18 Movie Moments Where Women Were Totally Unrealistic

These must have been written by men.

7/27/2021 5:20:00 AM

These must have been written by men.

These must have been written by men.

Blended.Warner Bros. Pictures"Drew Barrymore’s character was just ridiculous. And contrary to what the film suggests – the size of tampons used during a period has NO correlation to someone's, age and theydon’tchange the shape of vaginas."

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—ralurore10108.When Beverly, a child, flirted with the old pharmacist so the boys could steal supplies from the shop inIt.Warner Bros. Pictures"The optics of having a 13-year-old girl be so in control of her sexuality to the point that she can use it to get things from much older men had male writer written all over it, and just felt weird to watch."

—rachelc439.The fact that Dominika managed to successfully dye her hair from dark brown to platinum blonde using one box of hair dye inRed Sparrow.20th Century Fox"Not only does she manage to dye it really easily, but her friend puts it on with her bare hands. Who does that?!" headtopics.com

—annapaiges10.When it was revealed that Kate had a girlfriend, but she then kissed Peter at the end ofDodgeball.20th Century Fox"She kisses her girlfriend, someone says she’s a lesbian, then she says that she is bisexual and kisses Vince Vaughn. Problematic in so many ways and definitely not written by a woman or any bisexual person. And she's basically the only woman in the movie, which only makes it worse."

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