Woman who applied for job at KFC receives ‘most cringe rejection letter ever’

Woman who applied for job at KFC receives ‘most cringe rejection letter ever’

10/22/2021 7:17:00 PM

Woman who applied for job at KFC receives ‘most cringe rejection letter ever’

A woman has turned to Twitter to share her frustration after being rejected for a job at KFC – and it’s since gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

“What more could KFC in Durham want from someone other than that they have already worked for them,” they said.Despite the moral boost from fellow users, others were quick to highlight the questionable contents of the rejection letter, which one person crowned the “most cringe rejection ever” due to the stunningly bad chicken puns.

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Sign upto our new free Indy100 weekly newsletterThe rejection letter kicked off by thanking the applicant for their interest in the job, “we’re cluckin’ delighted you’re keen to join our flock,” it read.It then proceeded to explain that her skills “aren’t the secret recipe the Colonel is looking for”, before encouraging her to give them a “cluck” when she has more “experience under her wing.”

While some users found the letter hilarious, others perceived it as a “horrible mocking email” done in bad taste.One said, “I’m more shocked by the bad puns, sure use them when you are offering someone a job, but in a rejection letter?”Another tweeted KFC and asked, “You seriously write rejection letters like this?! That’s how you treat people? Sort it out.” headtopics.com

“I wouldn’t want to talk to a company who uses puns like that anyway”, another added. Read more: The Independent »

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Oh lord 🤣🤣🤣🤣 You forgot to mention that it was this woman: MattRxgan So it continues As cluckin' delighted as we may be, we' re awful sorry we have to chicken out. 🤗

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