Yes, Lizzo And Chris Evans Are The Only Acceptable Leads For The Bodyguard Remake

Today's internet debate: is remaking The Bodyguard absolute sacrilege or could Lizzo and Chris' chemistry save it?

9/16/2021 8:13:00 PM

Today's internet debate: is remaking The Bodyguard absolute sacrilege or could Lizzo and Chris' chemistry save it?

Today's internet debate: is remaking The Bodyguard absolute sacrilege or could Lizzo and Chris' chemistry save it? Read more on Grazia.

18 minutes agoLast night, it was announced that a remake of The Bodyguard is in the works at Warner Bros, with lead roles soon to be announced. As Whitney Houston’s most iconic role, the news has been met with serious backlash.‘This is such a horrible idea,’ one Twitter user posted. ‘There is no need for a remake of the legendary movie, The Bodyguard. Hollywood refusing to invest in new talent and create new stories is pure laziness at this point.’

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‘Please Hollywood, for the love of all that is holy STOP MAKING REMAKES and make original content,’ another added. ‘Stop. No one asked for remakes. No one. Not every movie needs to be remade. Please. I'm begging you.’According to Variety, the new film will be produced by Lawrence Kasdan of Kasdan Pictures – who wrote and produced the original film – as well as Dan Lin, Nick Reynolds and Jonathan Eirich of Rideback.

Lin has been attached to the new movie, which will be inspired by the 1992 romantic drama, since 2011 with a series of cast leads speculated about ever since. Everyone from Chris Hemsworth to Channing Tatum has been considered for the role of Frank Farmer – originally played by Kevin Costner – and for Whitney’s iconic role? Cardi B and Tessa Thompson have been thrown in the mix.

Of course, there’s one combo fans do seem to be on board with: Lizzo and Chris Evans. The pair have had a long-joked about flirtation since Lizzo admitted that shedrunkenly slidinto Chris’ DMs and he responded with ‘No shame in a drunk DM’ and kissing emoji. Naturally, fans are desperate to see their chemistry on-screen, and Lizzo seems to be on board too.

Posting a TikTok that featured a screenshot of the tweet suggesting she and Chris star in the film,Lizzo’ssmirk said it all.‘I would rob a bank to pay for this to happen,’ one fan responded to near 15,000 likes. ‘Lizzo and Chris are the only acceptable options. FACT,’ another added.

So what do you think, is remaking The Bodyguard in any capacity absolute sacrilege? Or could seeingand Chris play on-screen lovers make it all worth it?Click through for Lizzo's style evolution...GalleryLizzo's Red Carpet Style Evolution Read more: Grazia UK »

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