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17 Pairs of Salad Tongs to Dress Up Your Table

Even your WFH lunches can feel a little luxurious.

3/2/2021 7:01:00 PM

Even your WFH lunches can feel a little luxurious.

Even lunch at your desk can feel a little luxurious.

I don’t mean those.Here, I’m talking about beautiful tongs. The ones that, in addition to working to efficiently coat each leaf in vinaigrette, will look stunning on a dinner table. In my search for the ideal pair, I learned there there are a zillion styles of salad serving utensils out there: the classic paddle-like wood ones, sleek stainless-steel claws, marbled resin numbers, and beyond. Here are the best-looking sets in a variety of styles, for your very best-looking (and tasting) salads, whether you’re digging in at your desk or—someday—enjoying with company at the table.

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TongsIf you’re partial to Oxo kitchen tongs for tossing your salads, opt for a gussied up version for serving.The handles on these Nambé servers make them technically scissors, not tongs—but they’re stunning. Of course, they’re great for serving salad, but they also make an excellent serving utensil for doling out chicken thighs, firm fish fillets, and vegetables.

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