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10 arthouse sci-fi movies to watch before the apocalypse

The science fiction genre isn’t all chrome and alien invasions. Here are some movies that will move you in a different way.

9/25/2021 12:11:00 PM

The science fiction genre isn’t all chrome and alien invasions. 👽 Here are some movies that will move you in a different way.

The science fiction genre isn’t all chrome and alien invasions. Here are some movies that will move you in a different way.

Mauvais Sang. An 80s sci-fi thriller starring Juliette Binoche, Denis Lavant and Michel Piccoli, it’s set in a Paris of the future. A new STI is coursing through society called SBTO, infecting people who have sex without any real affection and, eventually, killing them. There is an antidote, though, but it’s locked up behind the doors of a big pharmaceutical company’s lab. A woman enlists two petty crooks to try and steal it, in an attempt to stop SBTO from spreading. Trust Leos Carax to make an anti-big pharma movie as nuts as this.

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A245. After Yang (Kogonada, 2021)Now this one can go on your future watchlist, as it’s yet to hit theatres, but worthy of your time. Kogonada’s 2017 movieColumbusunpacked the push and pull of small-town life and the people who find themselves simultaneously allured and deterred by it. His latest,

After Yang, is an equally meditative look at technology occupying a large, almost blood tie-like space in our lives. In it, a family is coming to terms with their android nanny breaking down, having to shift their lives to take care of their daughter in its absence. Upon discovering this android, who was like a brother to their child, can’t be recovered but his memories can, they find themselves reflecting upon their own purpose, and just how much of a life this strangely sentient robot lived.

6. Melancholia (Lars von Trier, 2011)You often forget that, maker of often egregiously violent and ugly films about the human condition, possesses the power to convey beauty once in a while.Melancholia, his 2011 feature that spawned an award-winning turn from our queen Kirsten Dunst, was a strangely meditative film in his oeuvre. In it, she and

Charlotte Gainsbourgplay sisters, preparing for the wedding of Kirsten’s character Justine, as a planet that’s steered off course hurtles towards earth, threatening to obliterate them all. It’s a film inspired by Lars von Trier’s own depression; a meditation on how the threat of total destruction can often be the most inspiring route to brand new creation.

7. Tank Girl (Rachel Talalay, 1995)A box office bomb that received mixed reviews from critics,Tank Girl90s. But this trashy movie has instead gone on to become a cult classic, as all good flops do. Set in a post-apocalyptic universe in the year 2033 (lol, why does that not feel so far away), it follows a tank-driving young woman who’s hellbent on launching a tirade against the establishment that has stolen full control of the earth’s last remaining water supply. Rebellious, sexed up and blessed with a soundtrack curated by queen

, this movie is still a mad watch 26 years on.8. Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979)No man does long, drawn out, contemplative, depressing arthouse sci-fi quite like our boi Andrei Tarkovsky. Over the course of his career, he made a handful of movies that dealt with the burden that is existing, through the lens of off-kilter, dystopian universes. The best of the bunch is

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Stalker. Made in 1979, this film tells the story of an expedition into a Chernobyl-like land known as the “Zone”, led by the eponymous Stalker alongside a writer seeking inspiration for his next project and a science professor, seeking answers that can only be found in this dizzying space. It functions as a sci-fi, sure, but like

Melancholia, this is a film about how abstract universes can act as metaphors for life’s great unanswered questions. Knock back a Red Bull and enjoy.9. Sankofa (Haile Gerima, 1993)Afilm that uses a surreal, semi-sci-fi twist to tell a wider tale about confronting colonialism and slavery, Haile Gerima’s

Sankofais an underseen masterpiece. It opens on a fashion shoot in Ghana. Mona, a Black American model, is posing in former slave castles when she suddenly spirals into the past, winding up on a slave plantation in North America, living the life of her ancestors. Haile Gerima spent 20 years researching the film, which deftly explores the nuances of Black American history by adopting the concept of “Sankofa” itself: a term that’s used to explore the purpose of the present by addressing the pains of the past.

10. 2046 (Wong Kar Wai, 2004) Read more: i-D »

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