14 Black LGBTQ+ Folks on How They’re Taking Care of Themselves Right Now

6/29/2020 11:58:00 PM

Caring for ourselves is paramount.

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.' -Audre Lorde

Caring for ourselves is paramount.

erg machine.The National Health Commission said 17 new infections were confirmed on Saturday, down from 21 a day earlier.The memo with the Irish cabinet committee said it was"highly unlikely" that Britain would be included in Ireland's safe travel list, the report added Ireland plans to lift from July 9 a 14-day quarantine for people arriving from countries that have also suppressed the coronavirus, the Irish government said on Thursday.Cheadle plays stockbroker Maurice Monroe in Black Monday, the Showtime series that takes viewers back to the international market crash in 1987.

Not only has it provided me my main form of daily exercise when the temperatures are too hot for a run, but it’s also a full-body exercise that has helped me feel healthier than I ever have.It’s been rather difficult to stay focused just on myself at any given moment, but there I am able to embrace the back-and-forth motions of my body and feel my muscles relax and contract.Since June 11 when Beijing reported its first case in the current outbreak, stemming from a sprawling wholesale food centre in the southwest of the capital, 311 people in the city of more than 20 million have contracted the virus.Coupled with a good TV show, it has made for a great way to stay fit in the coolness of my house.—Josiah G.That compares with four cases a day earlier., 20, gay, Joshua Tree, California 3.

Listening to affirming music Music is the way that I cope.Mainland China reported seven new asymptomatic patients, who tested positive for COVID-19 but showed no clinical symptoms such as a fever, down from 12 a day earlier.Zoning out and listening to some of my favorite artists and tracks allows me the ability to zero in on how I’m feeling that day or in that moment.I could go from hip-hop to R&B to soulto pop, or to Bachata in one day.The death toll stood at 4,634, unchanged since mid-May.It’s very soothing and therapeutic.—Monica E.

, 29, bi, Arlington, Virginia 4.Connecting with other Black LGBTQ+ folks through a virtual bathhouse With all the feelings associated with the impact of systemic anti-blackness and the deaths of our people in the form of COVID-19, police brutality, and patriarchy…honey…something had to give! I’ve participated in a virtual community bathhouse every Wednesday where we unwind and go on a weekly adventure via a guided meditation and stellar music.It’s like getting to go to the Korean spa from the comfort of your own home.It’s been a reminder that my home can indeed be my sanctuary and safe space, especially living in a world where Breonna Taylor was murdered while she was sleeping in her own home.The moments of being grounded, rested, and safe, even if it’s once a week, have been truly transformative, and this is a practice I plan on using even after COVID-19.

—Oriaku N., 36, queer Southern femme, Atlanta 5.Showering as a form of healing and restoration Showering has become a creative and life-sustaining way for me to cope and engage in self-care.Personal hygiene has always been a point of challenge for me, and being forced into this place of stillness, making sure I begin and end my day with bathing has been healing for me.Showering and putting on new clothes every day reminds me that my Black Queer flesh is valuable to me first and foremost and not the perpetuation of a capitalistic workforce.

When I’m showering at the end of the day, I play music from the quiet storm genre that takes me back to my childhood, and I play gospel during my shower time on Sunday mornings.It is about learning to love my body as I dance in front of my full-length mirror, rub shea butter on my body, rub my scalp down with coconut oil, and even embrace Black soap in the spirit of Juneteenth.— Joseph R., gay/queer/nonbinary, Washington, D.C.

6.Cooking and baking to channel sadness and rage I’ve been #RageBaking.Not the.

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China reports 17 new COVID-19 cases, including 14 in BeijingMainland China on Sunday reported 17 new coronavirus cases, mostly in the Chinese capital of Beijing. Executes everyone in a 4 mile radius . They were doing 6 miles but you gotta mix it up This is not a serious news story. Be serious How is this news?

Ireland to keep its 14-day quarantine on British travellers: Sunday TimesIreland will maintain a 14-day quarantine for travellers from the British mainland in July even as it plans to ease travel restrictions with some countries, the Sunday Times newspaper reported, citing a memo. May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you’re dead ☘️ only on Britons? ... Kromoh Yrm YuleRasMdogo KromohCliff TheriseofKromoh Kromohisgr8 KOT KissforKromoh KK Holbornlolz Good. Don't go there.

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14% of businesses expect layoffs after using their PPP loan fundsMany businesses that received funding through the Paycheck Protection Program, which some officials credited for a stronger-than-expected May jobs report, anticipate laying off workers after depleting their loan money. make that 100%, they received PPP and they won't be paying single dime to employee. Thanks to the rioters shouting the economy back down Sure. More like they will keep 14%.

Beijing reports seven new COVID-19 cases vs 14 a day earlierBeijing's city government reported seven new COVID-19 cases for June 28, down from 14 a day earlier as the Chinese capital seeks to contain an outbreak. They're lying Yeah sure Sureeeee 😉