize the material, saying"that's not something I can comment on."Press freedom groups condemned the attack, which leveled the building and marked a new chapter in the already rocky relationship between the Israeli military and the international media.

Associated Press President Gary Pruitt has called for an independent investigation into the attack.Israeli police say two Thai workers inside Israel have been killed in a strike launched from the Gaza Strip.Another seven people were wounded in that attack Tuesday afternoon that hit a packaging plant in southern Israel, authorities said.

Militants from Gaza have launched thousands of rockets at civilian targets in Israel since last week. Israel has responded with airstrikes against what it says are militant targets in Gaza.People in Ashdod, Israel, take shelter in the stairwell of their apartment building after a siren warned of rockets fired from Gaza on May 18.

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Reuters Top News @ReutersLIVE: Palestinians stage anti-Israel protest at West Bank

Biden thanks Tlaib for being a 'fighter' after she accuses him of 'taking orders' from NetanyahuBiden promised the legislator that he will do everything he can to make sure her Palestinian family members remain safe inside Israel's West Bank .

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