15 Closed-Toe Shoes You Can Wear If You Haven't Had Time for a Pedicure

Suns out, toes in.

6/21/2021 10:54:00 AM

15 Closed-Toe Shoes You Can Wear If You Haven't Had Time for a Pedicure

Suns out, toes in.

May 22, 2019CourtesyThe sun may be out, but your toes are still stuck in Winter—and that's okay because this cute summer footwear will save you even if your pedicure situation is not to your liking. Buy yourself some time with this round up of the season's best closed-toe shoes all at at least 50 percent off thanks to Nordstrom's half yearly sale. Shop our favorite mules, flats, sneakers, and more, ahead.

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Or for those who don't feel they have nice toes in general either due to nature or from sports/dance/etc or injuries.

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