Why what Cameron says about the Queen matters

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David Cameron and the Queen: Why does it matter what he says?

At the heart of this lies that"puzzling" thing, the British constitution, a set of rules and laws, most of them based on what has been done before, that lay down how we are governed.

Sitting sort of in the middle, sort of at the top, sort of on the edge of our system of government is the Queen.Government is carried out in her name . But it is acknowledged by everyone that she personally has almost no political power. There's no law that says the Queen has to stay out of politics; just a rather British understanding that that is how the system works and the role of the monarch survives.The Queen greeting David Cameron at Buckingham Palace after the 2010 general election

She might have said it anyway. You could reasonably argue that given her role as Queen it's her duty to ask people to think carefully before dissolving the union.


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JonnyDymond claims: 'it is acknowledged by everyone that she personally has almost no political power.' Why does the bbc employ such people? Every single bill that is produced has to receive royal assent. Where do you find these people?

Get real she has no interest in Scottish Independence she has a castle in Scotland. It would also affect the size of the purse her family would get if Scotland refused to contribute to their funding which comes courtest of the whole of the UK. Wake up.

'Rules about the powers of Parliament, the running of government, the role of the courts. And of course, the role of the monarchy, in this case, the Queen'. And don't forget about the role of the Constituencies, the role of the Speaker and the role of the Privy Council.

Cameron, Johnson & Andrew- is it another Anus horibilis or just another car crash? - I was forgetting Philip.

What does it matter what she thinks - the royals are now just a tourist attraction and they are only included in the conversation because of some out of date tradition. Time to move on

They are both parasitic wasters, who cares what either of them think.

Blah blah blah. This is a pointless story. What are you trying to distract us from this time?

BBCPolitics Why does it matter what Cameron says about the Queen? Because he's shamelessly promoting his book, that's why! Why is he getting all this free marketing from the BBC? For the record, they say he received an £800,000 advance. Hopefully bookshops have it on sale or return?

Zero principles said it to sell books

Left libiya to rot i n a civil war, fail to negotiate with Europe, thought a ref would return remain, yep a failed pm, now jumping on the wagon of press with salacious comments to sell his book!, and most of all the first pm to use the private meets with the queen to sell soul

Highest paid council tenants in the world

BBCPolitics I despair! There is no dignity left. It is wrong to divulge anything about the discussions between the Queen & PM in the same way it is wrong for Politicians to be constantly leaking confidential information. What ever happened to the Official Secrets Act which all sign.

It's all about integrity. She has it,he don't

BBCPolitics It doesn't but it your bread and butter. Like trying to scupper a democratic vote by being Bias.

BBCPolitics BBCPolitics:It is turning into a two way nightmare for David Cameron what with the pact with the Liberals, Nick Clegg, policies that have set back this Country and now an even worse one with the QUEEN! A reputation of impartiality, MARRED by David, SAD STATE?

What a blabber mouth Ma'am ! he wouldn't be any good in the palace.

David Cameron has never said anything that matters.

I could care less. This is made up 'news' that is not important or relavent except to the people it talks about.

BBCPolitics Remember that time when no one bar a few tax avoiding Tories cared about the EU, but Cameron made us think it was a massive issue to stop the Tory party tearing apart? And then it tore them apart and divided the UK anyway?

BBCPolitics D. Cameron is one Big drama queen!

BBCPolitics It genuinely doesn't to the general public.


He expected a return of the huge favour he'd done her - when he entered office, the Civil List was £7.9 million pa. He replaced with the Sovereign Grant - which is now £82.2 million pa.

DavidCameron is expected to be responsible & sensible enough to know what is permissible via privileges from within the political sphere & also possess the maturity to keep confidential matters of State, especially relating to the Queen, out of his puerile self-serving agenda.

Controversy is good for book sales.

Because he couldn't handle the job himself

It doesn’t he’s a failed politician who’s done so much harm to this country he should be locked up

It greatly matters to him because this is the only interest he can get after driving his career off a bridge. It matters to everyone else considerably less.

It does matter alot. You to respect her majesty the queen


It doesn't, thanks

It doesn’t

Why does it matter what either of them says ?

You can remove ‘and the Queen’

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