2 People, İncluding A Young Child, Are Dead After Being Swept Out By Florida Currents. A Man Who Tried To Rescue Them İs Missing - Cnn

2 People, İncluding A Young Child

2 people, including a young child, are dead after being swept out by Florida currents. A man who tried to rescue them is missing

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6/13/2021 6:27:00 AM

Two people -- including a 3-year-old child -- are dead and a third person is missing after being swept out by strong currents at a beach near Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said.

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My granddqughter will be 3 next month and I can't imagine her life being snuffed out in any manner. Too sad for words. Wow massive pull going on there people! Get rid of trump from your state quickly!👍👍 Happened Memorial Day off Seaview, WA. The ocean is not to be triffled with. My condolences🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💜

😲 Breaks my heart and this is exactly why my young children have only been to the beach very seldom so far! I am terrified of anything that may happen to them and my heart aches reading this story. The beach is a beautiful, wonderful place but please remember earth is powerful We need strict strong current laws put into effect immediately no one needs that strong of a current.

lanemckelvie WTF Sooo, 3 people? People don’t respect Mother Nature and the oceans seriously, I always did do, and will!! Prayers to their families. 🙏🏾

What Jeffrey Toobin said about Zoom scandal on CNN returnThe legal analyst returned to the network eight months after he was fired from The New Yorker for exposing himself during a video meeting. He was masturbating. What is there to “SAY”? I can’t believe CNN brought him back and to have Alisyn Camerota interview him. Who was the fool who thought this was a good idea? I’m done with CNN. Ol’jack is back!…everyone give him a hand jerk…CC

CNN: Network anchors, hosts wanted left-wing analyst Jeffrey Toobin back after embarrassing Zoom scandalSome of CNN's anchors and hosts wanted left-wing legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin back on the airwaves in spite of his embarrassing Zoom transgression last year.

Meghan McCain slams CNN for protecting 'old white male dinosaurs' after Toobin returnThe legal analyst returned to the network eight months after he was caught exposing himself during a work Zoom call. Meghan knows that both Zucker & Toobin are Jewish. Trump is going to do a speaking tour with Bill O’Reilly. I slam ABC News for protecting hyper-privileged white females for all the rude, boorish conduct and tantrums that would have gotten other people, especially people of color, fired from The View posthaste!

Jeffrey Toobin Returns To CNN After Exposing Himself On Zoom CallToobin exposed himself during a Zoom call at work last year, an incident he called “deeply moronic and indefensible” in an interview with CNN Thursday. At least Pee Wee Herman was in a private theater in the dark. This jackass had the green camera light on, with many windows open between meetings? Where is cancel culture now? This is beyond belief. Anybody of color would've never gotten the second chance and they'd be cancelled everywhere.

Jeffrey Toobin Returns to CNN After Suspension for Zoom ExposureJeffrey Toobin made his return to CNN eight months after his Zoom meeting exposure. You didn’t even have the decency to link his OnlyFans? Tsk tsk …you mean, JERKING OFF ON ZOOM? ZOOM EXPOSURE!! How about JERKING HIMSELF OFF and GETTING CAUGHT by his Coworkers unfortunately not enough for him to be PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED!?!? I STILL don’t know how someone considered SMART behaves so STUPID!!

High school principal sings 'I Will Always Love You' to graduating class - CNN VideoThis high school principal dazzled his community when he sang 'I Will Always Love You' at graduation. He explains the meaning behind his decision to sing that song. What a great principal what a great message for his students this was beautiful Nothing but love 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I drop tears every time I watch this! It’s a calling!