20 Healthy (But Tasty) Snack Foods to Snag at CVS

Ditch the Twix and opt for these healthy treats instead.

Cvs, Dedicated

1/15/2022 2:00:00 AM

We promise, making those healthier choices doesn't have to be complicated. 😌

Ditch the Twix and opt for these healthy treats instead.

From cheese-flavored quinoa puffs to sweet treats like low-sugar chocolate-dipped almonds, we’ve rounded up the best guilt-free snacks to stockpile before the urge to resort to the vending machine strikes. Best of all, as a part of CVS’s current Women’s Wellness week promo, you can get an extra $10 in Extra Bucks when you spend $30 on select products, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your snack lineup — no excuses!

1. Gold Emblem Abound Heart Healthy Trail Mix This tasty trail mix contains a blend of roasted almonds and walnuts, which contain omega-3 fatty acids, as well as antioxidant-rich dried cranberries and raisins for a solid serving of antioxidants and vitamin E. Of course, this heart-healthy snack also contains unsweetened chocolate to help satisfy afternoon sugar cravings so you won’t feel the urge to take a trip to the vending machine.

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