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23AndMe Forensic Kit Informs Customer What Crimes He’s Committed

23AndMe Forensic Kit Informs Customer What Crimes He’s Committed

6/30/2020 4:06:00 AM

23AndMe Forensic Kit Informs Customer What Crimes He’s Committed

FRESNO, CA—Marveling at how a tiny bit of DNA could provide so much information about a person, local man Travis Fleming told sources Friday that he had recently learned what crimes he committed thanks to the 23AndMe forensic kit. “I spit into the vial they provided, shipped it off to the 23AndMe forensic lab, and then six weeks later I received the results outlining my exact culpability in all sorts of illegal acts,” said Fleming, scrolling through the online genetic report linking him to burglaries, kidnappings, and homicides. “It’s so cool to see my entire criminal history laid out so clearly. The test was able to pinpoint the exact locations of where I committed arson, plus it told me the likelihood that I’ll strike again in the future. I found out I’m at a higher risk of carrying out an assault with intent to cause bodily harm than the general population, so I’ll have to watch out for that as I get older.” Fleming, who already knew a lot of the information contained in the report, was astonished to learn that he was 1 percent responsible for the Mỹ Lai Massacre.

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This is a nice heads up so you can plan for your future better I thought they already could identify racist micro aggressions. That sales guy lied to me! Hopefully it can find out who killed my sister. 23 years later and still no answer This is why people shouldn’t drink or use drugs? 23andMe Mine just says I’m a turtle

GreatDismal GreatDismal I was thinking that a for-profit prison firm was going to advertise to the general public on TV like the prescription drug companies...'the State knows you're guilty of something--so throw yourself on OUR mercy, and WE will handle the remainder of your life and affairs.' GreatDismal Again, not clearly a spoof story.

Would be funnier if it read 'what crime's he was going to commit' Will it include my long & sustained crime spree against fashion? I don’t remember shit and I don’t have any intention of finding out. Does this include white collar crime? My old pal Pete actually uses these to screen people at the Pearly Gates

FAKE NEWS! There is no way that is possible Cc:’d with local DA We can’t have humor at a time like this, when the world sits on the precipice of total ruin due to Trump! The Onion must be cancelled, since they have at times made fun of the left! “What if you can’t read? Hold for a call from the President.”

what are the legal stuff going on with this? my family may be surprised if they make me do this test please help me oh go

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Pelosi says she doesn't know 'what the Russians have on' Trump after reports of bounties on US troopsHouse Speaker says White House has ignored any misdeeds committed by Russia Trump dealings with Russia goes way back. In july 1987 Trump and his wife, Ivana, who speaks Russian, make their first visit to the Soviet Union and again in 1996 Trump returns to Russia and that trends to date. It wouldn't be a surprise if Russian had something on him. Brazilian journalist Mr. Oswaldo Eustáquio was arrested by order of the Supreme Court. The reporter was investigating possible crimes and misconduct by some members of the Brazilian court. We are seeing in Brazil the dictatorship of the Judiciary ... Help! Isn't she ever going to retire I mean I'm pretty sure she has enough money to do so. Or is Soros and the Rothschild's keeping her around to screw with us 🤔😓

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