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1/16/2021 12:31:00 PM

We asked 12 prominent European tech investors to pick out fintech startups they think will blow up in 2021. Here are the 19 they chose.

Business Insider tells the global tech, finance, markets, media, healthcare, and strategy stories you want to know.

What it does: Flagstone helps individuals, SMEs, and charities manage their cash savings with one Flagstone account. The market is estimated at £1.4 trillion in the UK alone.Why it's hot in 2021: "Flagstone's approach optimizes yield (which is currently sitting in an account making zero), and also reduces risk. On the other side of the platform, they help banks and building societies with a lower cost, strategic deposit origination channel," Zegna said.

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"They are by far the market leader in the UK, with the largest supply base of over 45 banks on their panel (and growing), which gives them a competitive moat and provides the most competitive rates in the market."ZegoZego's cofounders Harry Franks, Stuart Kelly, and Sten Saar

Zego: Leila Zegna, founding partner at Kindred Capital and Rana Yared, partner at Balderton Capital In the Kindred portfolioIn the Balderton Capital portfolio? Yes: $51.7 millionWhat it does: Zego provides flexible and on-demand insurance coverage to gig economy workers in segments such as ride-hailing, ride sharing, car rental, and scooter sharing. headtopics.com

Why it's hot in 2021:"There's never been a more important moment for companies to act quickly and effectively to meet their customers' dynamic needs," Zegna said. "That's where companies like Zego can come in and empower those organisations to grow not just exponentially, but also effectively, offering many crucial on-demand delivery customers (like Deliveroo, JustEat, Stuart) and others the ability to grow their delivery fleets and supply bases with the right insurance and coverage to service their growing end customer needs. With the right execution, this could be the year where Zego really takes off!"

"As a 'new mobility' insurance provider, Zego has always put cutting-edge technology and customer service at the heart of its business," Yared added. "The exceptional team has consistently delivered affordable, flexible insurance products to delivery drivers and small businesses, enabling them to work safely, even during the pandemic."

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